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The city of lights is a big place so when you rock up in Paris, it’s always good to have a little help from the locals. In this article, those locals are the blogging elite on the ground - those in the know who aren’t afraid to share their tips.

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  • 20 June 2013
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The city of lights is a big place so when you rock up in Paris, it’s always good to have a little help from the locals. In this article, those locals are the blogging elite on the ground - those in the know who aren’t afraid to share their tips. If you’re heading to Paris, here are the fonts of local knowledge that we’d recommend.

1. Lost In Cheeseland

Lost In Cheeseland offers superbly-written guides to the city from where to stay and what to eat. Find yourself craving ice-cream, Chinese food or even Mexican while you’re in Paris? This local knows where to go, whatever you fancy. The owner of the blog, Lindsey, is an American girl turned Parisian who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris 10 years ago - and she’s never looked back. It’s called the city of love for a reason. (w)

2. Paris Food Affair

Another brilliant foodie’s blog to Paris. If you want to know about the most authentic Parisian eateries (that you won’t find in the tourist guides), you’ll love this site. Julie is the knowledgeable local behind this bright little blog. She has an undying love for Paris and its delicious cuisine, steering clear from the tourist traps. Don’t click if you’re hungry, the pictures will make you drool. (w)

3. My Parisian Life

This eclectic blog is run by ex-New Yorker Yanique who moved to Paris in 2007. She posts everything from cheap-eats and where to shop, but the blog’s USP is undoubtedly the ‘Neighbourhoods’ section - or shall we say ‘arrondissements’ in French. For every neighbourhood in Paris (20 to be precise), she has listed the best places to go in each one. Extremely helpful - and breaking down the bustling metropolis allowing you to discover every hidden corner. (w)

4. Prêt à Voyage

Prêt à Voyage deserves to be here because it’s very visual. The blog provides maps with pointers of where to go in the city - a particular favourite of ours is the best things to do along Canal St Martin. You’ll even find a short video on how to take the metro. The posts are informative and great for young backpackers with its guide to ‘frugal paris’ and ‘how not to dress like a tourist’. (w)

5. Secrets of Paris

This is the oldest independent and locally-owned website about Paris (in English). This means one thing: it’s full of wisdom. Created in 1999, this blog remains true to its name, uncovering the city’s secrets and local haunts - but most importantly providing practical advice for tourists. From Eurostar hacks, how to drive in Paris and where to get low exchange rates (plus much, much more).  (w)

6. Invisible Paris

The force of nature behind this force of knowledge is a blogger by the name of Adam. Searching out all that is unknown and bringing it to the forefront of the blogosphere, Adam shares everything from the city’s first forest - destined to open in 2014 - to architect artists, sketching the city from a pigeon’s point of view.  (w)

7. Paris Defined

Redefining Paris' blog space is new kid on the block, Paris Defined . Bringing all the news from the City of Light to its readers around the world, this team know everything there is to know about the ins and outs of Paris. From the flakiest croissants to the most extra tea houses, as well as hostel guides (featuring yours truly) and neighbourhood guides, Paris Defined covers all bases - they even have a post dedicated to the 'best' dive bars in Paris. We love their mission and can't wait to see what's coming next.


8. Collen's Paris

If the practicalities of using a Navigo pass on the Paris Metro flummox you and if the question of where you can find the best croissants in the city keeps you up at next, then it’s time to step into the world of Colleen. She’s been a Parisian since 1992 and a blogger about the city for the past 11-years. Her mission is to share information freely, whether you’re a first time visitor or a frequenter of France.  (w)

9. Prête-Moi Paris

Pokka dot chic is the order of the day on this blog, launched with the idea of readying you for Paris. American ex-pat Melissa Ladd is at the helm, sharing her experience of the Tiki Lounge on the rue de la Fontaine au Roi, where to find free to use computers in the city and much more. there’s also a top blogroll on the site, sharing the limelight with esteemed bloggers, the world over.  (w) .

10. Paris In Four Months

Carin Olsson is an award winning blogger who left Stockholm for four-months in order to better her French in Paris. Like many who make this leap, she fell in love, never left and decided to share her point of view for the benefit of others. This photo led publication harnesses the power of Flickr to showcase the best of what’s on offer, in the city of lights.  (w)

11. I Prefer Paris

If you have a keen eye for the aesthetically pleasing and you appreciate a New Yorker’s point of view, then you’ll be a fan of I Prefer Paris, created by Marais based Richard Mahem. Travel writer Richard is also the founder of Eye Prefer Paris - a visual tour of the city that takes you off the well-trod tourist trail and showcases all that is cool, and hidden in Paris.  (w)

12. Out And About In Paris

With the ex-pat experience of living in Switzerland, Germany, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Trinidad and Tobago, blogger Mary Kay Bosshart is adept and quickly embedding herself in all that is cultural, and cool in a new city. Paris is no exception and this blog reflects that, serving up language school highlights, essential books for touring Paris Metro and even bike rides from Paris to London. Whatever the cultural calling, Mary has it covered.  (w)

13. The Paris Blog

With an oh so accurate title and delicious daily updates, THE Paris Blog is the number one daily digest on the city, in English. Edited by Laurie Pike and with 30 expert contributors, this blog covers 29 shades of life in the city of lights. The categories covered include French traditions, pop culture, sex and dating, and then some. The digital art scene post is a prime highlight.  (w)

14. God I Love Paris

Travel blogger Amy Thomas is a self confessed sweet freak, exploring the world of candy and confectionaries wherever she goes. We approve of this greatly! Food is a definite focus on God-I-Love-Paris but subjects beyond the culinary arena are also included, spanning a lifestyle split between New York City, and Paris. For interviewers with expats and a shared love of all things delicious, delve into this blog.  (w)

15. Girls Guide To Paris

Offering sage advice from a female perspective, a girl’s guide to Paris spans international radio, online videos and of course, the good old-fashioned blog. Brought to you by a team of nine city experts, this is your one-stop-shop for fabulous fashion finds, the wine of the month, foodie favourites and more.  (w)

16. Savoir Faire Paris

This might be a concierge service but it’s also a very informative site - based on some spectacular city dweller knowledge! With tips on how to act like a local, guides to the Canal St. Martin neighbourhood, photo competitions and more, Savoir Faire is a truly nifty site - addressing everything that might ail a first timer in Paris.  (w)

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