Best Tips From Our Community Of Female Backpackers

For International Women's Day, we've collated the best tips for female travellers from expert backpackers around the world.

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  • 07 March 2023
  • • 3 min read

Travelling solo (and backpacking especially) can be a pretty daunting experience for anyone, so it's completely normal if you're feeling anxious before setting off on a big trip. Don't let this put you off, though, because travelling on your own can be one of the most liberating, exciting and memorable things you ever do!

If you want some important (and not-so important) advice from real-life backpackers, we've asked some experienced nomads to share their best tips for solo female travellers.

Immerse Yourself

Making a local friend can be the best way to enjoy undiscovered gems... without getting yourself lost!

"If you can, make a local connection at each destination. Locals have the best tricks and tips to help you make the most of your trip." - Sonja Faul

Do Your Research

It's exciting to be heading to a city you don't know - but find out the best areas to explore before you leave.

"Research the neighbourhood you're going to stay in, and make sure it's somewhere that’s close to public transport links (ie. Metro or bus). These areas are busier and therefore usually safer!" - AJ Capistrano

Let People Know Where You Are

This one might seem obvious, but it's easy to get lost in the moment.

"If you have a smartphone, choose a couple of trusted people to share your live location with. If you're travelling without an expensive phone make sure you keep in touch with someone and let them know where you expect to be each day!" - Ellie Roberts

Prepare To Be Resilient

It's the best thing that you'll ever do - but travelling doesn't always go to plan. Cancelled flights, trains or lost bags can feel like the end of the world at the time, but by the end of the trip you will probably have forgotten all about it.

"Don’t let small things bother you! Things might happen that you didn’t expect, but it’s all part of the journey." - Sam Stalteri

Don't Pack Too Much!

Not only are backpacks always too heavy, there's nothing worse than not having space for your favourite mementos on a big trip.

"Never fully pack your bag. You need room for the amazing stuff you are going to buy. Nothing worse than taking a full suitcase on a trip of a lifetime." - Ciara Ruane

The Culture Shock

Most travellers feel a bit lost when they first arrive somewhere new. It's important to remember that this is just a temporary feeling, and that it's going to feel like a second home sooner rather than later!

"Prepare yourself mentally. I am wrapping up my time in Paris and was definitely not prepared for the cultural difference." - Melissa Elaine DeCastro

Make Connections

(We like this one!). But seriously - one of the best parts about travelling solo is the opportunity to meet brand new people.

"Staying in a female-only dorm in a hostel is the best way to make connections when you're travelling. It's so important to have people you can lean on whilst you're away from home, and these friendships can become really deep very quickly!" - Rosie Foster

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