15 Ways to Pack for Your Travels Like a Boss

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15 Ways to Pack for Your Travels Like a Boss

If you’re a regular reader, you already know what to pack in a travel backpack. But this is our follow-up guide on HOW to pack a backpack. When we first embarked on our travels, we were pretty clueless on this subject, so we thought we’d help you out and share what we know now (so you don’t have to make the mistakes we did). If you're going on a big trip this summer and need to cram a load of essentials into your backpack, here are some simple ways to make your life easier for an unforgettable European adventure.

Become a master of packing using our 15 easy tips…

1 Roll don’t fold

You’ll be surprised how much space this can save! Rolling your clothes keeps your packing more compact with more to room to slot bigger things in.

Rolled clothes

2 Heaviest stuff at the bottom

If you’re packing from the top of your backpack, bear in mind what you place at the bottom needs to be the most durable stuff. You don’t want your souvenirs getting squashed by that big bag of toiletries!

3 Things you’ll need first at the top

To avoid awkwardly emptying your backpack in the middle of busy airports or train stations, place the most handy things at the top…

4 Pack light

It’s easier said than done but really try to only pack things you need. For example, if you’ll need a jumper for cooler climates, wear it to the airport to save space in your backpack - or only pack one that you can rewear over and over again. Remember that you can buy clothes whilst you’re out there, too.

Pack light

5 Get a Backpack that opens fully from the front

Once you buy a backpack that’s accessible through unzipping the entire front, you’ll never look back at that top-access bag you used to use!

6 Plan your packing so you know what to buy

This will save you money AND valuable packing space. It will also keep you organised so you’re not panicking at the last minute with things to buy for your trip.

7 Use a packing checklist

A bit like this one. This will also help planning for the point above.

Packing list

8 Small, portable toiletries

They come in super handy especially on overnight trains and flights.

9 Put Liquids in a bag

It’ll make your life easier when you’re searching through your bag for liquids that’ll need to be put through airport security. Plus, it will stop any annoying leakages!


10 Organise your packing with packing cubes

One for tops, one for trousers, one for underwear and one for dirty laundry! You'll never want to travel without packing cubes like these again!

11 Thin, light towel

They’re not like your cosy, fluffy one back home, but they sure save you tons of room! Travel towels, like this one on Amazon, are thinner, quick-drying and light to pack. Even the biggest travel towels can be folded so compactly.

12 The size of your backpack matters

Mountain Warehouse gives great advice on its website on how to choose the size:

40-60L is a good volume for most people for 1-5 nights.

For 2-7 night trips, they would recommend 50-75L packs.

For most people taking trips one week or longer (a month - 6 months), they would recommend 60-85L packs.

Packing a bag

13 Use the compartments wisely (they're there for a reason)

The compartments are the best place to store essentials you may need on the journey as it makes them easily accessible. There's nothing worse than the realisation that your headphones are right at the bottom of your bag!

14 Pack a pen

It will come in handy A LOT. For flights to fill out declaration forms, to note things down on the road from directions to cute restaurants you cross.

15 Buy a travel wallet

This will keep all of your important documents like Visas, injection forms, festival tickets, hostel bookings and your passport safe. Have a look at this one on Amazon.

Girl by lake

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Article by Shereen Sagoo and Darcy King

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