Prettiest European Cities in the Snow

These cities look like a fairytale when it snows

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  • 08 February 2019
  • • 5 min read

European cities with their medieval spires, cobbled streets and olden-day architecture are some of the most beautiful places in the world at any time of year. But there’s something even more special about Europe when it’s covered in a layer of glistening snow. The cities become more peaceful, the pubs more cosy and the building tops sparkle to create views unlike anywhere else! Experience the magic of Europe this winter and head to one of the prettiest European cities in the snow. Just be sure to wrap up warm…

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When the snow settles in Bruges, the city is graced with an extra kind of magic. Looking over the canals at the medieval snow-capped buildings at dusk is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Europe during winter. Snuggle up warm in a cosy pub with a local beer, indulge in Belgian waffles with hot, melted chocolate, and ride on a horse-drawn carriage through the snowy cobbled streets. During winter, the crowds in Bruges are much smaller giving the city a quieter and even more charming feel. For an idyllic winter escape, this fairytale city will be hard to beat for a more scenic, snowy setting.

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If you’re lucky enough to experience a snowfall in Paris, you’ll see just why the city has made it onto this list. Parisian gardens covered in white, the Eiffel Tower glowing amongst snowdrops at dusk and a glass of red wine in a cosy, local wine bar. There’s plenty of reasons to visit Paris in winter but the city in snow gives it that extra je ne sais quoi! Tucking into a warm chocolate crepe by the window of a cafe watching the snow falling down outside sounds pretty idyllic to us?

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The medieval Prague looks fairytale-like under a blanket of snow. Walk around with some snow boots and admire the charming Old Town Square in all its glory as white powder tops the rooftops and church spires. Take an afternoon stroll across the cobbled Charles Bridge and get cosy in an old Czech pub to tuck into a goulash while a fire is burning next to you. A lovely thing about Czech cuisine is that it’s very homely and hearty: the perfect winter warmer.  It can get pretty frosty in the Czech capital during snowfall with lows of -2 degrees so make sure to wrap up very warm!


Sure, snow in London turns the city upside down and creates havoc for the everyday commuters - but for us backpackers it’s a magical experience. It’s pretty rare for snow to fall in the Big Smoke but when it does (and it happens at least three or four times a year), it’s one of the best looking European cities around. Just picture walking down the opulent Regents Street with a coffee in your hand while snow is settling on the pavements after you’ve just watched a show in London’s West End. Have a snowball fight in Hyde Park and capture amazing photos of the snow topped trees. Stop at one of the famous hot chocolate shops or head to British pub for a hot pie n’ mash. There’s plenty of 

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See the Bavarian capital in a different light and head down to the city in winter to experience its magic when the light dust of snow settles on the ground. Munich is home to centuries old buildings, beer halls and beautiful squares - so when it starts to snow the city turns into a majestic winter wonderland filled with charm and delight. The Neuschwanstein castle just outside of the city looks like Hogwarts School when it snows so make sure to pay a day trip there. With cosy German pubs, hot pretzels and wurst to keep you warm from the frost, it’s easy to beat the cold. While it’s hard to predict when snow will fall, typically you have the best chance of seeing Munich in the snow in February.


Amsterdam in the snow is a charming sight. The cute narrow houses and striking buildings provide a picture perfect backdrop for when snowfall hits. Wander through Jordaan and walk past the canals where the snow topped canal boats float in the bitter chill. Take an afternoon stroll through Vondelpark and have a snowball fight. Make a stop for some hot Dutch waffles and a coffee at De Vier Pilaren to escape the cold. You’ll find hundreds of abandoned bicycles across the city covered in snow in Amsterdam which makes the city even more Instagrammable in winter. Sometimes the canals of Amsterdam freeze over and locals gather together to skate on the ice (if it’s safe enough). A truly once in a lifetime experience.

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There’s no better time to wander the streets of Edinburgh than when the snow has settled on the cobbled streets. The city turns into a real life Hogwarts in the snow with the Old Town’s medieval structures looking even more mysterious in the cold, white air. Wrap up warm, put on your winter boots and take a walk up to Calton Hill for beautiful, snowy views over Edinburgh. Then, stop in one of the capital’s many cosy Scottish pubs for a hearty plate of hot haggis, neeps and tattie, and of course, a good pint of beer. Edinburgh isn’t just of the most beautiful places in the world to watch the snow fall, but the city in winter is a delight in itself.

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