15 Reasons to Travel Solo

Backpackers tell us why it’s so amazing to travel alone

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  • 07 August 2017
  • • 4 min read

Whilst it’s wonderful to share a trip with family and friends, sometimes the best travel companion you can have is yourself. We asked our Facebook community to tell us why they travelled solo and here are some of our favourite comments...

Pl Owens

"I travel alone because one time I wanted to go somewhere but there was no one who could go with me. This trend has continued but I’ve learned that if my fear of not going is just as great as my fear of going alone then I should keep going. I see more, compromise less and spend less. Each time I go, I learn that I am more capable and stronger than the time before."

El Cribb

"You can do your own thing by yourself and you don’t have to worry about arguing with your friend or partner on what to do and what not to do"

Em Dara 

"I travel solo because it feels exhilarating to have your own journey and adventures that you make with strangers, which are no longer strangers to you anymore. I love that unexpectedness you get with strangers. As a solo traveller, I love to do my own thing. I don’t want to hold anyone back and I don’t want them holding me back either!"

Abbey Formosa

"I travel solo because I have no friends."

We'll be your friend Abbey <3

Andrew O’Sullivan

"I travel solo because I’m a strong independent adventurer who doesn’t need a companion"

Nathalie Filarski

"It avoids drama. Plain and simple. More freedom to meet people or not and to not stick to what it familiar and comfortable"

Ayşe Kıranoğlu

"Because I feel like when I’m alone on the road, I get closer to finding myself and I get to meet new people"

Anthea Leung

"I travel solo because it is a way to meet the greatest people. Explore the city with other solo travellers, party with people from the hostel, fix your own problems, figure everything out by yourself. It gives me an awesome kick! On the other hand, I have the freedom to do everything I want. If i’m tired from a party night, I can sleep till 3pm without anyone who wakes me up. After my solo travels I always come back home with a head full of awesome memories that only I’ll know."

Jackson John Çhinnappan

"No second voice. You learn how to survive, make friends and find your way alone. You are more independent and understand your emotions and desires"

Alyssa Raine Heinrichs

"There’s nothing more freeing than being in a place where no one knows you or you story, a place you can be whoever you want to be."

Kristie Leigh

"I travel alone because it forces me out of my comfort zone and makes me experience so many new things from going on adventures with total strangers, to getting lost in cities and having strangers help you. I travel alone because you experience more."

Vittoria Di Giusto

"Because when alone we are more aware and live everything we see and experience with more intensity"

Joe Borg

"If I waited for someone else to come with me I’d never go"

Agostino Mantice

"I travel solo because it’s a totally different experience from others. My first Paris was in Paris and before I took the flight I was half excited and half afraid. Then, thanks to St Christopher’s Inns Gare Du Nord, I met some fantastic guys who now we are like brothers. The first reason for travelling alone is to open your mind and to have zero prejudice and meet the right people just where you are. 3 years are past from Paris and people call me crazy because I continue to travel alone but I call them crazy because they don’t know what they’re missing!"

Farrah Ritter

"I’m pretty damn good company"

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