Where to Get the Best Coffee in Amsterdam

Our top spots for a quick caffeine fix

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  • 28 August 2018
  • • 4 min read

In Amsterdam it’s easy to get mixed up between the famous coffeeshops (where you can smoke) and actual coffee shops roasting up quality caffeine. During a day of sightseeing, there’s nothing better than a quick stop at a local coffee shop to put your feet up, sip on something warm and tuck into a slice of Dutch cake to replenish yourself. On a search for the best coffee in the Dutch capital, there are some strong contenders - but here are our favourites…

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One of our favourite coffee shops in Amsterdam. Screaming Beans is all about quality in a cup, serving up smooth coffee made with the finest beans in the business. The baristas really know what they’re doing which is why locals have made this hipster coffee shop and roastery a regular hangout. Get a cup of coffee on the go, or sit in and enjoy the chilled atmosphere inside with a slice of matcha cake. Being located on the Nine Streets makes Screaming Beans an ideal stop during a day of shopping or exploring this cool part of Amsterdam.

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This fun little coffee bar in the heart of Amsterdam is perfectly located in Leidseplein, a bustling area where you’ll want to find a sanctuary away from all the buzz. Sweet Cup is that sanctuary. Here, coffee beans are sourced from all over the world: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Brazil and more - plus they come in some really irresistible flavours including our favourite dark chocolate.  You can even buy some coffee beans for yourself.

Top tip: we know this article is all about coffee, but the chocolate brownies here are also INSANE. The sweet treats on offer at Sweet Cup have to be our favourite on this list.


White Label Coffee has made a name for itself as one of the frontrunners on Amsterdam’s coffee scene. Coffee aficionados will appreciate this place for its speciality roasting, brewing methods and sustainable processes. The coffee bean suppliers in developing countries also benefit as well as you guys who get to try a superior cup of the good stuff. White Label Coffee even says on its website “everyone profits from high quality coffees. Roasters and farmers will be stimulated to work together on developing the product to a higher standard, consumers can enjoy the qualities of a well nurtured product and will be willing to pay more for something of which they can actually differentiate quality.”

Here, you know you’ll be getting a great cup of coffee.

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When wandering around the up-and-coming Amsterdam Oost, you might stumble upon Rum Baba. This coffee roaster's is on our list because it ticks all the boxes. Above average coffee, delicious food and wonderful staff. Rum Baba is a lovely place to relax and lose an afternoon. The coffee is roasted to perfection in-house to find that perfect flavour balance for your hot cup of beans.

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The ultimate chill out spot in Centrum,Toki is popular amongst the young people of Amsterdam. You’ll find a really relaxed atmosphere here with comfy sofas to lounge on whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The name Toki actually means ‘local hangout’, and that’s exactly what it is. All coffee here is utterly satisfying, and the loose leaf tea is also worth mentioning. Expect a mix of high quality health foods as well as more-ish sweet treats to devour. A cool minimalist interior with white-washed brick walls and marble counters makes this an Instagrammable pitstop.

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Back to Black is a cosy cafe and roastery in the centre of Amsterdam. The USP of this place? The cafe cat! Get a seat by the window overlooking the canal and enjoy a lovely hot cup of coffee and a cuddle with the cat. No laptops are allowed here on the weekends - life is about being social and getting off your technology after all <3 The coffee bar sells speciality coffee and is passionate and producing great coffee sustainably.

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