15 Best Travel Photos in the World This Week

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15 Best Travel Photos in the World This Week (Taken by Backpackers)

Dust off those passports and pack your bags! We asked our fellow travellers to send us some of their best snaps from recent travels abroad and they did not disappoint! From the Amazon Rainforest, lush Edinburgh to the Dubai Desert, these photos will leave you green with envy…

Nicholas Sarlo

Just hanging out over the amazon rainforest!

Nicholas Sarlo

Josh Pierce

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia yesterday

Josh pierce

Tina Korittke

Tha creeeew! Edinburgh


Klaren Hodder

Chichen Itza (one of the wonders of the world) in Yucatan Mexico


Benny Ryan

Missed it by that much


Brent James Farrell

My son having a rest on a tyre at the beach


David Dlaw Lawrence


Sully McBeitia

Waterfalls and rainbows at Niagara Falls in NY had an incredible time right at my home state, sometimes adventure is just around the corner


Melissa Elaine DeCastro

Lunch with a perfect view of the Bellagio Fountains


Sandra Mulhall

We will jump like this again if we win, my husband's face.... Priceless. #DubaiDessert


Meaghan Westover

My last night in Barcelona! Met some amazing solo travellers, Nina Pressley and Mélissa Turcotte - definitely will never forget this night at St Christopher's Barcelona!


Morgan Mary Partridge

Lake bled, the most magical place I've been too. Castle in the middle of a lake the sun shining on everyone swimming and playing in the water. Bike riding till the sun sets and happy faces all around. An unforgettable day in Slovenia, a must see and only a short bus ride from Ljubljana!


Alrfred Shek

On top


Kieran Nash

Berlin with St Christopher roommates


Justine Sha


Thanks for sending us your awesome photos, backpackers!

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