23 Top Tips for First Time Backpackers

Words of wisdom from our Facebook community

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  • 02 January 2018
  • • 3 min read

Packing your life into a bag to travel the world for the first time can be very daunting. However, when it comes to travel, a little advice goes a long way (literally). We’ve asked our traveller community of Facebook to give their best advice for first time backpackers, so you can jet off feeling confident about your most insane adventure EVER!

Justine Sha

Don’t get a backpack!!!! Wish I could redo the whole thing with a small suitcase on wheels. Backpacks are too small and too heavy!

Brent Farrell

Pack as light as possible. You don't need the world in your backpack just enough to survive in it...and if you forget or need something support the shops of the county you are in and buy local

Ciara Ruane

Never fully pack your bag. You need room for the awesome stuff you are going to buy. Nothing worse than taking a full suitcase on a trip of a lifetime.

Dave Dlaw Lawrence

Document it! Take pictures, take videos, write notes or blogs. Looking back at them in years to come will bring everything back time and time again.

Check out his blog

Melissa Elaine DeCastro

Prepare yourself mentally. I just am wrapping up Paris and was definitely not prepared for the cultural difference.

Stephanie Roza

Buy a one way ticket. Let the travel journey unfold as it does and enjoy the freedom of not having to be on a set schedule.

Paragliding in Interlaken. You can book this experience through our Interlaken hostel, 

Sam Stalteri

Don’t let small things bother you! Things might happen that you didn’t expect, but it’s all part of the journey.

Sonja Faul

If you can, make a local connection at each destination! Locals have the best tricks and tips to help you make the most of your trip

Sonja in Amsterdam

Alexander Green

Stay in one place for a couple of weeks and sink into the place, much better than darting around every few days

Maire Ni Huilin

Don't talk to strangers! Unless they are like, really really hot

Lewis Trickey

Book a one way flight and don't stop until the money runs out!

Lewis in Italy with his friends

Chris Harries

Pack condoms. You never know. You don't know them. You may never see them again. Too many nevers to not pack condoms.

Vishesh Tayal

Do not stay at hotels! Stay at hostels, and make friends for life!

The Alps

Sean Thompson

Baby wipes .. you can never have too many!

Yolanda Evans

Throw out your itinerary and just go with the flow

Havana, Cuba

Kieran Nash

The best view is often behind you!

Antoinette Fitzsimmons

Occasionally let your mammy know where you are

Morgan Mary Partridge

Be open minded to not booking every place. Take your time off the main roads and explore the small towns around

Adrienne Steiner

My advice would be to stay at a St Christopher’s Inn they have literally everything you will forget to bring - travel adapters, locks and two for one mojitos

Adrienne loving life in Bali

Lindsay Mc Go

Pack light, have fun and stay in St Christopher's and join in the fun!

Anna Pierce

Be sure to grab a metro map before you leave the airport because most metro stops don't carry them.

Mati Ribles

Good shoes

Ryan Devine

Good socks are a must


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