30 Things To Do When You Land in Paris

We asked backpackers for the first thing to do when you touch down in the French capital...

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  • 11 September 2017
  • • 3 min read

Never been to Paris and need some advice on what to do? We asked backpackers what their favourite thing to do is as soon as they touch down in the French capital. Here are some of the best comments...

Melissa Elaine DeCastro

Get lost! I love getting lost in my favourite places. Just walking around to who knows where.

Brent James Farrell

The first things you should do in Paris are Jagerbombs and then party!

Cathal Mone

Go to Sacre-Coeur basilica and take in the city with a crepe in hand!

Conor Mulligan

There’s a lovely cookie bakery called Scoop Me A Cookie. It was a spiritual experience! Go and get a big box of cookies and head over to Le Mur Des Je T’aimes.

Mai Lissa

Make friends with the French people… They really know their history and culture and are willing to show you around Paris.

Vanessa Grey

Have a pint or glass of wine on la terrace of Belushi’s Canal! There is nothing that will make you happier about being in that magical city than sitting on that terrace in summer with some new friends!

Jayantraj Bhagyawant

Loosen up your shoes, roll your sleeves and take a walk from St Christopher’s Inns Paris to the Eiffel tower. I did the same 3 years back. Was an experience of it’s kind.

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Melanie Kathleen

Grab a bottle of wine and some cheese and watch the sun set on Montmartre.

Regina O Connor

Climb the Eiffel tower- no lifts! & see the scenery 360, spectacular!

Cass Swanston

Go to Marche St Quentin for brie, baguettes, wine and bring them to Parc Buttes-Chaumont (pictured below) for a picnic.

Marysia Wylupek

Book into St Christopher’s Inns Paris and visit Belushi’s bar. Loved it when I stayed there last year.

Tamara Bakx

Go to Versailles.

Mathusalen Castro

Walking tour with the resident hotties.

Shauna Mogan

Eat a warm nutella crepe and visit the Catacombs

Patry Atienza

Find the authentic liberty statue. It’s not easy!

Hannah Ashburn

Get a coffee and a croissant and walk down the Seine.

Hans Dorr

If you arrive in the evening, walk along the river to the Eiffel Tower- looks magnificent during the night.

Marie-Josee St-Laurent

Definitely get lost in the Marais. One of the rare places on earth where you don’t mind being lost.

Andi Bone

Grab a macaron.

Darryl Kure

Speak French

Charlotte Lomax

The more I travel, the more last-minute it gets. Once you've arrived, if you don't have euros yet, cash machine is a must. It's worth getting a lot out at once because you're usually charged for the privilege. Don't risk putting it in a wallet - Paris is notorious for theft. Keep it in a purse belt with your passport and bank cards.

Esmail Mohammed Jobran

Hot Espresso and a Fresh Croissant

Nora Sophie

Go for a kebab! Seriously they are heaven there!

Ayşe Kıranoğlu

Go to St Michael then Shakespeare and Company!

Charlie Peacocks

Sword fight with baguettes. En-guard

Elana Maree

Definitely a sunrise at Sacré-Coeur Très belle!

Peter Alstam

Eat froglegs!

Agata Lech

Install tinder. You have seen parisian guys, right?

Shereen Sagoo

Go to the crepe stand by the Eiffel Tower and then get a photo! Oh and go out at QUEEN Nightclub near the Arc Du Triomph - best club in Paris!

Lizzie Smith

Sip on a cappuccino in Cafe Du Flore in the Saint Germain neighbourhood and people watch…

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