50 Things to do in Europe before you die

How many of these have you already ticked off?

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  • 01 March 2017
  • • 4 min read


We’ve devised the ultimate bucket list for wanderlusters who are utterly in love with Europe. And who wouldn’t be? The continent has SO much to offer!

Why not take a road trip from city to city, country to country and see how much you can fit in? These are the top 50 REALISTIC things to do in Europe before you die! How many have you already ticked off? Don't forget to take our QUIZ at the bottom to find out which one you should do next..


1 Visit Iceland and experience the spectacular Northern Lights

2 See the world's best art in Paris at the Louvre, the home of Mona Lisa

3 Climb your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night to see the magnificent view of Paris

4 Pay a trip to the Vatican City and admire the beautiful ceilings in the Sistine Chapel

5 Cycle around the Dutch city of Amsterdam on traditional basket bikes

6 Attend the famous Grand Prix in Monaco

7 Travel to London and visit the Queen at her famous home “Buckingham Palace”

8 Walk along the Berlin Wall

9  Visit one of the longest on-going construction projects in history, the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona

10 Drink the famous golden beer in Prague

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11 Watch a Flamenco show in Seville

12 See an Opera show in Vienna

13 Sail around the French Riviera on someone else’s superyacht

14 Hop the stones of Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim

15 Follow the In Bruges trail, in Bruges

16 Party with the Irish and go on an epic Irish bar crawl in Dublin

17 Eat authentic Italian spaghetti on a street-side restaurant in Rome

18 Experience the very best coffeeshops of Amsterdam

19 Pay your respects at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

20  Explore the mystical fjords of Norway

21 Go to a massive festival like Reading, Glastonbury or Benicassim and have a wild time

22 Drink bundles of beer at Oktoberfest

23 Walk along the Red Light District in Amsterdam at night (yup, Amsterdam is cropping up a lot)

25 Take a Roman bath in BATH

26 Skinny dip in the clear waters of Santorini (or somewhere in Greece)

27 Go on an epic ski trip to Switzerland

28 Experince the haunts of the Paris Catacombs

29 Eat all kinds of tapas in a Spanish city like Barcelona or Madrid

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30 Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

31 Spend New Year's Eve in Holland. As a Dutch tradition, everyone runs into the freezing water of the North Sea (in 130 locations across the country)! IT'S EPIC.

32 Get yourself to Athens and see the Acropolis, the most striking ancient Greek monument still standing

33 Soak up the medievel architecture in Prague

34 Visit the beautiful Mosques of Istanbul, most notably the Blue Mosque

35 Take a stroll through Edinburgh Old Town for a hearty haggis lunch, and then climb to the top of Arthur's Seat to get fanastic views of the Scottish capital (this is a great hike - but steep and rocky!)

36 Visit Madrid during Gay Pride!

37 Eat Cannoli in Sicily. It's so delicious


39 Go on a Pinxtos food tour in San Sebastian 

40 See the Colosseum in Rome (and actually go inside)

41 Walk down Las Ramblas in Barcelona and see the street acts

42  Sit in a rooftop bar in London during the summer and drink British Pimms

43 Cruise around Venice on a gondola

44 Visit the Gaudi Park (Park Güell) in Barcelona

45 Party with the Portuguese and attend the Hammer Festival in Portugal

45 Wine tasting in Florence or Tuscany

46 Go on the epic Harry Potter Studio Tour near London

47 See the Moulin Rouge in Paris

48 Hike around the beautiful Lake Como in Italy

49 Visit the Auschwitz concentration camp

50 Taste currywurst in Berlin (it's a curried sausage fast food staple)

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