23 Top Tips for Saving Money While Travelling

Take some advice from backpackers on how to save those pennies

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  • 14 February 2018
  • • 4 min read

Europe is certainly not known for being cheap. Luckily for you, our traveller community on Facebook has tons of tips and tricks that will help stretch your pennies across even more of the most exciting cities in the world! Follow their advice on a trip to Europe and your wallet will thank you for it…

Looking for affordable accommodation in Europe?

Darryl Kure

Buy a transit card, like London's Oyster card when you arrive in a new city.

Kieran Doolan

Buy all your drinks during happy hour

Laura Connick

TIP 1. Bring a reusable bottle with you when traveling- fill up with water for free.

TIP 2: When heading to the airport take a sandwich/ mini picnic with you so you don't have to pay crazy airport prices, eat it on the plane (I usually bring ham and cheese bagels and an apple).

TIP 3: Walk everywhere if possible or hire a city bike.

TIP 4: Do the free walking tours (but obviously pay a tip).

TIP 5: Stay in St. Christopher’s hostel (great pizza)

TIP 6: Buy foods in a supermarket and cook or eat a big meal at lunchtime as prices are cheaper then.

TIP 7: Be flexible.

TIP 8: Travel with a group of friends then group activities can become cheaper.

TIP 9: Eat a huge breakfast.

TIP 10: Use the toilet when you can.

Katie Fodera

Pack a bunch of snacks before you arrive at the airport. I make pancakes and bacon ahead of time and stick it in a plastic container. Because COME ON, who doesn't like bacon??

Anna Pierce

Sign up for a free walking tour and using your drink coupons at St Christopher's Inns.

Patry Atienza

Ask for a LIDL

Rebecca Wilson

The Belushi's happy hour - duhhhh

Awesome views from a Cinque-Terre hike

Serena Grimaldi

Street food and travel cards, although walking is the best way to get to know a place. Find out when museums and sights have a free or reduced entry fee day (most of them do especially in Europe).

Hannah Golden Winter

Get enough cash from ATMs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a souvenir. Also buy food from supermarkets and make food at the hostel.

Agostino Mantice

Walk walk walk. Don't take taxis so you can get more Tequila

Ivan Colnat

At the airport, on my way to a trip to Los Angeles for 10 days, I realised that I left my credit card at home. I had just $200 cash on me so I had to survive on that only. I had to be really careful about my money all the time but it really helped me not to waste money on useless things.

Stephanie Roza

House sitting. I didn't pay for any accommodation during the whole first month of my backpacking trip. That money that I saved, I then used to travel longer. Plus I got a feel for the locals' lives.

Sandra Mulhall

Buy food from supermarkets and make and bring your own lunches for day trips as it saves money on dining out all the time

Justine Sha

Eat cheap and bring a reusable filtered water bottle so you can keep filling it up and not waste money on water bottles, plus it helps the environment

Susan Cahill

Stay in St Christopher's Winston Amsterdam and get 20% off their food

Martin Thorn

Pre-plan your journey, but be ready to change things at the last moment if you spot a cheaper alternative on the day.

Morgan Mary Partridge

Pub crawls! They usually are so much fun and they get you drunk for a decent price and you make new friends

Amanda Sharon

Always stock up on snacks and sandwiches at a local grocery store to cut back on expensive meals! More $ for fun!

Alexander J Ha

Stay at a hostel within walking distance to centres so less transport costs. Cook in the hostel, do free activities like walking tours or pub crawls. Also first flights of the day or flights on Tuesday are apparently less.

Santi Peregrina

Jump in metro when police is not looking

Pierce Parker

Use your credit card whenever possible. Write down the credit card number just in case you'd lose it. Carry only EURO 20 worth of cash so that even if you lose this or got stolen, the loss would be only minimum. If you stay at hostels, don't buy food, but look for the 'free food' area where previous departing guests left out extra food for the new arrivals. You will always find rice and pasta there.

Joe Borg

Stay in a hostel, not a 5* hotel

Markus Smith

Check, if free breakfast is available (it was in St Christopher's in London) and eat enough to skip lunch. Also try to travel with hand luggage only. Better to wash your clothes in a launderette or hostel than pay for extra luggage.


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