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The ultimate guide to Berlin, exploring 7 different neighbourhoods (in pictures)

Berlin is a diverse and dynamic city, a metropolis entrenched in history. This once divided city, can feel expansive and hard to explore. With eleven official boroughs, contrasting from trendy neighborhoods to elegant boulevards, we’ve broken down Berlin’s inner circle. These are the seven hoods that encapsulate the West and East energies, meeting in one electric city.

1 Mitte: The Cultural Hub

Mitte-Statues by Stadt Mitte

Statues in Stadtmitte, Mitte

Serving as Berlin’s unofficial city centre, Mitte is home to the city’s infamous museums and galleries.

Mitte Museum Island (with boat)

A boat cruising down Museum Island (the northern part of the River Spree), Mitte

It’s tram-cut streets are lined with third-wave coffee haunts, cocktail bars and an array of restaurants.

Mitte-Alt Strasse

Restaurants and bars in Alt Strasse, Mitte

2 Prenzlauer Berg/ Pankow: The Upper-Class Edge

Dog Walkers Prenzlauer Berg- Mauerpark

Locals walking their dogs in Mauerpark, Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is the most urban part of the district Pankow. Originally popularised by artists for it’s cheap rent, this area has shifted slightly over the years. It boasts lush areas such as Mauerpark and plenty of restaurants and bars.

Prenzlauer Berg- Mauerpark

Flea market in Mauerpark selling second-hand clothes, vintage bags and jewellery, Prenzlauer Berg

It is now favoured amongst young, trendy families. Prenzlauer breathes the effortless cool of Berlin - with an upper class edge.

Prenzlauer Berg-Schonhauserallee

Fruit stands on Schonhauserallee, a main street in Prenzlauer Berg

3 Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: The Punk

Known for its street art and anti-establishment attitude, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is the electric suburb which hosts most of Berlin’s blaring techno clubs.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg-Urban Spree

Urban street art in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

As well as infamous sites, like the East-Side Gallery and the Oberbaum Bridge.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg-Berlin Wall

The longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

Friedrichshain Kreuzberg Spree from Oberbaum Bridge

View of the River Spree, from the Oberbaum Bridge

4 Treptower-Kopenick: The Berlin ‘burbs

This area has many faces, with it’s expansive and lush parklands and wide, tree-lined streets, Treptower is seen as place to live, work and relax. It’s also home to the Soviet War Memorial.

Soviet Memorial Entrance - Berlin

The lush entrance to the Soviet Memorial, Treptower Park

Treptower Park-Riverside bars

Picturesque riverside bars, Treptower Park

However this area has a wild side too, it borders Neukolln and Kreuzberg and also has its own party energy.

Treptower-Kopenick- River Spree with sculptures

Sculptures playing under the sunset, River Spree, Treptower-Kopenick

5 Neukolln: The Cool Kid

Neukolln has quickly become the new cool kid of Berlin, as cheaper rents drew in a younger crowd. This area is where Turkish markets and cuisine meet the city’s favoured new haunts.

Neukolln-Maybachufer Market

Turkish food stands at Maybachufer Market, Neukolln

Paired with leafy canals, great cafes and cobblestone streets - it’s no wonder its favoured amongst young local and tourist alike.

Neukolln-Couple in the rain

Walking on the cobbled streets of Neukolln

6 Templehof-Schonberg: The Up and Comer

Templehof-Schonberg is Berlin’s youngest suburb as it was only formed in 2001. The newly formed district is linked by one related theme: underrated cool. Templhof’s Schiller Promenade is busy with cheap eats and bars.


Cafe’s and bars on the tree-lined streets of Herrfurthplatz, Templehof

This area also housed Berlin’s old airport, Templehof Feld, it has a community garden close it’s entrance and is a great place to ride around or watch locals skate, fly kites and windsurf.

Templehof-Gardens in the Feld

Gardens in the Feld, Templehof-Gardens

Schonberg is famed for being Bowie’s hood back in the day and his electric, open energy can still be felt there today, as the city’s most gay-friendly community and housing Urban House-the best street artist collective in Berlin.

Schoneberg-Gay pride Berlin bear

Gay pride Berlin bear, Schoneberg

Schonberg-street art

Street art in Schonberg

7 Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: The Westerner


Modern shops like KaufHausDesWestens are found easily in Charlottenburg

This former West-Berlin suburb is best known for it’s ultra modern feel. It plays host to Berlin’s upscale shopping districts and Berlin’s Zoo.

Charlottenburg-Bikini Berlin

The shopper’s paradise, Bikini Berlin Mall, Charlottenburg


Modern sculpture in Potsdammstr

Article and photos by Alice Dundon - a Berlin based editorial freelance journalist with a strong focus on travel, culture and social-impact pieces.

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Posted on 08 Nov 2016

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