7 Ways to Fuel Your Wanderlust When Staying at Home

How you satisfy travel itch without actually travelling at all

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  • 23 March 2020
  • • 5 min read

If you’ve got itchy feet like we do, you’ll probably be longing for your next trip abroad. Lucky for us, we live in an age of Netflix, Youtube and the internet, so finding ways to get inspired by travel without actually stepping foot outdoors is a lot easier than you might think. Plan and map out your next adventure, create a bucket list or watch Youtube videos while staying indoors and saving your pennies for when you can jet straight outta here. During this unusual time of being in limbo, here are a few great ways you can fuel your wanderlust while also staying at home… 

Watch travel programmes on Netflix

Rinse Netflix’s travel shows and add a load to your list to keep your wanderlust fuelled. There are tonnes of great Netflix series that are all around the topic of travel, from travel photography in the Australian documentary series, Tales by Light, to the best street food around the world in the seriously hunger-inducing Street Food. You’re bound to get hooked on a series or two and find plenty of inspiration for your future trips, even if it is only because you want to try those world famous tacos in Mexico City… 

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Plan your next trip

Nothing is more exciting than planning a trip away, whether that’s a short city break or a few months going cross-country. Get your mind into travel mode and sit down with your laptop (or a map if you feel like going old school) and decide on your next adventure. Once you’ve picked your destinations and if you have the time, do a bit of further research and create a note on your phone with all the best things to do and where to eat and drink. Planning to go with a group? Share your document with your travel crew so they can chip in, too. 

Read Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Lonely Planet has some of the best travel guides out there, online and in book form. But there’s something about physically flipping a page that’s so much more therapeutic. Whether you’re after more information on a place you plan on visiting in the future, inspiration on how to pick your next destination or facts on the world’s most visited sites, they have a book for everything travel-related. Amazon sells a whole range of Lonely Planet guides, so head online to have a look. 

Watch travel Youtubers 

Head to Youtube to binge watch some of the best travel vloggers and channels out there. There’s a whole community of really great travel channels that post fun, informative and inspirational videos about travel in all different parts of the world. Some can be super addictive, and you’ll find yourself watching one playlist after the other and before you know it, hours have passed. A couple of our favourites are Yes Theory for inspirational stories and positivity, Simon Wilson for his epic challenges like visiting all seven wonders of the world in 7 days, and Food Ranger for putting his taste buds to the test in cities around the world. Also, did you know we have our own Youtube channel? Check out St Christopher’s Inns on Youtube for our European vlogs and travel tips!

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Take travel quizzes

While away some time on our travel section’s ‘quiz’ tag where we’ve got travel-themed quizzes of all sorts. Want to know what kind of backpacker you are? Think you know everything about Paris or Berlin? Fancy putting your European flag knowledge to the test? We’ve got a great mix of both general knowledge and personality quizzes and will be adding new ones to keep you entertained while you’re unable to get out and travel. Share your favourites with your friends and see who comes out on top… 

Create a scrapbook using old travel photos

It could be something you’ve been meaning to do for ages, so what better time than while you’re stuck at home? Sift through all your old travel folders and pick out your favourite photos to get printed and put them together in a scrapbook. Have a look online for travel journal inspiration and get creative, rather than just sticking them down without a thought. Not only will you want to jet off again asap, but there’s also nothing better than a bit of travel nostalgia. 

Make a bucket list

Fuel your wanderlust by creating the ultimate travel bucket list. Make sure to slot in a mixture of entries that will be easy and realistic to complete as well as a few bigger, trickier goals that may take a little extra care and planning to reach. Try and aim to have a list of 50 - you don’t have to write them all at once, a bucket list is a great thing to dip in and out of when you have other ideas pop into your head. If you already have one, why not map out how you can start ticking some off by the end of 2020? We’re sure by the time the year is over you can have made a good start on completing some incredible travel goals. 

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