11 Travel Instagrammers to Follow in 2017

These travel-grammers will freshen up your feed with the awesome pictures from around the world

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  • 11 January 2017
  • • 4 min read


We all love Instagram. Whether it’s to stay connected with friends, finding fitness inspiration or to stare at food for hours on end. It’s great for so many different reasons. Perhaps one of the app’s best uses though, is that it allows travellers to share their incredible photos from around the world. We’ve rounded up the best travel Instagram accounts to follow in 2017 from big-time travel bloggers to photographers. Take a look...

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@TheBlondeAbroad is probably the most famous female solo traveller on the planet. So it’s no wonder the Californian has been rewarded a little blue tick next to her name by the Instagram gods. Kiersten left her career in corporate finance to travel the world and she’s made a living from her blog. Get a glimpse of her extraordinary life as a full-time globetrotter!


The Hostel Girl is a travel blogger with a difference. Her name gives it away. She jumps from city to city staying in different hostels showing that travelling on a budget is a great way to see the world. Lately, she’s been posting beautiful photos around Europe like this pretty shot in Bruges.


If learning about new cultures fascinates you, follow the @BackpackerStory. This page posts photos of remarkable temples and monuments from all corners of the Earth. This travel page also brings to light the beauty of beaches and ocean views the world has to offer.


This man has been everywhere. Matt is another full-time backpacker/blogger who keeps his feed updated with incredible photos of his journey around the world. Whether he’s surfing, hiking or high up in the mountains somewhere, this adrenaline-junkie documents it all.


We’re pretty jealous of everywhere Elise (aka @roundtheworldgirl) goes. She’s not afraid to do anything - and she throws herself into all kinds activities from cliff-jumping, snowboarding, rock-climbing, snorkelling...and the list goes on. Somehow, she manages to take the coolest pics while she’s at it.


Marc is the Swiss photographer behind @Worldlifexplore. He travels the world taking stellar shots of the beautiful scenery he encounters along the way. If only we could go with him! His photos are accompanied by inspiring quotes that he thinks up himself.


The reason we’ve put Sophie in this list is because she’s one hell of a photographer. And while she may not be as well-known compared to everyone else on here, we think she certainly will be one day. She captures magnificent shots of European landmarks like you’ve never seen them before, with a particular focus on London and Paris. She does quirky things on her Instagram like #TubeStopTuesday, posting snaps at different London stations.


Professional photographer Chris Burkard has raked up the most followers in our list, with a whopping 2.2 million adoring fans. And we’re not surprised. The clarity and sheer quality of his photos is not only impressive but each one possesses an element of magic and escapism. You’ll find yourself asking how he manages to get some of the spectacular shots.


Dave and Deb, better known as @ThePlanetD are an award-winning adventure couple. Their photography is sublime and will leave you speechless. Scroll through their Instagram page and you’ll find it's overflowed with colour. They capture amazing landmarks, cityscapes, icebergs, sunsets and lush greenery, each photo picking up the most intricate details as if the view were right in front of you.


Anna injects her pictures with fun and positivity. While we’re not entirely certain who takes the photos of her against stunning backdrops, we do know that you should follow her if you want to see beautiful sandy beaches, sea-views and tropical islands.


Last but not least, follow @Daxon. He’s hilarious and straight away you’ll notice a reoccurring theme in his photos: selfies with animals he encounters on his travels. He calls himself the Animal Whisperer.

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