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  • 17 April 2019
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It would be criminal to visit one of the beer capitals of the world without sampling some of the best German beers in Berlin’s best beer bars. The craft beer scene in Berlin hits the spot for every kind of beer lover. Whether you’re after the best craft beer breweries in Berlin, or specialised German beer bars, the city has an ideal mix of both. Lagers, stouts, pilsners, IPAs or experimental brews using special ingredients, if you’re wondering where to get the best beer in Berlin, these are the craft beer spots you can’t miss when visiting the German capital…

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For a good craft beer and a few board games in the evening, Berliner Berg is your place. This Berlin beer spot prides itself on serving up more modern German brews that are super tasty and a little bit different to your average beers. The variety of beer styles is huge! There are 4 regular beers to go for (lager, Bantam pils, pale ale and Berliner Weisse) as well as limited edition seasonal brews that you can count on for being exciting and experimental. Ask the guy behind the bar for his recommendation, he’ll be able to lead you to a beer that will really blow your mind!

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Swing by Belushi’s in the evening, but be warned, you won’t be able to resist staying for more than just the one. While their craft beer selection is super decent, the menu is also packed with international beers, spirits and cocktails to keep everyone happy. With a buzzing backpacker vibe, meeting new people and making conversation at Belushi’s is one of Berlin’s easiest places to do so. Stay put and order another beer to go with the awesome live music bands that come in weekly to take over the bar, or a sports game showing live on the multiple HD screens. Belushi’s is the ideal place if you fancy a chilled vibe that turns into a party every night of the week!

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Hops & Barley is one of our favourite brew pubs in Berlin, with cool decor to go with their exciting beer selection. The old butcher turned brewery creates their speciality beers pretty much weekly, so no matter how often you go, you can count on the fact there’ll be something different to try. The brewers at Hops & Barley love to experiment with new ingredients, and their unique brewing style means there are no other beers quite like it in the city. With great prices, great beers and great staff to help you pick wisely, you won’t be let down when visiting Hops & Barley during a trip to Berlin.

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The inside may only be tiny, but don’t underestimate Mikkeller when it comes to beer, as they have a constant cycle of 24 different craft beers on tap at all times. This hipster hangout is perfect for a casual drink with one or two friends that know and love their beer too. Pilsners, brown ales, IPAs, German beers, flavoured beers… Stick with what you know or branch out and taste something a little different - Mikkeller is the best of both worlds.

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Kaschk has made its name by being one of Berlin’s most unique craft beer bars. Pop in for a coffee during the day, and by late afternoon everyone will be chatting over a craft beer or playing shuffleboard while they drink up. The selection of craft beer both bottled and on tap at Kaschk is another thing that makes this joint so popular, as well as the option to get a flight of a few tasters. If you get carried away, Kasche is one to count on as they stay open ‘til late every night of the week.

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For the full German craft beer experience, Brauhaus Lemke never disappoints and it’s just 3 minutes away from Alexanderplatz. The traditionally German ambiance and relaxed vibe at Brauhaus Hackescher Markt is perfect for a hoppy pitstop and a bite of German food, where you know the beer is gonna be fresh, fresh, fresh, as it’s all brewed right there in house! Find this spot under the S-Bahn railway track in Mitte, under the old brick arches - the place is huge. For a casual drink in amongst a day of touring Mitte’s sites, the craft beers here will always hit the spot.


It may not be the spot to choose if you’re looking for German beers to sample, but Herman is a little hidden gem if you’re after quality beers and you like Belgian beer in particular… You name a Belgian beer and they’ll probably have it as the selection is incredible! As you could probably guess, the owner of this little beer bar is from Belgium, and he really knows his stuff. If you’re not sure what to pick, he’ll give you a hand at choosing something you’ll really love.

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An old school beer bar that sells craft beers for great prices? Sounds like a hit to us. Aufsturz is the ideal spot to get a taste of a few new German beers, as they have so many for so cheap! Over 100 beers from across Europe are sold here, so if there’s one you particularly fancy, it’s likely you’ll be able to get it. Drink up in this cosy spot to soak in the buzzing atmosphere before you head out into town later.

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Sit and sample a few freshly brewed craft beers in one of the coolest beer bars in Berlin, while a brewmaster explains the process of making it all in house. The craft beer at Strassenbrau is famed amongst Berliners for brewing up some of the best tasting beers in the city. Order a flight of a few different tap beers, or opt for the €25 beer tasting to taste 7 different samples while getting the lowdown on how it all works at Strassenbrau.

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Hidden away inside Markthalle Neun, head to Heiden Peters after a bite to eat from a street food stall to sample their specially brewed craft beers. Here, it’s all brewed in-house in the basement to fresh, hoppy perfection. Although you’ll find an awesome selection of different bottled beers from around the world, too. It may take a bit of scouting out to find but don’t give up on it, as the beers are some of Berlin’s best!

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