14 Unusual Laws in Europe That You Wouldn’t Believe

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14 Unusual Laws in Europe That You Wouldn’t Believe

Europe has definitely got more than its fair share of quirks, but when it comes to the law, there’s a good handful of rules that sound a lil absurd. Did you know that in some countries you could get a fine for hanging your clothes out to dry on a Sunday, or kissing your loved one goodbye on a train platform? Find out the most unusual laws around Europe so you don’t get caught out on your next trip…

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1 It’s illegal to name your pig Napoleon in France


2 In Switzerland it’s illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm

Yup - if you live in an apartment, that's the deal!

3 In the UK it’s against the law to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances


According to the Salmon Act 1986 this is totally true. Although the wording 'suspicious circumstances' is a little vague...

4 It’s illegal for men to wear skirts in Italy

5 High heels are banned in parts of Greece

Don't bring your heels to the Acropolis... Or any archaeological Greek site really.

6 Kissing on train platforms is banned in France

Train platform

They say it’s to avoid congestion…

7 Spitting in Barcelona could land you with a fine

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8 Hanging clothes out in Switzerland on a Sunday is not allowed


9 It is LEGAL to break out of prison in Germany

10 An ashtray is considered a lethal weapon in Paris

Yeah cos that's what criminals tend to carry around...

11 Peeing in the sea in Portugal is illegal


12 And so is peeing in a canal in the Netherlands

Unless you’re pregnant

13 It’s illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn in Germany


14 In Sweden, it’s illegal to complain during the winter darkness period that you wish it were sunny.

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Article by Darcy King

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