Lifestyle Tips for a Digital Nomad

Check out these top tips for Digital Nomads and travel in style whilst earning a living!

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  • 27 July 2023
  • • 3 min read

Since a lot of us began to work remotely, the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad has become immensely appealing. Digital Nomads don't work in a designated office space; they travel around the globe, hopping from one remote 'workspace' to the next. The flexibility to work and travel at your own pace sounds like a dream (and it is), but if you're thinking of setting off on a new adventure, you'll want to read our top tips for Digital Nomads 👇

Tip: Have a Morning Routine

How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. Find a calming, peaceful environment or activity to foster a productive day. Mindfulness is important to the lifestyle of a digital nomad, so be intentional with your time. Most places to stay ( including ours across Europe 😉) offer a healthy breakfast, so if you're travelling you can still eat well and start your day off right.

Tip: Find a 'Home Base'

If you are like most travellers, you probably have a long list of places you'd like to visit but only a short amount to do it all. It's hard to focus on the tasks when you bounce around destinations, so it's helpful to have a 'home base' location - somewhere reliable you know you'll be able to concentrate and tick off those most important tasks. Finding a home base you're comfortable with immensely impacts your experience as a digital nomad, and can help you make strong connections with other travellers, too.

Tip: Engage With Local Hotspots

One of the major drawbacks of working remotely is feeling lonely. It's hard to connect with people, and as you travel constantly, you'll feel like you're becoming disconnected from your friends. Going to nearby hotspots, like friendly pubs, or joining a club for a few weeks, is the best way to meet new people and run into familiar faces in any location across the world. You'll always meet people who are interested in similar things to you, and maybe even make friends who will want to travel to the same places.

Tip: Manage your expectations

Finding a balance between work and life is a major key to success as a digital nomad. New locations can inspire you to be more creative in your work, but it's not always easy to say no to other plans when you're living in beautiful places with fun people. Expect to have a few days where you feel left out (or like you're slacking off work, whichever you decide!).

Tip: Remember to Take Breaks

If you've worked from home on your own before, you'll know how easy it is to forget to take breaks. As a Digital Nomad, this tip also applies for your time off work - as you'll be working all day and partying all night a lot of the time, it's crucial to remember to take some 'me' time so you don't get burnt out too quickly.

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