7 Prettiest Gardens in Europe for Spring

Because springtime is the prettiest time

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  • 06 April 2018
  • • 4 min read

Springtime. When the sun shines more, the sky is a brilliant blue and gardens are laid with vibrant carpets of colourful flowers. Europe is home to some of the world’s prettiest gardens and when they reach their full bloom during spring, they’re even better. From bright tulips of every colour to cherry blossom trees sprinkling the grass like confetti, read on to find out where you can find the prettiest gardens in Europe for spring.


Make the most of spring whilst you’re in the Netherlands by putting aside a day to stroll through an amazing sea of rainbow tulips. The  Keukenhof Gardens  is only open from the end of March to the middle of May so if you’re a sucker for colourful gardens and Dutch windmills you’d better make space in your spring schedule. Over 7 million bulbs will bloom with 800 varieties of tulips filling the garden with magnificent colour. It’s an hour journey from Amsterdam Centraal but this is something special that you don’t want to miss or you’ll have to wait a whole other year!

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Kew Gardens  at any time of year is a stunning place to visit, but there’s something about the spring blooms that makes it even more charming. Take a Heralds of spring walking tour (available up until 4th May) through the rows of cherry blossoms and beds of daffodils, magnolia and witchhazel. It’s the perfect opportunity to see all the spring blooms whilst getting expert knowledge on the most interesting of them. You could easily fill an entire day taking amazing photos and getting lost amongst the world’s largest, most diverse collection of flora and fauna at Kew.

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It can be argued that the  Gardens of Versailles  are some of the most spectacular in the world. The gardens cover over 800 hectares of land and are filled with hundreds of statues, fountains and immaculately clipped topiaries that form a stunning labyrinth of fauna that can be marvelled at from the Hall of Mirrors. Just an hour’s train journey from Paris’ Gare de Nord, it is certainly worth a visit in spring when the hedges are even greener and beautiful flowers are in bloom.

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In a fairytale city like Prague, of course there is a fairytale garden to match. Petrin Gardens springs to life for the season with beautiful white cherry blossom trees, the perfect setting for a sunny walk or a romantic picnic. The gardens will bloom with a rainbow of roses and the Petrin Observation Tower offers incredible city views under the blue spring sky. The Petrin gardens are a beautiful place to take a relaxing stroll or have a snooze amongst the blossom, away from Prague’s crowds.


Spring is the most colourful season in Bodnant Gardens when the local bluebells are in abundance and daffodils fill the gaps. Tulips, iris, magnolias, rhododendrons and acres of cherry blossom bloom in the spring giving the whole park a burst of vibrant colour. It’s only a 45 minute train from Cardiff, so if the sun is shining and you’re looking for a taste of the Welsh countryside, it’s not even far away.


Frederik the Great requested the construction of a park close to Berlin that would grow him figs, plums and wine, and so the  Sanssouci Gardens  were born. Now, you’ll find beautiful water features, statues and plenty of greenery on a visit here and it’s just 30 minutes out of Berlin by train. A summer residence overlooking the gardens was built a year after the gardens, as it was decided that they were too beautiful not to look at. The beautiful, baroque-style yellow building is Instagram goals, especially in the spring when the sky is blue for that perfect backdrop.

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Just a mile from Edinburgh’s city centre is the  Royal Botanical Gardens  - over 70 acres of landscaped grounds and a fantastic collection of flora and fauna. The famous rhododendrons are in bloom, the snowdrop tree is at its best and the gorgeous multi-toned lilacs has sprung to life. The glasshouse will have been adorned in stunning claw-like stems of turquoise flowers called jade vine and the Alpine House becomes a haven of colour. You could easily spend hours walking around the gardens, marvelling at the unusual flowers and relaxing on the grass when the sun is shining.

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