36 Delicious restaurants in Berlin for your 2021 city break

Feast on our guide to the very best restaurants in Berlin. Whether you fancy brunch, burgers, pizza or vegan, we’ve got you covered with top places to eat.

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  • 10 August 2021
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Berlin welcomes visitors across the world to explore its rich history, world class music scene and a diverse culture which has led the city to open up some of its very best restaurants. In Berlin, the volume of amazing places to eat, serving cuisines from across the world, can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re visiting in 2021 when new, innovative restaurants are scattered all over the city. From favourite local cheap eats like doner kebabs and currywurst to fully vegan or vegetarian spots serving some of the best brunch in Berlin, the foodies amongst you will be spoiled for choice. Check out our Berlin food guide for all the delicious meals you could crave and where to find the best places to eat in the city. 

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Best brunch in Berlin

1. House of Small Wonder

Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin

has a reputation for being good, and House of Small Wonder is one of the city’s very best. Located in Mitte around the corner from a number of must-see tourist attractions, this beautiful spot is the place to go for a decadent brunch in a seriously Instagrammable setting. The brunch menu is only small, but each dish is a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds, offering a subtle Japanese twist on most of the items including wasabi-infused Hollandaise on their version of an egg’s Benedict. 

Kate Woods, our Marketing and Events Manager and local expert in Berlin, says: “House of Small Wonder does a brilliant brunch that runs all day with lots of local and organic ingredients on the menu, plus the interior is plant-filled and beautiful.”

2. Benedict

Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin

The obvious choice if egg’s Benedict is your usual brunch order, is the one and only Benedict over in West Berlin.This breakfast restaurant is a popular spot for its stylish interior to match the heavenly food served until 5:30pm daily, and it’s not all just egg’s benny. While their main dish is an excellent choice - served six different ways - the shakshuka is another winner, and the pancakes are all mouth watering options for those with more of a sweet tooth at breakfast.

3. Silo Coffee

Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin

Silo Coffee has the kind of menu that will tempt you into a multi-course brunch, with all the savoury and sweet options sounding too good not to pass on. The team behind this incredibly popular cafe in Berlin’s Friedrichshain ensure all ingredients are high quality and locally sourced, including their coffee beans. If you’re craving something filling and savoury then opt for the Silo, or if it’s sweet that’s taking your fancy then the baked pancakes are the most decadent, flavourful fluffy pancakes you’ll eat.

Coolest restaurants in Berlin

1. Paolo Pinkel

Karl-Marx-Straße 55, 12043 Berlin

Recommended by Kate as one of the coolest places to eat in Berlin with a buzzing atmosphere is Paolo Pinkel in Neukölln. The restaurant has one bar shaking up delicious cocktails, plus three kitchens each cooking up a different cuisine: Cypriot, modern Sicilian or Korean. Book a table for a Saturday night of good food, great cocktails and a fun, relaxed vibe with a group of friends, especially if there’s something to celebrate.

2. BRŁO Brwhouse

Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin

A craft beer microbrewery, a huge beer garden, a restaurant with a fine-dining chef AND it’s inside 38 old shipping containers? Of course this place had to make it on the list. BRLO Brwhouse is one of the most unique places to eat, offering some of the best food in Berlin - its menu is much more sophisticated than its exterior lets on, plus the man behind the concept decided to put vegetables in the starring role (although meat-eaters are more than catered for, too). The chefs also use beer in the cooking to elevate flavour and create a more cohesive relationship between bar and kitchen - music to the ears of all beer-lovers. 

3. 893 Ryotei

Kantstraße 135/136, 10625 Berlin

Once you find the entrance through the mirrored wall and graffiti, you’ll step inside one of Berlin’s best Japanese-inspired restaurants, fairly recently opened by a legendary local restaurateur. The fine-dining dishes, list of sake and edgy interior decor quickly made the restaurant a west Berlin hotspot. Highlights on the menu include the tako (grilled octopus), prawn tempura, black cod and any of the sushi and sashimi - in fact you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu. 

Best burgers in Berlin

1. Burgermeister

U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin

It’s no Berlin restaurant list without a mention of the iconic burger joint, Burgermeister, located in none other than a renovated public toilet beneath Schlesisches Tor U-bahn station. Our Berlin expert, Kate, says: “If you want to tick off a Berlin classic for a reasonable price, Burgermeister it is.” It’s a real fast food restaurant, not really the place for a long sit down meal although there are plenty of tables and benches. Opt for their classic cheeseburger, or branch out and get the Meisterburger with fried onions, bacon and barbecue sauce with fries on the side. For a true ‘Berliner’ experience, Burgermeister is a must.

2. Shiso Burger

Auguststraße 29c, 10119 Berlin

Berlin is a city packed with absolutely delicious burgers, so it might come as a surprise that a not-so-classic, Asian-inspired burger is one of the best, but it really is. Shiso Burger serves up some seriously good, juicy beef burgers with your usual cheesy toppings, but what we’re really here for are the Korean burgers - marinated patties (thinly sliced beef, tuna, salmon, tofu) topped with fantastic flavours including teriyaki, miso, ginger and chilli. As something a little different to your average burger restaurant, these ones will blow you away.

3. Belushi’s

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 & Ziegelstraße 28

We had to give a special mention to our very own on-site burger restaurant! There are two Belushi’s Bars in Berlin, one in Mitte and another in Alexanderplatz, serving up juicy burgers amongst a fun, sports bar atmosphere. Sit back and watch your team on one of the many HD screens while you enjoy a feast of beef or chicken burgers with a selection of bar snacks and sharers for the table. Plus it’s Happy Hour everyday from midday until 9pm, so two-for-one beers or spirit and mixers mean you’re in for the long run!

Best German restaurants in Berlin

1. Schnitzelei

Chausseestraße 8, 10115 Berlin

Berlin’s restaurant scene is incredibly diverse and exciting, particularly for adventurous eaters, but when you’re visiting the city it would be rude not to try the traditional cuisine! Schnitzel is a classic German dish made simply by tenderising meat and frying in breadcrumbs, and if you’re looking for a good place to eat it, our Berlin expert Kate recommends you visit Schnitzelei “for a good (and large) schnitzel with all the trimmings”. The friendly service, decent craft beer selection and tender meat - as well as a delicious oyster mushroom version for vegans and vegetarians.

2. Hofbräu Wirtshaus

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin

Get the full Bavarian experience from a meal at Hofbräu Wirtshaus in Alexanderplatz. The long rows of tables and benches, enormous steins of beer, waiting staff dresses in full lederhosen and traditional German music playing throughout the restaurant, it really does go all the way, every day. The large food menu offers all the traditional German dishes you can think of from pretzels to currywurst to whole pork knuckle and schnitzel. It’s not much of a relaxing meal out, but (especially after a stein) it’s an atmosphere you simply have to experience when in Berlin.

3. Schwarzwaldstuben 

Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin

While away a few hours catching up with a friend in this cosy German restaurant in Mitte. Fried pork, German sausages, loads of different variations of potatoes all served up inside a charming eatery decked out with clashing antique tables and chairs around a bar which pulls a good selection of draught beers. It’s a lovely relaxing place to visit for an authentic local dinner in the heart of Berlin that’s affordable and isn’t just full of tourists. 

Best cheap eats in Berlin

1. Curry 61

Oranienburger Str. 6, 10178 Berlin

Currywurst is the number one street food you simply have to get when in Berlin, so as you can imagine there are shops and stands selling the snack all over the city. One of our top recommendations for is Curry 61 - crispy fries and a German sausage topped with a good lot of spicy tomato sauce for a very affordable price. Located right by the bustling Hackescher Markt in the city centre, it’s the perfect place for a tasty refuel, and vegans and vegetarians don’t miss out either with meatless versions available. Plus if you want an extra kick, just ask the server to add some more spice. 

2. Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab

Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin

Another classic Berlin street food is every meat-lover’s favourite: a Doner kebab, but there’s nowhere that packs a pita like Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab. This iconic has been a cult favourite ever since it opened, serving up juicy chicken inside a pita pocket, piled high with potatoes, slaw, crumbled cheese and all the extra sauce you want. At just €3,50 for a huge portion, it's worth the lunchtime queue.

3. Henne

Leuschnerdamm 25, 10999 Berlin

For more than a century, Henne has been serving up their top secret recipe for perfect crispy fried chicken to the people of Berlin, and it’s still one of the best chicken dishes in the city. Order the house speciality for only €9,40: a simple plate of half chicken fried until crisp yet still juicy, with potato salad on the side. At less than €10 for such a big, mouthwatering portion it’s an absolute steal, plus we love the welcoming service, old school atmosphere and beautiful beer garden for the summer months. 

Best cafes in Berlin

1. Isla Coffee

Hermannstraße 37, 12049 Berlin

Coffee culture is a major part of the Berlin lifestyle. The sheer number of cosy, minimalist cafes across the city that serve fantastic cups of coffee speak for themselves. Any coffee snob would be happy with what many of have to offer, and Isla Coffee is one of the very best. The calming atmosphere, cheery staff and good music draw in a crowd of regulars on a daily basis, and of course, the coffee is excellent. Isla Coffee prides itself on being incredibly eco-friendly, introducing a number of fascinating food service waste management systems in order to produce as little waste as possible. This includes using leftover steamed milk to make the fresh ricotta cheese served as part of their (very delicious) brunch menu!

2. Father Carpenter

Münzstraße 21, 10178 Berlin

The specialty coffees brewed by expert baristas with amazing latte art skills mean this cafe in Mitte is never quiet. The coffees are made using beans from the roasters at Fjord, so you know your cuppa will be fresh and smooth. The regulars don’t just stop at Father Carpenter because of the great coffee, as the brunch dishes are also absolutely delicious. Sit in their charming outdoor courtyard and order yourself a fabulous avocado toast to go with your al fresco coffee in the heart of Berlin.

3. Distrikt

Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin

Stop at Distrikt for your morning caffeine boost in Berlin.This cafe used beans from both local roasters and roasters across Europe, while preparing their wonderful selection of cakes in house and bringing the bread and pastries in from Albatross Bakery just down the road in Kreuzberg. The cosy, country-style decor and bubbly baristas means this place could become your local favourite if you’re staying in north Berlin.

Best pizza in Berlin

1. Standard Serious Pizza

Templiner Str. 7, 10119 Berlin

A “standard” pizzeria serving “serious” Neapolitan-style pizza in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Charlottenburg, so you’re never too far from one of the most popular pizzas in the city. Standard Serious Pizza is the place to go if you’re craving that doughy, slightly chewy crust with tangy tomato sauce and all the toppings you love. 

2. Zola

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Berlin

After opening in Kreuzberg in 2015, Zola quickly made a name for itself as being one of the tastiest pizzerias in Berlin. Boasting a proper wood-fired pizza oven, all pizzas - Neapolitan style, just how the owner likes it - come out with the perfect ‘leopard spots’ that give so much of the incredible flavour. There aren’t too many to choose from on the menu, but that’s always a sign it’s going to taste amazing.

3. Gazzo

Hobrechtstraße 57, 12047 Berlin

Inside this industrial yet stylish restaurant, the chefs are serving up some of the best pizzas in Neukölln. At Gazzo, all ingredients are sustainable, natural and locally sourced wherever possible to ensure a pizza that’s as guilt-free as can be. The toppings combinations are absolutely delicious, from the classic margarita to a courgette (zucchini) and lemon, as well as some incredible vegan options. Don’t leave without trying their soft serve ice cream, made famous because it’s made from freshly churned buffalo milk and seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, and the flavour is surprisingly amazing!

Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Berlin

1. 1990 Vegan Living

Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin

When it comes to , our local expert Kate knows her stuff. “There are so many that I still need to visit but one of my absolute favourites is 1990 Vegan Living in Friedrichshain. Everyone I know who’s tried it loves it - even the non-vegans.” This 100% plant-based restaurant cooks up tapas-style Vietnamese cuisine inside a small but cosy eatery designed to make you feel as though you’re dining in a Vietnamese home. We recommend trying a few different small plates to share with your table. From fresh, nutritious salads to meaty-but-meatless alternatives that are packed with flavour, you can’t go wrong.

2. Ryong

Two locations: Torstraße 59 and Rykestraße 36

Another Asian-fusion restaurant which is completely vegetarian (but also great for vegans) is Ryong. With recipes combining inspiration from Japan, Vietnam and America to create some exciting and flavourful dishes, it’s a place that will truly suit anyone’s taste in food. It’s another of Kate’s favourite vegan-friendly restaurants to visit, serving “the best Bao burger I’ve ever had”. The dark, stylish interior paired with fun, tasty dishes is a winning combination, helping boost it up there as one of our top veggie restaurants in Berlin.

3. Lucky Leek

Kollwitzstraße 54, 10405 Berlin

Treat yourself to a slightly more fancy, vegan fine-dining experience in Kollwitzkiez where you can enjoy a three course set menu for €39. It’s a lovely lunch spot for the summer, sitting out on the plant-covered terrace with a beautifully presented plate of seasonal food that will blow your mind. Expect vegetables served in ways you’d never think of, as well as deliciously creamy dishes that are, of course, totally plant-based, all explained to you by the lovely waiting staff. For a special occasion, Lucky Leek is one for the vegan Berlin bucket list.

Best romantic restaurants in Berlin

1. A Mano

Strausberger Pl. 2, 10178 Berlin

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin with your partner and want to amp up the romance on an evening out, book a table at A Mano, one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, for beautiful food and a charming atmosphere. Sip on wine in their cosy yet stylish restaurant while the wonderful staff take good care of you from starter to dessert. Order the decadent homemade gnocchi with truffle or the deliciously fresh tagliolini with fresh salmon and asparagus in a lobster sauce, making sure you leave room for their homemade pistachio tiramisu. 

2. Heising

Rankestraße 32, 10789 Berlin

From one romantic country to another, Heising is a French restaurant tucked away in the heart of the city serving incredible food in an intimate setting. It’s one of the best spots in Berlin for a romantic dinner for two, as the owner has taken it upon himself to deliver the absolute best quality service in Berlin, meaning only a handful of tables are available each night. Dine amongst the charming, vintage decor, enjoying every bite of your three or four course menu, created by their talented chef.

3. Zenkichi

Johannisstraße 20 B1F, 10117 Berlin

Zenkichi is one of the best Japanese fine dining restaurants in Berlin. Being an Omakase restaurant, the setting is intimate and the service faultless, while you put your faith in the chef to create the perfect dishes based on his knowledge, never picking your meal from a menu. This style of cuisine is ideal for a romantic dinner as it’s fun, a little fancy and definitely different to your average date night spot. Enjoy a number of simple yet sophisticated dishes created by the chef, and prepare for your tastebuds to be sent into sushi-infused heaven. 

Best Chinese restaurants in Berlin

1. HuaTing

Strausberger Pl. 13, 10243 Berlin

Spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, duck pancakes, chow mein… If it’s Chinese food you’re craving, HuaTing is the place to go. As one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin, you can count on a huge variety of dishes on the menu and all of them coming out in massive portions, perfect for sharing with the table. 

2. Shaniu’s House of Noodles

Pariser Str. 58, 10719 Berlin

Specialising in authentic homemade noodle dishes, Shaniu’s House of Noodles is a must visit if you’re a lover of Chinese soups and freshly made dumplings. If you like heat to your food then order the spicy beef noodle soup - a big bowl of fine noodles and tender beef chunks covered in a spicy broth which has been flavoured to perfection. For a seriously affordable Chinese meal in west Berlin, Shaniu’s House of Noodles will satisfy all those cravings.

3. Jolly

Am Kupfergraben 4/4a, 10117 Berlin

Rated as another top place to eat Chinese food in Berlin is Jolly, just around the corner from Museum Island in Mitte. At this elegant Chinese restaurant, not only do you get wonderful views of the city’s museums from their outdoor terrace, but the feel inside is modern and stylish, too. Be sure to order the Peking duck and a selection of dim sum as a starter for your table. From then, it’s whatever you fancy be it curries, stir fries or noodle soup. If you’re looking for an Asian feast in the heart of Berlin, Jolly has you covered.

Best steak restaurants in Berlin

1. Block House Friedrichstraße

Friedrichstraße 100, 10117 Berlin

Juicy, tender steak of your choice with a side of baked potato and toasted white bread - when you order from the Block House steak menu, you know you won’t leave hungry. The high quality beef and fantastic service have earned this Berlin steakhouse a brilliant reputation amongst locals, welcoming a constant chain of visitors looking for a delicious meal with a bill that won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Book a table at Block House in Friedrichstraße for a casual lunch or dinner near the River Spree in Friedrichstraße.

2. Asador

Wilhelmstraße 22, 10963 Berlin

Cosy up in the Argentine steakhouse for one of the best steak dinners you’ll have had in a long time. Asador is the place to go, not just for the quality meat, but the delicious cocktails and warm, relaxed atmosphere top off the whole experience. Located in one of the most bustling parts of Berlin, just a few minutes from the Topography of Terror museum, it’s a must-visit for steak lovers on a trip to the German capital.

3. Midtown Grill

Ebertstraße 3, 10117 Berlin

The perfect place for a steak dinner if part of your group doesn’t fancy steak. This chic but informal restaurant in the Berlin Marriott Hotel has a very varied menu when it comes to the steaks and the other dishes, plus the list of sides and sauces is huge. Everything from steak fries and baked potato to fried mushrooms and Bearnaise covered asparagus is an option as the side dish to your meat. Midtown Grill is an ideal restaurant for a decadent yet relaxing dinner out, right in the heart of the city.

Best Italian restaurants in Berlin

1. Luardi

Meinekestraße 24, 10719 Berlin

Get a homely Italian meal with homely Italian service at this sweet little restaurant in west Berlin. Luardi’s philosophy is honest food made from fresh, flavourful ingredients in true Italian style. Enjoy a stone-baked pizza or big bowl of fresh pasta washed down with a glass of wine and topped off with some homemade tiramisu. At Luardi you’re not just visiting for the incredible food, but the family atmosphere, too.

2. Portofino

Gubener Str. 48, 10243 Berlin

Checkered tablecloths, a row of outdoor streetside seats and the smell of freshly cooked tomato sauce wafting out front, if that’s not a sign of a good authentic Italian restaurant, we don’t know what is. Enjoy a delicious Italian meal at this charming trattoria in Friedrichshain, whether you opt for the pizza, pasta, meat or fish, everything on the menu is an excellent choice. The welcoming staff and low lit restaurant gives the place a warm and friendly ambiance, so it’s no wonder the place is always packed.

3. Vino & Basilico

Tucholskystraße 18/20, 10117 Berlin

Full of fresh ingredients and robust flavour, Vino & Basilico is a popular local spot for people seeking out delicious Italian food. Expect the likes of beef carpaccio, truffle pasta, grilled octopus, gnocchi dishes and much more on the menu, as well as a fantastic wine list, put together to ensure anything you pick will go down a treat. For an authentic, top quality Italian meal in Berlin, make sure this is the place you sit down to eat.

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