Top 10 Things to do in Barcelona in March

What’s topping this month’s Barca must-do list?

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  • 20 February 2018
  • • 53 min read

Looking for the best things to do in Barcelona in March? Barcelona is constantly buzzing with exciting events and colourful street parties all throughout the year. From crazy carnivals to mesmerising exhibitions, there’s no denying that this city has something for every kind of traveller. We will be keeping this blog up-to-date monthly so that you won’t ever miss out on the best things happening during your visit to the sunny capital...

March 2020

What’s the weather like in March? The average high is 17 ºC (62 ºF), with the average low at 11 ºC (52 ºF). There are usually around 6 rainy days per month in March, although it also gets a few lovely sunny days, especially towards the end of the month. For this reason any outdoor activity would be recommended. Such as:

Take a Bike Tour

All month

Barcelona is not a huge city. You can cover lots of ground with a bike and enjoy the sights of this wonderful town from two wheels. If you’re feeling sporty climb up Montjuic mountain and pay a visit to the castle while stopping by the several “miradores” to see the city from the very top! 

Brunch in the city

1st March

Good weather is coming again and with it one of our most famous summer parties: Brunch in the city starts this year with an amazing lineup, bringing no other than Hunee and Floating Points! Check the lineup for more names, get your comfiest pair of shoes and head to the Joan Brossa gardens this March 1st to dance your socks off. Find out more here

Barcelona - Sitges vintage rally

21st to 23rd March

By the end of the month vintage lovers can enjoy a parade of vehicles from all around the continent rallying from Barcelona to Sitges with a beautiful coastline as a landscape. You can expect lots of events taking place on the route. There will be music, sangria, food and drink tastings and markets all around to celebrate this happening. More info here

Work out! Marathon’s ahead!

10th March

If you feel fit and want to keep it that way despite the sangria, cervezas and tapas, this is the event for you! Marato’ Barcelona is due on March 10th. You can hit the best spots of Barcelona while sweating up a little bit. And if running is not your thing then don’t worry: on the road you’ll find plenty of small markets as well as concerts and stopping points. You can sign up until the 4th of March, it’s time to train up!

Barcelona Beer Festival

15th to 17th March

The marathon was too tiring? Don’t despair, the Spanish always treat their guests with heaps of craft beer. And they do it well, with a massive festival! They moved the venue to Hospitalet as year after year they needed more space. Make sure you come in early to avoid queues, because you’re a fool if you don’t like beer. Also, the earlier you start the better, right?

Saint Patrick’s Day

17th March

We’re not in Ireland, so what? There are dozens of Irish pubs in Barcelona so make sure you pack something green! of the best pubs where to enjoy good beer and amazing spirits: don’t forget to hit pub number 1, highly recommended! ;)

Fiesta de Sant Josep Oriol

23rd March

This festival is held in honour of a 17th-century saint; and the square named after him , in the Gothic Quarter, is the main point for the celebrations of this festival. The biggest moment is a parade that features things like gegants (giants), capgrossos (big-heads, a costume you wear on your shoulder, giving the illusion of having a, well, big head), castellers (human towers), and more. During the day, there are lots of activities for kids and families to enjoy together. More info here.

Maria Canals International music competition

From 23rd March

In one of the best concert venues of the country, Palau de la Musica, this year will take place the 65th edition of this competition, with the final stage held in the spectacular main hall. There will be a contest called “OFF Maria Canals” as well as lots of musical activities (and more) around the city. If you like good music you can’t miss it!

Camp Nou

All month

In March the football season gets very interesting. La Liga is in its best period and the Champion’s League gets into the final stages. What a perfect opportunity to pay a visit to this spectacular field: Camp Nou is situated in hospitalet, and there are many ways to get there and not many excuses to don’t do it. Support Barcelona with one of the best supporter groups in the world or simply take a walk in the hall of fame! Can’t miss it if you even slightly like sports!

Visit MACBA for Takis Expo

All month

The Greek artist Takis pioneered new art forms using magnetism, light and sound. Much of his artistic career and activity was focused in Paris, London and New York, between 1950 and 1970, when he moved back to Athens. This exhibition will be the first solo presentation of his work in Barcelona and it’s right in the heart of the city! Check out the website for more about this amazing museum and their activities

February 2020

Monet: Immersive Experience

All month

Claude Monet is one of the most famous painters the world has produced. Father of Impressionism, his visual realm is vast and deep; and now, thanks to technological developments, is getting a second wind on a truly mind-blowing exhibition at the Ideal digital arts centre in Poblenou. Huge screens, 360º surround projections and virtual reality turn spectators into participants in Monet’s artistic world. Not free but definitely worthy!

Explosions in the Sky

3rd February

Explosions in the Sky is an world recognized American post-rock band that has been giving us great music since 1999. They're incredible and all music lovers would easily appreciate the quality of their performances, which totally matches their name. If you’re around you don’t want to miss how they set the roof of Sala Barts on fire with their incredible sound!

080 Barcelona Fashion

4th to 7th February

This bi-annual event gathers the best representatives of the local fashion industry. The Sant Pau art nouveau site witnesses catwalk shows showcasing autumn and winter collections, there are also talks and discussions on the sector, pop-up shops, DJ sessions, photo competitions and stands from some of the local design schools, where you can spot the next generation of 080 participants. Pop over and discover what you should be wearing, according to Catalan designers.

Santa Eulalia Festival

7th to 12th February

The Santa Eulalia Festival is the biggest annual festival in Barcelona for children. Concerts, parades with giants and other fantasy figures, open house events and other activities of all kinds, mostly for children. These events take place at several venues across the city and it’s a great way to discover the city centre! 

Festival de la Llum

15th to 17th February

Reaching its 8th edition, Llum BCN is an arts festival that features light as the main element of creation. It aims to counter the darkness of winter with the splendour of light (llum means 'light' in Catalan) and it does it with incredible installations, mapping and projections on some of the most interesting buildings in the industrial quarter. A total must for both locals and travellers.

Join your local Calçotada

All month

In Catalonia, February is synonymous with Calçots. This long, thin onion (pronounced “cal-sot”) could be compared to some sort of leek, and it makes locals go crazy in the winter months. They enjoy piles of them barbecued and dipped into a tasty sauce called romesco, all this while downing loads of wine from a funky container called porrón. Sounds wild eh? The best way to enjoy them is at an outdoor barbecue, but you can also try them at traditional Catalan restaurants. Just keep your eye out for them and join the party!

Sitges carnival

20th to 26th February

Ah! Carnival! Parades, candy, music and the chance for kids and grownups to wear costumes. Very old tradition that still goes strong in pretty much all the north side of the Mediterranean, and Catalonia isn’t an exception. So if this is your type of thing then you must hop on a train to Sitges, a pretty beach town about half an hour south of Barcelona at any point of the last week of the month to take part of its Carnival celebrations, a week of pure, unbridled debauchery by the sea. Dress up in your fanciest of fancy dress (the more over the top, the better) and enjoy parades, concerts, and general mayhem!

Mobile World Congress

24th to 27th February

Being Barcelona the cosmopolitan, worldwide famous city that it is, it usually witness and/hosts some of the top-events in the world of many different fields, and mobile technology isn’t the exception. The Mobile World Congress series is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and incorporates a thought-leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. If you want to stay on top of the tech wave, be the first one in the world to see new models and learn about new developments, this is your place!

Barcelona’s Half Marathon

16th February

There’s also fun for the sporty ones! If you are interested in running or watching others doing a hard slog, don’t miss Barcelona’s Half Marathon on the 16th. A different way of sightseeing, this 20km run should keep you in shape (and it will let you go on a guilt-free tapas rampage afterwards) If you want to take part, you need to pre-register at least 1 week before the marathon begins. A great thing to do in Barcelona in February… for the fit ones anyway.

Salmon dance Festival

Until the 16th February

The 8th edition of this two-week dance festival arrives at the flower market near the Cathedral, and it brings in performances from all over Europe, focusing on the fresh, the new and that which dares to go against the current.

December 2019

Fira de Sagrada Familia

1st to 23rd December

Did you know that we also have xmas markets in BCN? The one at the Sagrada Família has been around since the 1960s and is now one of the nicest and most traditional Christmas markets in the city, with the massive plus of having one of our main landmarks as landscape, you can’t miss it!

Arroz Negro

3rd December

Produced by the cultural newspaper BCN Més, this year’s Arroz Negro has been conceived in ten days using nothing but ink and inspiration. Writers and illustrators collaborate on a short story competition that showcases some of the most creative minds in the city. You can catch the work of all ten finalists and the awards ceremony. Make sure you get there early tho: entrance is free until the exhibition reaches full capacity.

Rosalía concert

8th December

It’s always nice to see local talent getting worldwide recognition, and Rosalía is our latest one: she has become a global star in record time, winning a pair of Latin Grammys and another couple of MTV Video Music Awards, and having collaborated with great names on different scenes (she has even tried acting with no other than Pedro Almodóvar!) And now she’s coming back home for the end of her tour in Palau Sant Jordi, happy days!

Hivernacle pop-up club

14th December

The infamous pop-up winter club, or “winter brunch” like some people call it, visits us one more time on Saturday 14th, and this time no other than Tale Of Us will have the honour of getting everyone in the greenhouse to dance their socks off. Not free but totally worthy if you’re into good parties in weird places ;)

Xmas at Poble Espanyol

21st to 29th December

The classic enclosure opens its gates during these dates on a festive way: kids can give their letters to Santa or to the Three Wise Kings (spanish way) while grownups dig the craft beer and food fair...this without mentioning the roller disco! Fun times ahead!

La Movida

All month

Spain opened its doors to the world a tad late in comparison with the rest of Western Europe, and this exhibit has this at its core: the legendary Movida, the ‘80s counter cultural movement that celebrated the end of the Francoist era while demonstrating the younger generation’s urge for freedom of expression. Not free but totally worthy if contemporary history is your thing!

Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival

Throughout December

The Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival, one of the most important jazz festivals is back in town. During the month of November Barcelona embraces multiple international artists as Ludovico Enaudi on November 7th or Dirty Dozen Brass the 16th, two legends of Jazz. You can’t miss this one! 

El Día dels Sants Innocents

28th December

This one is more of a “what to know” than “what to do”: did you know that we have our own version of April’s Fools Day? Yes it’s in December and yes it has a different name, but the core is the same: cheerful jokes, cut-out newspaper figures attached to the backs of unsuspecting victims and even the media takes part by releasing fake news!

Masquerade pre-party at Belushi’s

31st & Jan 1st

And of course we can’t forget about New Years Eve! Barcelona is famous for its party scene, and this night isn’t the exception: lots and lots of parties around town to celebrate the end of this amazing year (and the beginning of a new one...hopefully amazing too) but there’s only one place to start the night and that would be Belushi’s! Live DJ’s, amazing deals and lots of freebies for those wearing masks...perfect way to start the last night of the year!

New Year’s Eve

31st & Jan 1st

A bit more of “what to know” for those visiting during this time of the year: in Spain, New Year’s Eve tends to be family time, with most people going out to party after midnight, but of course things are changing and with an ongrowing expat community, Catalonia square has turned onto a meeting point for those that want to start earlier. What do you need to know about our ways? Well first of all wear red underwear as it is said will bring luck in the coming year, then you will need to eat 12 grapes (one for each chime of the clock at midnight) which is definitely harder than you might think, another thing to keep in mind is L’home dels Nassos, which literally translates to The Man of Noses, and it refers to a man that goes around wearing as many noses as days the year has left (and of course, being the last day of the year, he will be wearing just one nose) while throwing sweets at children. Funny eh?

November 2019

Live Painting & Music con Random Lovers y Cristina Len

13th November

On November 13th an amazing opportunity to unleash your inner creative from at this Live Painting & Music event. It’s going to be a weekend full of music and art where professional artists will share their knowledge with all the attendees and you will have the chance to paint to the beat of the best bangers!

PANGEA Quiz League by TriviaBCN

6th & 20th November

Game lovers mark these 2 days in your calendars: November the 6th and 20th will feature a giant quiz where you can show everything you know about your favorite places. There will be three rounds of 10 questions about travel, gastronomy, music and geography. There will be videos, photos, music and even a round all about flavours and smells! In addition, the winning team of the League will win a final prize, perfect for travel lovers... 

La castanyada y tots sants

1st November

Castanyada is a Catalan folkloric festivity to honour and remember those who are no longer with us, as well as being a celebration of the fall season. This is a celebration where families and friends gather around the table to eat the typical autumn fruits (chestnuts and sweet potatoes: we are looking at you). Don’t miss this great opportunity to taste an authentic part of the Catalan culture!

Salon del manga

1st - 3rd November

For another year, one of the biggest Manga conventions in Spain is back. From the 1st to the 3rd of November you can enjoy 3 days of non-stop of anime in Montjuic. If you are a big fan of manga and anime and you want to feel that you are in the heart of Tokyo in Barcelona, then you shouldn’t miss this out!

Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival

Throughout November

The Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival, one of the most important jazz festivals is back in town. During the month of November Barcelona embraces multiple international artists as Ludovico Enaudi on November 7th or Dirty Dozen Brass the 16th, two legends of Jazz. You can’t miss this one! 

Barcelona Games World

28th November - 1st December

Discover the latest news from the major brands in the gaming world and play your favourite video games presented as unique experiences - think escape rooms, challenges and much more. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to be the star of the new XR e-sports games with virtual and augmented reality.

Smart City Expo World Congress

19th - 21st November

Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 aims to be the meeting point to encourage all stakeholders to engage in taking action to enable a sustainable and inclusive future.  This includes a range of industries from technology to policy-makers to entrepreneurs and more.

Raphael on concert

9th November

After almost 60 years dedicated to music, Raphael is coming back to the stage with an extensive international tour, all wrapped up in the sound of a symphonic orchestra and his usual musicians. Don't miss one of the most important singers in Spain and his concert "RESinphónico" on Saturday November 9th at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona!

DOCfield 2019

8th - 9th November

During the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November come to CCCB to enjoy one of the biggest photo exhibitions in Barcelona. The DOCfield is here one more year to show the best realistic and impressive pictures of the year.

Poetry Slam Barcelona

Until 14th December

Barcelona is a city full of creative energy, manifesting in a variety of artistic outlets. By nature, slam poetry is an incredibly lively and engaging form of art where you can enjoy a multicultural panorama full of poetry from all around the world. During the month of November you can enjoy topics such as feminism, tragedy and more - come and enjoy it!  

October 2019

Festa Major de les Corts

13th October

Barcelona is famous for its neighbourhood festivals. Festa Major de la Corts takes place in the Les Corts neighbourhood and it’s great fun every year. Expect all sorts of music, culture, food, correfoc and traditional dance. The three squares in the Old Town will be the main hub of the festival (the squares are an Rosés, Concòrdia and Comas).

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Sitges Festival

3rd - 13th October

During the second and the third week of October, the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, better known as the Sitges Festival will be taking place in Costa Barcelona. The event showcases the best and original films from the horror and fantasy genres. There’s even a highly anticipated zombie walk that takes place on Town Hall Square and the beach.

Mercat de Mercats

18th - 20th October

If you’re a food lover in Barcelona then you’re in for a treat during the third week of October. Right in front of the Barcelona Cathedral (in the city’s gothic quarter), there will be a bunch of small markets opening up to sample their different culinary dishes. Pop over and enjoy a weekend full of delicious and tasty food.


31st October

The spookiest night of the year is around the corner and since this city loves to party Halloween has become a big event in Barcelona. On 31st of October get your costume on, howl to the moon and head to Belushi’s Bar to start your party and then head to Apolo where the biggest Halloween party in town will be held.


3rd - 13th October

This is Barcelona’s edition of Munich’s famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ which starts at the beginning of October. Held in Plaça Espanya for 11 days, you don’t want to miss out on this fun (and boozy event) if you’re in the city. Free entry and copious amounts of beer - what’s not to love? 

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Filmoteca de Catalunya

3rd - 13th October

Filmoteca recovers 19 films of Kenji Mizoguchi  (a Japenese film director) in a retrospective that will last until November and that focuses on the filmmaker's gaze towards the female universe. A new brand experience for film lovers! 

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Festival intims 2019: Nacha Pop

19th October

The legendary band from Madrid, Nacha Pop, reached its splendor during the 80s and 90s thanks to songs such as 'La Chica de Hoy’ returns to the stage in October. This is an opportunity to get to know the music that used to rock Barcelona in the 80s so you can feel the buzz of that decade. 

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Avocado fest

Lovers of tasty, healthy and wonderful avocado can finally get together at a festival dedicated to the awesome green fruit. On October 5 from 12 am to 11 pm in Bornay there will be a gastronomic party with great recipes, great chefs and quality ingredients, all inspired and centred around this magnificent fruit!

Gelato Festival

5th - 6th October

If you love gelato, then don’t miss the Gelato Festival taking place in Barcelona on 5th October. Ice cream connoisseurs and chefs will be competing (and pleasing crowds) with their amazing gelato creations - and the winner will make it through to the Grand Finals in 2021. Tickets are from €6.39.

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God Save The Queen

26th October

Do you love the band Queen? Was Bohemian Rhapsody one of your favourite films on 2019? Then do not miss the show ‘God Save The Queen’ in Barcelona at the Sant Jordi Club on 26th October. Come and enjoy the best tribute band in the world. 

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48h open house

26th - 27th October

The 48h Open House is an architecture festival and a new way to see Barcelona. The event has been running since 2010, and has proved to be a huge hit with the cities residents. There are many buildings you can enter during the festival include the top of Arc de Triomf, the glamorous old palaces of the Gothic Quarter, and the Casa de l’Ardiaca. 

September 2019

Brunch in the park #10

September 15th

The second to last Brunch of the year will show us a new location and a strong lineup: one of Barcelona’s favourite DJ’s, Maceo Plex, will close the eve and Denis Sulta will be opening, so make sure you get there in time so you can enjoy a memorable evening of tunes and hits. Check the lineup for more names, get your comfiest pair of shoes and head to the Parc de la Trinitat this September 15th to dance your socks off.

La Mercè 

September 20th to 24th

Summer and outdoors usually go together, and for us in Barcelona that means party! Starting on September 20th the whole city turns into a dance floor for a week on what’s the biggest and most epic street party in Barcelona: La Mercè festival (named after Barcelona’s co-patron saint) where you will be surrounded by castellers, correfocs and live music! There’s no better way to say goodbye to the summer, and it’s free!

La Diada

September 11th

Did you know that Catalonia has a national day? La Diada takes place annually on September 11th and it’s basically a day-long festival where thousands of people take the streets of Barcelona to celebrate tradition and the pride of being catalan. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the subsequent loss of Catalan institutions and laws. That’s seeing the glass half full, eh?

Swab Barcelona Art Fair

September 26th to 29th

Barcelona’s biggest international art fair is coming back! From 26th to 29th September the 12th edition of Swab Barcelona will welcome around 60 galleries from 5 continents, 20,000 visitors, and a large number of curated programs, prizes, and activities. Definitely worthy to check if you want to be first-hand witness of new artistic trends and names.

Serielizados fest 2019 

September 25th to 29th

Who hasn’t ended up spending their Sunday going through as many episodes as possible of that series they’re hooked up on from the comfort of their bed? If this happens more often than you care to admit, if you could easily do it for days or if simply series are your thing. Then this a great time of the year for you, not because of the summery vibes but because Serielizados festival is here! The international series festival is back in town, and between September 25th and 29th CCCB will be playing more than 20 new innedit series. Get your popcorn ready and come to enjoy the multiple premiers!

Poblenou street party

September 06th to 15th

If you were with us last month and enjoyed the Fiestas de Gracia then you can’t miss the Poblenou street festival. Actually, if you weren’t with us last month then you shouldn’t miss this either! The traditional celebration in one of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of Barcelona keeps growing and this year will feature more than 500 activities like live music, classic folkloric parades, workshops and much more.

Wines and Cavas showcase

September 24th to 26th

Spain being famous for its wines is no news, but did you know that here in Catalonia we also have our version of Champagne? Cava is here for the bubble lovers and the best place to dig it more would be the Wines and Cavas showcase. One of the best exhibitions in Barcelona will take place in one of the most emblematic parts of Barcelona, Arc de Triomf. No doubt the best way to learn a culture is through its kitchen so come over and discover different flavours and aromas from all Catalunya. 

Barcelona Jazz Festival

September 28th onwards

Considered one of the most important jazz festivals in the world, Barcelona Jazz Festival manages to balance heavyweight artists with up-and-coming names in a programme that is always appealing. It takes over the city for a bit more than 2 months and it uses some of our best and prettiest venues as a landscape, like Palau de la Musica Catalana and Liceu ópera hall. Best part is that some of the acts are free!

Alice Cooper

September 8th

Ol’ black eyes is back! On September 8th, the international rockstar Alice Cooper visits us again, on what could be his last gig in the city. He will be playing his best hits in Sala Sant Jordi, in petit comité. It’s been 50 years of rocking heads, we are talking about history being made now!

Arnold Classic Europe Expo 

September 20th to 22nd

The greatest multi sport event in Europe lands here again and it will open its doors for us on September 20th. During 3 days you will get to learn about fitness, sports and healthy lifestyle in general, plus Arnie will be around!



August 23rd and 24th

With less than 5 years of running, DGTL festival has quickly established itself as one of the best electronic festivals in Barcelona. With a strong Dutch DNA, this 23rd and 24th of August more than 60 of the biggest and trendiest names in the industry will take over 4 different stages to deliver one of the best parties of the year. If hard basses and amazing light installations are your thing, you shouldn’t miss this!


August 18th

One of our most famous summer parties gets to it’s 7th edition of the year and it will probably be the best one: Brunch in the park summons this time no other else than  Fatboy Slim  and  2manydjs  for what’s going to be a memorable evening of tunes and hits. Check the lineup for more names, get your comfiest pair of shoes and head to the Joan Brossa gardens this August 18th to dance your socks off.


Until November 2019

One of our most iconic landmarks, Casa Batlo, opens their terrace during most of August for people to go up and enjoy concerts of blues, flamenco and jazz while appreciating a building that its almost a piece of art by itself. Not free, but totally worthy!


August 4th

If you’re in Barcelona we imagine that by now you must know how proud we are of our football team and it’s worldwide famous stadium, Camp Nou. Every year right before the season starts, F.C. Barcelona invites some of the best teams in the world to play a friendly summer tournament called Joan Gamper, and this year is no other than Arsenal F.C.


Ah! The Mediterranean! Every single person that comes to Barcelona wants to check it out (and work on their tan in the meantime), and Sitges it’s a great place to do this: just 30min away from town in train, its clear waters and great food will keep you busy for the whole day. Train station is next to our hostel so easy peazy.


August 15th to 21st

Barcelona is divided in “barrios”, and each of them has an allocated week during the summer to do a series of celebrations in their streets where everyone’s invited. Music, catalan traditions, plays, short films and a bunch of other activities for all ages are the order of the day...for multiple days! Now out of all of them the most famous and vibrant ones are the ones in Gracia: for 7 days the whole city gathers on this beautiful part of town to celebrate summer with others. Free, fun and diverse, what else do you need?

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Selected dates

Every summer different location across the city like Montjuic and CCCB open their doors to us to join them on different open air cinema sessions. Every year the program grows bigger, so check it out, choose a film, get your picnic ready or your sandwich, a blanket and maybe a cardigan in case it cools down.


August 14th to 18th

Same concept as the ones in Gracia, the Gothic quarter has also their week of celebrations. They have been recently declared National Heritage by the Catalan government because they’re the oldest celebration of this type in from 1589!


All of August

An interesting music festival that takes place on different locations around town. Mas i Mas is a perfect occasion for those who love Jazz, Flamenco, Classical music to check the newest and trendiest names in the scene.


August 8th to 18th

Following Pride Month in June, August witnesses another amazing event dedicated to the LGBT community: Circuit festival, one of the biggest international events in Europe, which brings more than 70.000 people from all around the world together to dance, partake in different recreational and cultural activities...and party!

JULY 2019


18th - 19th July

Sonar, the most famous Arts and Music Festival is back to Barcelona, and this year is bigger and stronger than ever. For two days from 18th til 19th July Barcelona is going to be surrounded by electronic music, be ready for it because it’s going to be massive!


3rd July

If you are looking to watch a movie in an amazing open space, here’s the solution: on July 3rd the Fossar de Santa Eulàlia in Montjuic will be showing one of the best films of the year, Bohemian Rhapsody! Enjoy a movie night under the stars on a warm summer’s evening in Barcelona.


4th July

Rock and Law is a charity-based rock and roll night that will be happening on 4th July in Razzmatazz for the third time. It’s a night to enjoy some of the best Spanish rock groups while helping out a worthy cause.


4th - 6th July

One of the most epic festivals in Barcelona, Cruilla, is back for 2019. In early July, come to enjoy the music with a bunch of new artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue, Foals, Bastille and more! If you are a big fan of alternative pop music, you know this is where you wanna be.


7th July

If you’re a big fan of vintage clothes and furniture head to the market in la Ovella Negra in Poble Nou where you’ll find all sorts of goods for €1 or less! Get there from 4pm but be quick before all the good stuff is gone. Don’t miss out!


13th July

The most amazing Beach Festival is here. On July 13th come to enjoy one of the best nights of the year in Forum Beach. Expect DJs like Alesso and David Guetta on the decks while you party the night away on Barcelona’s sand.


13th July

If you’re a fan of House, Funky and Techno music, we got your back! SoundEat is one of the biggest Techno events in Barcelona and on July 13th SoundEat will be happening all night long. Don’t miss out!


12th July - 21st August

Cap roig is a festival that has been running for the last 18 years in the Costa Brava, where a bunch of international artists come to the Barcelonian Coast to play their best and latest albums. This year you could enjoy massive names like Sting who is playing on July 19th. Don’t miss out!


27th July

A few years ago, one of the most important festivals in the world created a new version of it called Unite, so many other cities of the world can enjoy Tomorrowland from their own hometowns. This year on July 27th, artists like Nervo and Lost Frequencies will be rocking it out for you!


27th July

Brunch in the Park is an open air party that has been happening for a few years now in Montjuic. Brunch brings international Techno artist to play and enjoy the city all through the summer. On July 27th Fisher is the main artist in the line up.

JUNE 2019


1st-2nd June

Created more than 18 years ago, Primavera Sound is one of the two biggest festivals in Barcelona, and one of the most famous indie festivals in Europe with more than 100 different artists from all over the world setting up the vibes for 3 days non-stop.


9th June

One of the biggest daytime parties in Barcelona summer just started, Brunch in the City happens in Montjüic and every year brings the best electronic DJ’s of the scene. On this edition we will have the chance to dance outdoors under the spell of John Hopkins, so get your picnic ready and come up and join us!


Standing for Barcelona’s Centre of Contemporary Culture, CCCB organises, curates and produces all sorts of interesting exhibitions, festivals and concerts.


Tuesday & Thursday each week ongoing

Teatre Neu open their doors from every week from Tuesday to Thursday to a performance called “Improshow”, where an amazing cast improvises their whole performance. Fun, interactive and a great way to start a wander around Gracia.


Monday - Friday ongoing

Highly interactive, with great views and even a great replica of a tropical forest for you to wander, Barcelona’s science museum is a great place to spend your afternoon while learning some great facts about everything! Suitable for kids, but not only for them.


Everyday from 10.00 to 21.00

You will probably want to hit the beach now that summer is here and we know that, but did you know that the beach and Montjüic are connected? Built in 1929, Montjüic’s Cable Car offers a great way to get some amazing aerial views from the city centre, the harbourside and Montjüic’s castle.


June 23rd

San Juan is a Mediterranean tradition that takes place at the beginning of every summer, and Barcelona takes it very seriously. Every June 23rd everyone goes down to the beach to take part of one of the biggest celebrations in the summer. Fire and music are the main ingredients, and a great fireworks show is the highlight of the night. You can’t miss it if you’re around!


29th June

The 29th of June come to enjoy open air cinema at Cinema a la fresca in Montjuic. Enjoy one of your favourite films under the starry sky next to your friends.


28th June

The LGTB+ pride has arrived to the streets of Barcelona, join us to celebrate an event where everyone is welcome to come. Sing, dance and drink to the rhythm of the musical coaches in the streets of Barcelona


10th June

The 10th of June, the international singer Mariah Carey joins the Festival Jardín de Pedralbes to delight us with her voice in an incredible open air concert next to another international and Spanish singers. You can also find some incredible food trucks to enjoy the night watching your favourite artists.

MAY 2019


30th May - 1st June

Get tickets to Barcelona’s biggest festival of music, Primavera Sound, where a mix of up-and-coming stars to musical legends will be making an appearance on the stages of Parc del Forum. Whether you’re a rock, pop or indie fan, this is the weekend for you as the lineup is HUGE. Just to name drop a few biggies, you can expect to see and hear the likes of Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus, Kate Tempest, J Balvin, Charlie XCX, Christina and the Queens, FKA Twigs and much much more. Free that weekend?

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19th May

Night of the Museums is just what you think it is - visit as many museums as you’d like in Barcelona on 19th May, but just during the night! From 7pm to 1am, most of the city’s most popular museums will be opening their doors late into the night and you can visit as many as you want for no fee at all.


The FA Cup Final will be held at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 19 May 2018 but if you’re in Berlin that day, don’t worry. Belushi’s will be screening the match live!


10th - 12th May

F1 fans, the Spanish Grand Prix is taking place in Barca so if you’ve planned a trip for this time, get to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This event doesn’t come cheap if you’re after some tickets to watch it live, but if you get a group of 4 of you together, the Sunday ‘Friends ticket’ could be your answer. This is set to be a pretty epic circuit so worth the splurge!

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1st May

Watch out for Labour Day in Barcelona, as some museums and monuments are quite likely to close for the holiday. Make sure to check the websites of the places on your to do list for that Monday to avoid disappointment.


11th May

Fira de Sant Ponç is a summer festival in Barcelona that takes place in the El Raval neighbourhood. The festival celebrates Saint Ponç who was the patron saint of herbalists and beekeepers. Head to El Raval on the 11th May and you’ll find 80 stalls dotted around selling herbs, jams, preserves, essential oils, natural cosmetics and more delightful products. You can smell the amazing aromas coming from the stalls!


You can’t come to Barcelona and not go a tapas bar crawl. The city is brimming with quaint local tapas eateries, so we’ve rounded up our favourite affordable ones. Sangria, octopus, patatas bravas, paella and clams. You name it, our top spots serve it all. Sounds like a dreamy lunchtime to us!


16th - 31st May

Want to get a taste of flamenco culture in Barcelona? Get tickets to the Ciutat Flamenco Festival and experience vibrant flamenco from some of the best dancers in the business.

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10th - 12th May

Appropriately coinciding with the annual bloom of Barcelona’s roses, the International New Rose Competition is a special time of year. Head to the Parc de Cervantes to see new species of the flower in all their glory, grown by competing rose producers, while enjoying the demonstrations, food and a music concert by the Banda Municipal de Barcelona.

APRIL 2019


23rd April

Saint Jordi (St George) is the Patron Saint of Catalonia - so St George’s Day is a massive celebration in Barcelona. Held on 23rd April, it’s a very traditional yet romantic festivity where couples exchange gifts. A book for the man and a rose for the woman. Because of this tradition, you’ll find book and flower stalls all around Barcelona on the 23rd April. It’s a bit like Valentine’s Day in Barcelona!


Most of Barcelona’s Easter parades take place on Good Friday (19th April) so if you’re in the city during Easter, the streets will be injected with colour and fun. Thinking of spending Easter weekend in Barcelona? Stay at St Christopher’s Inns, right in the heart of the city.


27th April (ends 6th May)

The April Fair, one of the annual highlights of spring, is making its way to Barcelona for the end of April and if you happen to be around for this time of year, you’re in for a treat. At the Parc del Forum festival area in the Diagonal Mar district, you’ll find music, food and hours of Spanish dancing and performances - all for free. All the locals love this fair, from small children to grandparents, everyone will be there and loving it. Head to the fun fair on the seafront and hop on the ferris wheel - you’ll get views for days!


8th April

This annual 10.76k urban circuit is one of the most popular running races in the world. Beginning at either the Plaça de Catalunya for amateur runners or the Passeig de Gràcia-Gran Via for the competitive athletes, anyone can sign up for free (until 5th April) and take part. The circuit is so popular that it won a Guinness World Record back in 1994 for the busiest athletic race! This year is its 40th edition so the buzz surrounding it is expected to be bigger than ever. Take part or cheer from the sidelines, it’ll be a great day out.

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28nd April

Lucky for you runners, if you’re only in Barca for the end of April and not the start, here’s another opportunity to don your running shoes! Join Barcelona’s firefighters in this 10km route around the city’s beautiful streets - walk or run, it’s up to you. It all started 19 years ago as a one off, when the firefighters organised the run as a way of protesting for the council to improve their working conditions. It turned out to be so popular that this will be the 20th year of the Fireman’s Race!

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Second half of April

Catch a world-class tennis game at the Real Club de Tenis stadium just a quick metro ride from the main sites of Barcelona. All of the star tennis players will be competing in this tournament Buy a ticket online and you’ll get to watch as many games as you’d like throughout the day, whether it’s on centre court or court one, just get there fast if you want a seat! Tickets are from €9.

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You can’t come to Barcelona and not go a tapas bar crawl. The city is brimming with quaint local tapas eateries, so we’ve rounded up our favourite affordable ones. Sangria, octopus, patatas bravas, paella and clams. You name it, our top spots serve it all. Sounds like a dreamy lunchtime to us!


This is a massive local music festival in Barcelona, popular with university students. The Telecogresca Festival is held at Parc Del Forum and it’s kind of like the warm-up festival to get you excited for Primavera later in the summer. If you’re looking for good vibes, great music and a young crowd, get your tickets.


Need a fun place to watch Wrestlemania in Barcelona? The highly anticipated event for wrestling fans takes place on the 7th April and there’s no better place to watch it than Belushi’s bars in the centre of the city, just a 5 minute walk from Alexanderplatz. See the legend Brock Lesnar get taken on by Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship win. Or women’s champ Ronda Rousey defend her Raw Women’s Championship belt against the fiery Charlotte Flair. Belushi’s will be serving up tasty grub for the event including juicy burgers, wraps and tasty bar snacks.

MARCH 2019


4th March

Otherwise known as the “sweetest festival” in Barcelona, the Sant Medir Festival means candy galore! Over 6 tons of sweets are thrown into the crowds during the annual musical procession of horse-drawn carts, floats and lorries that take over the streets and squares of the Gràcia district as a tribute to the Sant Medir. People show up with bags, buckets and umbrellas to catch the sugary showers - make sure you bring your sweet tooth!

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15th - 17th March

Beer lovers! There’s a Beer Festival taking place in Barcelona this March. Over 450 national and international beers will be served up at La Farga de L’Hospitalet, and for just €7, you could be part of the action. You’ll be given a glass, a festival guide and 2 festival coins on entry. Each beer will cost between 2 to 4 coins (each coin being worth €1) and you’ll be seriously spoilt for choice! We are talking wheat beer, fruit beer, smoked beer, IPA or even the infamous Russian Imperial Stout (16% alcohol!). Beer lovers, this is the event of the year so don’t miss out!

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17th March

Wherever you are in Europe, you will almost always be able to find an Irish party and sea of green on St Patrick’s Day, and Barcelona is no exception. As always, an Irish parade, hoards of leprechaun hats and plenty of Guinness and whisky is the plan for this year, so Irish or not, get your River Dancing shoes on and get down to one of Barcelona’s Irish pubs to celebrate! We recommend Kitty’s pub, Flaherty’s Irish Bar or Molly’s Fair City.


10th March

Running along the beach, around Camp Nou and right past La Sagrada Familia beneath Barcelona’s springtime sunshine sounds like the perfect way to run a marathon to us. The Barcelona marathon will start and end in Avinguda María Cristina and the route will pass right by the beach so you can get a great spot with a sea breeze to cheer on the runners.

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16th - 24th March

Witness some true Catalan traditions during the Festival of St Josep Oriol for 3 days at the end of March. Some of Catalonia’s oldest ‘giants’, a few dating all the way back to 1601, will parade the streets surrounding the local church, Santa Maria del Pi, in honour of the Sant Josep Oriol and his devotion to the sick and the poor. Traditional folk music, parades and  re-enactments of old legends will take over the Pi neighbourhood, brought to a close by a big final dance by the giants.


Go check out the home of Barcelona FC on a trip to their Camp Nou stadium, and while you’re at it, why not watch a game? Barca has a few big games lined up for March so there are plenty of opportunities for you footy fans to grab a ticket. They’ll be playing against Chelsea on the 14th and Atletico Madrid on the 4th.

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11th March

Put a big smile on your mum’s face and whisk her away to sunny Barcelona for a weekend getaway. With loads of exciting sights, quaint, local restaurants and a gorgeous sandy beach to stroll along, there’s no doubt your mum will be impressed with your choice of destination, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive!

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Rugby fans, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still watch the live Six Nations coverage while you’re in Barcelona. Belushi’s Bar in the centre of the city is an epic sports bar that screens all of the best sports from overseas, including the Six Nations which kicks off in February. Make the most of long happy hours, great deals on beer and delicious bar snacks to keep you satisfied while you watch. All of the games will have an English commentary, too. If you want to reserve a table for the game, check out the website...


Until March 6th

The Barcelona Carnival is a massive event in the city to celebrate the last week before Lent. This massive fiesta is all about indulging and having fun; it all starts in February with Fat Thursday where people eat hotdogs and meat, stuffing themselves before they have to fast. There will be colourful parades around the city with live bands and performers. Starting on 28th February and running until the 6th March, make the most of this entertaining and free event taking place in different parts of the city.

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16th - 18th March

Vintage car enthusiasts will be in awe at the Sitges Rally. This special, annual event only features privately owned vehicles manufactured before 1924. They might be old, but they are all absolutely pristine to be in with a chance of winning a prize! Entry to the event is totally free so car devotees come from all over to marvel at the cars up for judging and to witness the big race. 70 seriously old-school, polished cars race 40km through the city from the Plaza Sant Jaume and along the coast with period-dressed drivers in the front seat - it really is a spectacle!

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February 12th

Saint Eulàlia's Day is a celebration in Barcelona in honour of one of the city’s patron saints. The vibrant Catalan street festival takes place in the centre of the city on  Placa de Sant Jaume. You can expect all of the main Catalan traditions here so it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for a real local festival experience. There will be a parade with giants and fantasy characters, folk dancers, correfoc and Barcelona’s famous human towers.

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February 28th - March 6th

The Barcelona Carnival is a massive event in the city to celebrate the last week before Lent. This massive fiesta is all about indulging and having fun; it all starts in February with Fat Thursday where people eat hotdogs and meat, stuffing themselves before they have to fast. There will be colourful parades around the city with live bands and performers. Starting on 28th February and running until the 6th March, make the most of this entertaining and free event taking place in different parts of the city.


February 5th, Barcelona celebrations on 2nd February

On 2nd February, the streets of Barcelona will be taken over by Chinese New Year celebrations. At 11:30am, a parade of dragons, dancers and colour will begin in the Estacio del Nord park and from 12:30-2pm and 4-7pm the stage on Passeig Lluis Companys will hold Chinese performances for the public to enjoy. If you’re in the city for this special day, be sure to check it out and enjoy the Chinese food and festivities.


10th February

Whether you want to compete or watch, don’t miss the Barcelona Half Marathon on 10th February where 16,500 runners from all over the world will take to the Catalan streets to feel part of something big; such a great challenge and all for a good cause. The half marathon is always popular with beginner runners and experienced runners alike. You can register to take part up until 4th February and the best part is that you can choose the charity you want to raise money for.

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You’re in Barcelona! Don’t miss out on seeing the city’s incredible architecture, views and historical sites while you’re there. If you’re after some local food, La Boqueria market is feast for the eyes and stomach! Check out the best sights and attractions in Barcelona...


4th February

Flying to Barcelona to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one? In Barcelona there are plenty of lovely restaurants and bars to wine and dine your boyfriend/girlfriend. What’s more romantic than tapas and sangria is a beautiful Spanish street-side restaurant? Watch the sun go down at Park Guell, explore the Sagrada Familia and discover all of the best wineries and bars…


Whilst Barcelona’s food scene bursts with unbelievable meat-based dishes, the city is actually a fantastic place for vegan foodies too. From vegan curries and bento to plant-based burgers, Barcelona actually has a great number of totally vegan restaurants to tickle anyone’s taste buds. Check out the best vegan places to eat in Barcelona.


Barcelona is not short of incredible photo spots. In February, the crowds disappear and the streets are much quieter making it the perfect time to take amazing photos without photobombers ruining the shot. We’ve rounded up the most Instagrammable spots in the city so you can go on your own little photo tour around the Catalan capital...


Rugby fans, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still watch the live Six Nations coverage while you’re in Barcelona. Belushi’s Bar in the centre of the city is an epic sports bar that screens all of the best sports from overseas, including the Six Nations which kicks off in February. Make the most of long happy hours, great deals on beer and delicious bar snacks to keep you satisfied while you watch. All of the games will have an English commentary, too. If you want to reserve a table for the game, check out the website...



January 5th

In Spain, the main Christmas tradition takes place on January 5th where instead of Santa Claus, Three Kings deliver the presents to families. Children get very excited for this day and on the night of the 5th they will leave hay out for the king’s camels in hope for presents under the tree. In Barcelona, there’s a whole parade to celebrate King’s Day called Cavalcada dels Reis when the Three Kings arrive in the city. Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar arrive on a float at the bottom of La Rambla before beginning a massive parade around town. The route is published in the newspapers. The following day (Jan 6) is a holiday.


January 17th

Another symbolic festival that takes place in Barcelona in January is Festa dels Tres Tombs. This also marks St Anthony’s Day, which is all about celebrating Anthony who is the patron saint of animals. Two neighbourhoods in Barcelona celebrate the festival with music, Catalan traditions such as correfoc and there will also be animals present such as donkeys, horses and even piggies. You can find the festival taking place around Sant Andreu and Sant Antoni.


Head to FC Barcelona’s Palau de Gel ice skating rink where the Barcelona ice hockey team plays. Their rink opens up to the public in December so you can rent some skates and glide around the ice. Just don’t forget your gloves!


Start on 7th January

If you want to hit the post-Christmas shopping sales, they officially start on January 7th after King’s Day. The sales will last for about a month so make sure you head to Barcelona’s best shopping areas for some great discounts.


Aussies! Just cos you’re on the other side of the world for Australia Day 2019, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on an epic Australia Day party in Europe! Join us at Belushi’s Bars in Barcelona on Saturday 26th January for the time of your life surrounded by awesome people, unreal music and live sport straight from Straya. Belushi’s will have DJs at night plus plenty of Aussie Beers and Food on offer.


There are plenty of free things to do in Barcelona. If you’re going to be in the Spanish capital over January make sure to make the most of the activities that won’t even cost you a penny.


Heading to Barcelona during football season? Get tickets to a Barcelona FC game and head to one of the most famous football stadiums in the world, Camp Nou or the Mini Estadi. Fingers crossed Barcelona will win so you can experience the most epic atmosphere around the whole city.

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January is a great time to make the most of Barcelona’s free museum Sundays, as there are far less crowds to make it an even more enjoyable experience!

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Until 23rd December

Barcelona’s biggest and most-well known Christmas market is Fira de Santa Llúcia by Barcelona Cathedral. Celebrating it’s eighth year, you’ll find 287 stands offering Christmas trinkets, nativity figures, Christmas trees, and mouth watering chocolate-filled churros at this Christmas fair. Fira de Santa Llúcia is unique because of its more traditional side, where you’ll get to embrace all of the Catalan traditions: you can get a look at the Nativity scenes and the crib exhibitions.


One unforgettable and cost-free thing to do is make a stop at the spectacular New Year Chimes firework show in Barcelona. Located at the Magic Fountain near Plaza Espanya, this event attracts locals and tourists from all over the world to join the New Year countdown. The show consists of a wildly colourful water and light display, fireworks and music that creates an electric atmosphere. Be prepared to encounter some Spanish New Year’s traditions while you’re there too - such as stuffing your mouth with 12 grapes on the 12 clock gongs leading up to midnight. Then head to Belushi’s for an epic New Year’s Eve party.


November is a great time to make the most of Barcelona’s free museum Sundays, as there are far less crowds to make it an even more enjoyable experience!

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Head to FC Barcelona’s Palau de Gel ice skating rink where the Barcelona ice hockey team plays. Their rink opens up to the public in December so you can rent some skates and glide around the ice. Just don’t forget your gloves!


Over 400 streets in Barcelona are decorated with huge, grand displays of lights over the festive season, with the most impressive to be found in 3 places in particular so take note: La Rambla, Portal de l'Angel and the Passeig de Gràcia. These are the streets to take to if you’re ready to experience a Christmas atmosphere in Barcelona.


In Barcelona for a Premier League game? Head to Belushi’s bar just off La Rambla so you don’t have to miss a thing! Cheap drinks, tasty burgers and the longest Happy Hour in the city, it’s the ideal footy set up.


In Britain where we have midnight mass, in Catalonia they have 'missa del gall' (cockerel’s mass), held at dawn where locals head to church.. Later, the whole family enjoys a traditional Christmas feast.


Until 23rd December

When in Barcelona you can’t miss the Sagrada Familia, an architectural gem. In December you’re in luck because a Christmas market is set up right outside the iconic cathedral called Fira de Nadal, a traditional market that has been running since the 1960’s. This is an open-air market packed with a hundred stalls where you can really feel the festive cheer and warming atmosphere.


28th December

This is the equivalent of April Fools Day for the Catalonians. On December 28th, there are all quite of tricks and pranks taking place all over Barcelona (even fake news reports on TV). One particular tradition involves sticking cut-out newspaper figures to the backs of unsuspecting victims, so watch out.


Until 2nd December

Barcelona Games World is an international video game convention that’s held every year at the Fira de Montjuic. Over 1000 gaming terminals will be set up ready for you to test out some of the world’s coolest new games including virtual reality and new tech. This is an event you gamers won’t be able to resist if you’re in Barcelona at the end of the month.



5th - 18th November

The Sant Marti neighbourhood’s annual party is huge not just amongst the Sant Marti locals, but throughout Barcelona too. Check out the Catalan traditions, the giants parade, paella tasting and the Castellers as they create mind blowing human towers (a tradition included on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity). It’s a super fun event that gives you a true insight into traditional Barcelona.


If there’s ever a time to visit Barcelona’s number one sight and attraction, it’s in November! Visitor numbers are at their lowest during this month so make the most of the smaller crowds while you can.


1st November

All Saints Day is a public holiday throughout Spain, so be warned that shops and most restaurants and bars will be closed for the day or run on different opening hours.


29th November - 2nd December

Barcelona Games World is an international video game convention that’s held every year at the Fira de Montjuic. Over 1000 gaming terminals will be set up ready for you to test out some of the world’s coolest new games including virtual reality and new tech. This is an event you gamers won’t be able to resist if you’re in Barcelona at the end of the month.


24th November - 23rd December

This is the oldest Christmas market in Barcelona, with quaint festive stalls and unique Catalan traditions that you have to experience when in Barcelona at Christmas time.


When in Barcelona during autumn you have to sample some traditional fall snacks. Castanyes (roasted chestnuts) and moniatos (sweet potatoes) are sold from local street vendors all over the city - they’re cheap, delicious and a real local favourite!


Autumn is mushroom season in Catalonia, and foraging for them in the city’s surrounding forests and hills is a traditional activity amongst locals every year. After the first rainfall, usually in November, the little wild mushrooms, known as bolets in Catalan, pop up ready to be harvested for the autumn! Why not try it yourself?


November is a great time to make the most of Barcelona’s free museum Sundays, as there are far less crowds to make it an even more enjoyable experience!

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Again, with November being so much less busy, the markets will also be easier to walk through plus more free tasters for us! La Boqueria is Barcelona’s most famous indoor market, bursting with countless rows of colourful fruit and tons of the freshest fish in the city. Or visit Mercat de la Concepció from Monday to Saturday for a wander through it’s stunning flower market and enormous selection of fresh produce.


In Barcelona for a Premier League game? Head to Belushi’s bar just off La Rambla so you don’t have to miss a thing! Cheap drinks, tasty burgers and the longest Happy Hour in the city, it’s the ideal footy set up.

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