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20 Ways To Break The Ice In A Hostel

The best ways to break the silence with your dorm mates...

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  • 14 June 2017
  • • 3 min read

One of the first obstacles to conquer after checking-in to your hostel is breaking the ice with your fellow dorm mates. You want to get to know them, hang out with them and hopefully make some lifelong friends. But first, you need to overcome the initial awkwardness and break the silence. After all, these are the people you’ll be sharing a room with for the duration of your trip. So, here are the best, most effective (plus some ridiculous) ways to get convo’s going in a hostel, given to us by our Facebook community...

John Mc D

The key is to get in at dinner time when everyone is cooking/eating/drinking. You get talking to people in the kitchen while preparing and cooking and by the time you are all finished you are having a laugh and getting to know everyone. Very important!

Víctor França

"GUYS! I've got a few lures left, what about Pokémon Catching around the city? " - Nice to meet you too.

Madison Butler

Wake someone up because they've woken up the entire room with their drunk snoring…

Agostino Mantice

“Do you want a beer?”

Agostino looking out to Dubai

Nathan Stradella

Pull your pants down and do the windmill.

On your own Nathan...

Alexandra Radu

Go into the room, say hi, tell them I'm from Romania and I can try show them a double pirouette like Nadia Comăneci used to do it.

Haris Khan

Offer to smoke them out with the good stuff

Ellie Roberts

Just say hi when they walk into the room, be nice and ask where they're from

Justin Davis

Laughing together over a fart!

Justin in Thailand

Chelsea Glaister


Charley Holden

Just get up and get ready and ask who's coming with me to go get mortal :) everyone just needs a bit of encouragement cause everyone has a bit of alcoholic syndrome in them :P and will never turn down a suggestion to go pub.

Tyler French

Where can I  smoke at? Wheres da bar? U wanna come with? Does dis state have medical weed? Would basically be my thoughts/icebreakers lmao...

Haroon Awan

"Hi, I'm Haroon. How are you?" Crazy, right?!

Stephanie Amanda Paige

I find I always meet people within 20 minutes of being at the bar, then I teach them (and usually the bartender too!) what an Irish Car Bomb shot is! It's expensive, but everyone gets some solid drinks in them fast and in no time we're all best friends!!!

Shereen Sagoo

If someone makes conversation, always keep it going and say yes if you're invited anywhere. This will automatically break the awkwardness

Shereen and her tour group at the Golden Gate Bridge

Amy Jane Bedwell

Have a cigarette and ask someone for a light - always a good conversation starter.

Darryl Kure

How YOU doin'?

Channeling Joey from Friends is always a good idea...

Yannick P Borg

Whassup whassup girls you wanna party?

Not sure if this is the best technique Yannick...

Raiane Reis

Takes an ice cube from my drink, throws in the floor - now that I broke the ice, what are you guys talking about?

Sam Longworth

Put your clothes on backwards and wait for people to tell you.

Iree Martens

Just propose a plan to everyone in the room as if you knew them already haha "what time are we leaving, guys?

This may not work in your favour but worth a shot…

Iree LOVING LIFE on her travels

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