9 Things To Do in Camden this Summer

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9 Things To Do in Camden this Summer

Camden is the music and arty hub of North London. The place to go for food, vintage clothes, tattoos and much much more. We went to explore gritty Camden for the day to see what the urban jungle has in store. From street art to street food, we can see why the eclectic vibrant town attracts tourists and locals from all over.

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1) Test out street food at Kerb Camden Market

Halloumi fries

A foodies paradise just waiting to be discovered. Inviting smells will infiltrate your nostrils as you walk through this bustling open-air market, making it hard to resist not stopping here for lunch. We suggest heading to Kerb, where stalls upon stalls are lined next to one another serving up tempting dishes from all over the world.

cheese wheel

Try The Cheese Wheel where fettuccini is mixed up inside a gigantic cheese bowl. Or indulge in some Chinese noodles or fresh crepes. We recommend the Halloumi Fries from Oli Baba’s for a quick snack on the go. This market brings food lovers together under the sun, one of the reasons why we loved it so much.


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2) Check out the incredible street art

Camden is known as London’s arty hub for a reason. As you stroll down Camden High Street, it’s hard to miss the impressive street art plastering the walls on the side streets and main walls of the town. The walls come to life as colour and such detailed paintings adorn the bricks, doors and even shop fronts. Here are some of our favourites from the day:

Street art camden

This was our absolute favourite ^

Street art

Keep in mind the street art is ever changing and the same wall you may have admired a year ago may have a whole new look today…

Colourful street art

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3) Explore the quirky shops

One in particular is Cyberdog. You’ll hear the pumping music as soon as you walk towards the Stables Market, and it’s coming from inside this multi-floor shop. Cyberdog offers a shopping experience in a nightclub environment: loud techno music, dancers on raised platforms, pole dancers and oh yeah, everything is neon. From the clothes to the makeup, there’s no better place to come if you have a neon, UV paint party coming up. Get all your gear from here. There are some very naughty things downstairs, not child friendly.


Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the shop, so you'll have to see it for yourself. The are many other quirky shops to explore in the Stables Market from candles, antiques to homeware and art. There’s even a Cereal Killer Cafe (where you can eat all kinds of cereal).

Right by Cyberdog, there was the cutest vegan cookie dough stand:

cookie dough

4) Have a drink by the canal

The canal is a pretty sight in summer. Watch the tourist boats come in and out while you sip on a refreshing beverage from the market. We bought some fresh raspberry lemonade from one of the market stalls and it was delicious.

Pink drinks

5) Visit the Amy Winehouse tribute statue

407 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH

Fun fact: Amy Winehouse lived in Camden before she passed. You can even walk past her house at 30 Camden Square. One thing not to be missed through is the bronze Amy Winehouse statue located in the lively Stables Market. Built in 2014, the statue is a true tribute to the singer who loved Camden and its music scene.

Amy winehouse

There are many memorials and art around the town dedicated to Amy, showing just how influential and memorable she was -  and how much she means to the local community.

Amy wall

6) Hit up Proud Camden Rooftop bar 

Proud camden

With a brand new renovated rooftop, this chilled out bar is the perfect place for drinks under the sun. Proud Camden offers a beautiful calm vibe with a gorgeous scenery and live music making it hard to resist. There’s even a waterfall making you feel like you’re in tropical paradise. We enjoyed some tasty cocktails from Terrace spritz for the prosecco lovers to Tiki Taka giving you a summery vibe with it’s tropical flavours (and there’s plenty more cocktails on offer).


7) Get yourself some vintage gear, jewellery, even a tattoo or piercing

Packed with unique vintage shops, resisting the temptation to buy a cute little dress or a cool denim jacket can be very hard - trust me. I came out with a silk bomber jacket! There are so many little hidden gems that you can find within the market through the narrow passages and alleyways: even if you’ve been there 100 times you may have never have laid eyes on some of the stalls beforehand. Take in the smell of insence as walk through...


Not only is it full of vintage shops, Camden high street in particular has many tattoo and piercing shops which is ideal if you’re looking for a new piercing or if you want to get a tattoo. Even if you’re not thinking about it, you may be tempted...


9) Grab a deck chair and put your feet up

Feeling a little tired after all this shopping? That’s okay. There are plenty of deck chairs located in the heart of the market next to the Cereal Killer Cafe and the Amy Winehouse statue. It’s easy for you to grab a book or have a  chat whilst soaking up the amazing atmosphere that Camden has to offer.

Deck chairs

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Article by Shereen Sagoo and Katie Nichols

Posted on 07 Aug 2017

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