18 Amazing things to do at each stop on the U8 line in Berlin

Consider it a date with the U8

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  • 01 October 2021
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When you’re exploring the city of Berlin, hopping on and off the U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains is a given. However, there’s one line in particular that’s ideal for tourists looking to discover Berlin’s main attractions as well as some more local gems. The U8 is the main underground route stretching from Wittenau in the northwest to Hermanstraße in the buzzing southeastern district of Neukölln. There are 24 stops along the line and almost all of them are home to some incredible activities that will fill your days in Berlin. From historical sites to authentic German bars, read on to find out how to plan a ‘date on the U8’, designed by our team of local Berlin experts.

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1. Route to the concentration camp

Wittenau is at the very end of the U8 line in northwest Berlin. It’s a peaceful part of the city where a lot of commuters choose to live, being such a residential area, so there isn’t a lot to do here specifically. The reason we’ve included Wittenau on this list is that you change line here to take the S1 out to the concentration camps - a place of great historical importance that many tourists in Berlin will choose to visit.


2. Schafersee lake

A few stops further towards the city, you can step out of the underground and be greeted by a small but beautiful lake surrounded by trees and a footpath for you to enjoy the fresh air and nature. Schafersee Lake isn’t a swimming lake, but one cool, unique thing about visiting there is that you can see and feel the rumble of low-flying planes passing overhead every 70 seconds or so at peak times.


3. Panke Culture

Bistro, bar and club Panke Culture near the U8 station Pankstraße is one of the coolest places to hang out in Berlin. It’s an alternative bar and event space that is famous amongst locals for its incredible music taste which ranges from reggae in the early evening to hip hop and bass as the night goes on.


4. Humbolthain park

Cross the road and you’ll find yourself in a park totally off the tourist track but which is actually home to some beautiful views: Humbolthain. Take a picnic, watch the sunset and explore the different areas of the park including the rose garden, pavilion and views from the Flak Tower which was left standing after World War II.


5. Mauerpark 

If you’re in Berlin on a Sunday, a trip to Mauerpark is an absolute must. The park itself is pretty to explore, but on a Sunday is erupts in cheers, laughter and music as the Bearpit Karaoke kicks off, inviting talent (and talentless) to centre stage to sing their hearts out in front of a crowd of local regulars and in-the-know tourists. 

Bernauer Straße

6. Berlin Wall Museum

Just a 5-minute walk from Bernauer Straße U-Bahn station is one of the last remaining, in-tact parts of the Berlin Wall. A couple of minutes further down the road is the Berlin Wall Memorial Visitor Centre which holds a multimedia exhibition telling visitors everything they need to know about the life of the infamous wall.


7. Volkspark am Weinberg

Volkspark am Weinberg is another one of the popular parks in Berlin with a couple of bars and restaurants located on its grounds, including Weinerei - a hip wine bar where you can buy cheap wine, snacks and pizza.


8. Cafes & restaurants

Weinmeisterstraße is getting a little closer to all the main city centre action, so when you get off here you’ll be greeted with a handful of really great places to stop for a bite to eat. Father Carpenter is one of the best , located just a minute or so from the station, plus Banh Mi Stable sells some of the best Vietnamese street food that will barely dent your budget.


9. City centre attractions

Once you reach Alexanderplatz, you know you’re in the heart of the action. Here is the central hub where you can get great, close-up photos of Berlin’s TV Tower, eat pork knuckle and drink beer from steins, Bavarian style, at Hofbrau Haus and explore the Alexanderplatz shopping malls.


10. Clubs and bars

If you’re looking for somewhere to go out, Jannowitzbrücke is one of a few great U8 stops for it. In the day, you have Holzmarkt less than a 10 minutes from the station, playing music and selling street food and beer straight from their onsite brewery. At night, head to Katerblau - a riverside club playing techno music until late - or the Golden Gate, one of the grittiest clubs in the city.


11. Nightclubs

Heinrich-Heine-Straße is another one of those late-night stops where you’ll find probably the most famous nightclub in Berlin. Tresor is the oldest running techno club in the world whereas Sage Beach has a pretty different vibe, decorated with palm trees and sofa areas, but another great night out with live DJs. 


12. Prinzessinnengarten Community Garden

Right outside the station at Moritzplatz is a charming community garden project called Prinzessinnengarten selling fresh, organic produce which was grown on-site. Another thing worth going for is the bar and restaurant on a tree house-style platform where you can sit back with a beer and breathe in nature. 

Kottbusser Tor

13. Explore Kreuzberg

There are a number of great food and drink-related reasons to get off the U-bahn at Kottbusser Tor: beers on the river on Paul-Linke-Ufer, Cafe Lucia, Frankenstein Bar, SO 36, Roses, Admiralbrucke and Burgermeister (one of the best cheap ). Located in the buzzing Kreuzberg district, it’s a place you should really take some time to explore.


14. Turkish Market

Located just off Kottbusser Tor, every Tuesday and Friday from 11am until 6:30pm there is a large Turkish Market with hundreds of stalls selling a huge assortment of authentic Turkish goods.


15. Volkspark Hasenheide & Huxley's Neue Welt

Heading south of Berlin, one of the largest parks in the city is Volkspark Hasenheide where you can take a lovely relaxing stroll through the trees and soak up the atmosphere on a summer’s day. The stop is also home to Huxley’s Neue Welt, a music venue hosting a number of gigs. 


16. Klunkerkranich rooftop bar

From the next stop, Boddinstraße, you’ll find the famous Klunkerkranich rooftop bar serving up €1.30 snacks, doner kebabs and falafels. This quirky venue is on top of a garage, pretty high up, so the views over Berlin are absolutely incredible - particularly at sunset. 


17. Abandoned airport field

It’s a bit of a walk from Leinestraße but worth it for the great vibes and all round cool setting - Tempelhofer Feld is a park used by young Berlin locals for picnics and drinks in the summer partly because of the big, green open space, but also because it’s by the grounds of an old - an airport from 1923. From Leinestraße, you can also explore the famous Schillerkiez district and eat an absolutely delicious chicken burger at Barra. 


18. Neukölln

Hermannstraße is the final spot on the U8, right on the edge of the buzzing Neukölln district. If you’re into middle-eastern food, a trip to the end of the line is absolutely worth it. The streets are lined with countless incredible options for flavour-packed food including one or two Turkish markets. 

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