19 Reasons Why Backpackers Love St Christopher’s Inns

It’s not a trip to Europe without a party at Belushi’s

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  • 23 April 2018
  • • 4 min read

Staying in hostels can be one of the best things about being a budget traveller. You get to meet cool people from around the world, stay in an awesome part of a new city and let loose on the dancefloor with your new found friends.

If you stay at a St Christopher’s hostel you can expect LOADS more amazing memories than just the above. We may be biased, but it’s not just us saying it! Check out these 19 reasons why our travelling community on Facebook love staying at our hostels…

Holly Searle

"Christmas evening 2014 in Brugge when we had our first orphan Christmas and drowned our homesick woes in the jagerbomb specials and had one of the best Christmases ever."

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Aditi Rathore

"After having solo travelled in other parts of Europe for 2 weeks, St. Christopher’s Inn Paris was the best thing that happened on that trip. Met one person at a time ending up in a huge group of other solo travellers where we discussed lifestyles and politics in our respective part of the world, explored the city together, ate together and had just the best time. Repeated the same story in St. Christopher’s Inn's sister hostel in Prague. Best place for solo travellers and explorers."

Chan Xiao Shan

"Trying to squeeze passed the bouncers outside Belushi, thinking that they were rude strangers blocking the entrance. When asked for ID, I showed them my room card instead! (It was our first time at a bar)."

Markie Lee

"Meeting this lovely bunch of guys and gals (below) #friendsforlife"

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Jen Dolph

"My best memory at St. Christopher's was turning 18 in London in 2008. The whole hostel came together to make it the best birthday ever. Everyone went out and got one item to pull together a birthday party. I had a sash, a crown, and a birthday cake with candles and everything. We had a blast at Belushi's dancing and singing karaoke. I'll never forget so many strangers going out of their way and spending their time and money to make my day special."

Daniel Shane Davis

"My favourite memory was from Paris at St Christopher's Gare du Nord hanging out with a group from 6 different countries grabbing food at 3 in the morning waiting for the Canelo Alvarez v. GGG fight."

Carolyn Cardinal

"I came to London to celebrate New Years, it was really great!"

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Cher Carter Antony

"I couldn't possibly tell Facebook about the things that occurred when we stayed in Gare Du Nord now...could I?!"

Mallory Harrison

"My favourite memory is from Belushi’s at St Christopher’s Gare du Nord meeting two random Russian men that took us on their mopeds through Paris at 4 in the morning."

Martin Thorn

"Open mic night at Camden."

Suzanne May

"Almost every good memory of my trip in Amsterdam comes back to St Christopher’s! It’s one of my favourite places on Earth. My favourite memory is staying 2 years ago then returning a year later and the barman remembering us! (For good reasons)!"

Alison Kelly

"My favourite memory of St Christopher’s is going to Amsterdam Music Festival with my crew and some of the best nights of my life!! #BestMemories"

Lori Gavin

"Partying in London until 4am and then going to airport for 7am flight."

Carl Dehne

"A quiet breakfast, a good cup of coffee and a view of St. Martin's Canal."

Serena Grimaldi

"Winning a quiz on my own in St Christopher's Canal Paris!"

Caitlin Ogilvie

"My best memory at St Christopher’s is the nachos at St Christopher’s Gare du Nord"

Dan Fish

Not sure if it’s a memory or not! The 1 Euro Jäger’s in Berlin. Top hostel, top bar, top times.

Tamara Bakx

The rooftop parties at St Christopher's Inn The Village.

Elisabeth Schlarb

Partying at Belushi's in Hammersmith! Great way to bring in a move to London!

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