7 Spooky series to watch on Netflix in the run up to Halloween

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  • 22 October 2020
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Fancy a few scares this spooky season? Since we can’t travel the world, or go to any Halloween parties this year, what better excuse to binge watch a few of the best scary series available on Netflix right now? If you’re a lover of Halloween then you already know that one scary movie isn’t enough to satisfy those eerie October feels - so get your adrenaline pumping with our picks of the best series to watch in the run up to Halloween 2020. We’ve included a bit of everything from sinister thrillers, spine-chilling horrors to supernatural teen dramas.

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The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor is new to Netflix and definitely worth a watch this Halloween season. From the same creator that brought us, The Haunting of Hill House (which had most of us quivering behind our blanket while watching), this new series is less jumpy, but equally as mysterious and eerie. Following the story of a young American girl who accepts a nanny job at a historic countryside house in England, viewers will soon learn of the secrets and shadows that lie within the grounds of Bly Manor...

While it may not be as terrifying as its sister series, we thoroughly enjoyed the more psychological element with quite a few plot twists, supernatural surprises and very interesting characters. If you haven’t seen The Haunting of Hill House yet, we’d recommend you add it to the list too for the ultimate scares.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you were a fan of Sabrina The Teenage Witch growing up, then you’d probably want to know that this darker adaptation of the teen series is not so child friendly. However, it’s the perfect teen/adult drama that follows Sabrina, a young witch who is facing the challenges of leaving her mortal life behind forever. Now awaiting its fourth and final season, you have three whole ones to binge before it comes out. This supernatural series is oozing with witchcraft, the occult, a fair few demons and even the devil himself - as well as plenty of romance, quirks and fun. Played by Kiernan Shipka, we are loving this new take on the much-loved Sabrina character with the adaptation also celebrating topics such as female empowerment and equality.

American Horror Story

This popular horror series is one to watch this Halloween if you’re into paranormal tv shows. With all eight twisted seasons available to watch on Netflix, American Horror Story is ideal for those of you looking for a highly rated series that will get you through the colder months. Be prepared to get freaked out by the different storylines in American Horror Story from hotel hauntings, witches covens, a possessed farmhouse, serial killers, a freaky circus and much more. Sometimes gory and a little bit messed up, this is definitely a strong contender on our list for your Halloween thrills.


Brought to our screens by the same creator of American Horror Story, Ratched is the new thriller that everybody’s talking about. Feel the shivers down your spine as a young nurse working at a leading mental institution undergoes dark changes within, until she can’t be stopped any longer. Released in September 2020, Ratched was Netflix’ most streamed show in the week it was released. Intriguing, suspenseful and a real psychological thriller that will get your jaw clenching.

The Order

Secret societies, campus murders and ancient rituals are common themes in The Order, a horror series that has recently hit Netflix. The show follows Jack, a university student who joins a secret society and from then on, his world is never the same as he gets introduced to the world of sinister magic, dark history and the dead. The Order is definitely worth a watch, with ten gripping episodes awaiting.

Stranger Things

We had to feature this for Halloween - and if you’re one of those people that STILL hasn’t watched Stranger Things, you’re missing out on the thrills of this award-winning show. 

Incredible cast, incredible plot and three incredible seasons, we know that we’ll definitely be rewatching this on 31st October. Start now and you’ll get onto the ‘Trick or Treat, Freak’ episode (Season 2, episode 2) just in time for Halloween. Developed by the Duffer Brothers, this horror series is set in the 80s following a group of kids that live in the small town Hawkins, Indiana, an area that sees a fair share of supernatural goings-on. Paying homage to the fashion and style of the 80s era, Stranger Things has become the new favourite show of thousands of people across the world.


First aired on the BBC in January 2020, the drama-horror series Dracula is now available to watch on Netflix. Made up of three long episodes, this psychological show is full of suspense and spookiness as we watch lawyer Jonathan Harker travel to Transylvania on a doomed business trip. Finding himself in a castle face to face with a vampire Count, the series tells the tale of the Dracula’s evil, bloodshed. 

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