The Ultimate Interactive Tourist Map of Paris

Navigate the French capital’s attractions, bars, clubs, parks and more using our map

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  • 25 June 2018
  • • 2 min read

Planning a trip to Paris this summer? Make your Parisian adventure the best it can be by using our map to craft an organised itinerary. Sometimes the trickiest part about planning your travel itinerary is working out the distance between sights and how close things are to each other. There’s so much to do in Paris - and some of the main sights are all sprawled out over several different arrondissements (districts), making it even more confusing to plan.

Using our map, you can plan your days knowing what sights are nearby to where you might be - and which aren’t so you can save them for a different day. For instance, you can see the Picasso Museum is worth checking out if you’re in Le Marais.

We created the Ultimate Interactive Tourist Map of the French capital to help you guys out - not just with directions, but with the best places to eat that are close to our Paris hostels. The best clubs and bars, the best parks and gardens - even the airports, our favourite and useful bridges to cross.

Use our map to check out where the  are in comparison to the hostel, or scope and the  and see which ones to do on the same day.

Check out the St Christopher’s Interactive Tourist Map of Paris. Just press the button on the top left hand side to start.

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