9 Best Things To Do On A Hot Day In Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam this summer? Here's everything you need to know to have fun and beat the heat.

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  • 15 June 2022
  • • 8 min read

If you are looking for things to do on a hot summer day in Amsterdam, then we have you covered! Being in the middle of a city on a boiling hot day can seem like the wrong place to be. However, if you're in the know, Amsterdam is actually a fantastic place to be during the summer months. With it’s beautiful parks with free BBQ grills, city beaches and beach clubs surrounded by water, canal boat trips and cruises, rooftop bars, and so much more, you’re spoiled for choice. If you’re lucky enough to be in Amsterdam this summer and are looking for things to do, then continue reading to find out about the hottest spots and top tips on how to make the most of your time in the city during the hot weather.

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Chill out at one of Amsterdam’s City beaches

Amsterdam can be one of the best destinations for some of the best sunny beach days and evenings. Amsterdam has it all, from a vibrant, party atmosphere at Dok, to a chic beach bar at StrandZuid. From the sandy open-air cinema experiences at Het Stenen Hoofd or a chance to chill out among the chaos with a nice cold beverage in hand flopped on a bean bag or hammock at Pllek. Whatever beach-vibe you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it within a short distance from Amsterdam’s city centre. 

Additionally, Sloterplas is a man-made lake in west metropolitan Amsterdam with a large sandy space just off its west side, making it the perfect spot for a swim on a hot summer day in the city. Plus, it’s only 25 minutes by bike from our St Christopher’s at the Winston hostel. What a great way to soak up the sun.

Visit the floating flower market

What better day to visit the gorgeous floating flower market than on a beautiful hot sunny day. Head over to Bloemenmarkt in the city’s southern canal belt to browse among an array of colour floating on the Singel Canal. Take some cool insta pics, and perhaps you could even go as far as indulging in a bouquet to really finish off your shot. Next, stick them in the front basket of your bike, and you’ll be the makings of the latest Instagram influencer! All jokes aside, the market is really worth a visit if you’re looking for something relaxing to do on a warm summer's day in Amsterdam.

Take a bike ride and let the summer breeze cool you down

Biking is an essential part of getting the full Amsterdam experience. Taking a leisurely bike ride or tour around the sights on a warm summer’s day can be the perfect way to enjoy the warmth while taking in the sights. Grab a bike from any store that has the word “fiet” advertised (“bike” in Dutch) which you will find these all over the place for around €8-10 for the day. What’s more, the city is pretty flat so you don’t have to worry about struggling up any hills in the heat. Make sure to bring some water and set off on an adventure along the beautiful streets to discover the wonders of Amsterdam in the summer.

Try these to get the perfect bike ride in the city.

Cruise along the canal

What better time to take a boat ride along the famous Amsterdam canal than in the summer months, while the water is glistening under the blazing sun. Go on a boat tour, have dinner and drinks on a cruise, or rent a boat for yourself to experience the beauty of the city. Be sure to layer on the suncream and pack plenty of water, but even more importantly, don't forget your camera to capture this wonderful summer memory. You will find lots of options for boat trips, hires and experiences online, which we’d recommend you book in advance if this is at the top of your bucket list, although you’ll find options on a stroll along the canal as well.

What’s more, although it can be more expensive, taking a trip along the waters at dark can also be an incredible experience on a warm summer’s evening to soak up the city’s vibrant nightlife. The water brings a whole new aspect to experiencing the city and staying cool.

Stroll and relax in Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the largest and most popular park in the Netherlands with loads of things to keep you occupied on a warm day in the city. Go for a stroll or a bike ride to discover the beauty of this natural gem, or hire some roller skates for an added giggle. Plus, if you visit on a Friday, be sure to join in on the free 20km skate tour around the park and its surrounding area. It also has numerous wonderful cafes dotted around, many with sun terraces to enjoy a drink and nibble while soaking up the vitamin D from the beaming sun.

Enjoy their cafes, play some sports or bring a picnic and enjoy a cooling alcoholic drink in the sun.

Or have a barbeque in one of Amsterdam’s parks

Light yourself a barbie in one of Amsterdam's public parks, as many of them permit the use of portable BBQs. Or if you know where to go, nab yourself one of the barbeque grills dotted around some of Amsterdam's parks, completely free for public use. Head to either Westerpark, Erasmuspark or Flevopark for the chance to come across one of these hidden gems. Make sure you go equipped with charcoal and matches… oh and beers! What a great and inexpensive way to enjoy your time in the city on a hot summer's day cooking up a few sausages, sunbathing or playing some sports and enjoying a couple of cooling drinks in a beautiful park with your mates.

Take a trip to Hannekes Boom in Amsterdam’s City Center

If you enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, summer anthems, drinks, fab food and a good old laugh, then Hannekes Boom is the place for you. Located only a 15-minute walk from St Christopher’s at The Winston in the heart of the city, this fun party hotspot is a must-visit during the summer months. Chill out by the waterfront or slump into one of their bean bags while soaking in the warmth of the summer and the fabulous vibes around you. If you’re hungry, be sure to grab a bite from their fantastic kitchen, which is always changing its menus from month to month, for some wonderful fresh food to share or devour yourself. Come the evening, get yourself some more drinks and immerse yourself in their party atmosphere to end a wonderful summer's day in the city.

Go river jumping off the docks on Java Island 

Looking for something fun and silly to do while cooling off from the city’s midday heat? Spend the day on Java Island hurling yourself off the docks and into the refreshing IJ waters. Only a half-hour journey from St Christopher’s at The Winston by bus, it would be a shame to miss out on a refreshing dip while everyone else in the city is melting from the heat. Bring a picnic, some cold drinks and of course, your swimwear. Set up camp along the docks and join the locals and ‘in the know’ tourists as they make the most of this wonderful hidden gem away from the sweaty hustle and bustle of the city.  

Rooftop bars

Towards the end of a warm summer's day, there’s no better feeling than heading to a lively rooftop bar to sit in the open-air with an ice-cold cocktail in hand. Relax, chat and laugh, while watching the sunset over the city. What’s more, you can't beat the feeling of being tipsy and carefree, surrounded by the close-hugging evening air with the suspense of not knowing where the night will take you! We recommend Dakterras GAPP, a lush beer garden on the top of Hotel Casa Amsterdam for great views and photo opportunities. Additionally, the Bureau's indoor/outdoor rooftop bar and restaurant has a park up there as well. It is a little hidden as it sits above an office and events space, making it feel slightly exclusive and well worth the hunt. Canvas is another great rooftop spot, perched on top of Volkshotel in Amsterdam East. They serve a large menu of food and drinks, and you can pretty much always expect a good atmosphere, just be sure to get there in good time as the outdoor terrace works on a first come, first serve policy and is very popular.

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