20 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bruges

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20 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bruges

Bruges is a fairytale city just asking to be photographed whether its rain or shine! We’ve put together 20 spots in Bruges that you won’t be able to resist taking your camera out for. From quaint, colourful buildings to pretty pub gardens and canal views - these are just a few of the things that make the Belgian city one of the most photogenic in the world. You’ll never get bored of looking at pics like these on your Insta feed!

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1 The Colourful Buildings on Markt Square

Head to the centre of Bruges where you’ll come across Market Square. One side of the square is lined with some stunning, vibrant buildings that look like they were designed from a gingerbread house. You won’t be able to resist a photo!

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2 The Big Blue Trash Whale

Just opposite the Jan Van Eyck statue, you’ll see an enormous blue whale hauling itself out of the canal, 4 stories high. Don’t be alarmed - it’s made of plastic! A powerful statement made by STUDIOKCA, the designers, as a reminder of the 150,000,000 tons of plastic waste in our oceans.

3 Minne Floating School

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This floating designer school sits on top of Bruges’ famous Minnewater Lake. It’s triangular shape (plus the fact it’s floating…) is what makes this spot so instagrammable.

4 Fidel the famous Golden Labrador

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Fidel is a famous golden labrador having starred in the hit film In Bruges. He lives at the Côté Canal Bed and Breakfast and can often be found sleeping in the sunshine in a canalside gable window, oblivious to the hoards of fans that pass him daily.

5 Rozenhoedkaai

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This is the most photographed spot in Bruges. And it’s obvious why. The combo of wide canals and floating buildings lend themselves well for that picture perfect Instagram post!

6 Vlissinghe Beer Garden

The oldest pub in Bruges, set up in 1515! Head down to Blekersstraat street, number 2 to capture a pic from the past, which is sure to rake in the likes with its beautiful red and white paintwork.

7 Hof de Jonghe

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Visit the Hof de Jonge park, just north of the Old Town where you can get up close to the most photogenic sheep in the city as they roam around freely.

8 Windmills

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Head to Bruges Old Town and make your way to the northeastern end of the canal - you’ll come across 4 beautiful windmills dating back to the 18th century. We think the pink one is particularly Insta-worthy.

Fun fact: The Koeleweimolen and Sint-Janshuismolen mills are pretty impressive and significant to the city’s history - and both are still functioning today to make grain.

9 Dumon Chocolatier

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Possibly the cutest, fairytale chocolate shop that you will ever come across! Dumon Chocolatier is just calling to be photographed, and the chocolates inside are like a dream, too…

10 Bonifacius Bridge

Most commonly known as the the ‘fairytale bridge’, Bonifacius is a quaint early 20th century bridge located between Gruuthuse and Arentshof.

Tip: During the day the bridge will be crowded with tourists, so we advise you to get there in the early hours of the morning to ensure your picture gets a secluded and ethereal effect.

11 Canals

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Wander along the canals with a warm Belgian waffle to capture a picture of the glistening water beneath the higgledy-piggledy buildings. Go in the spring to witness the vibrant flowers that flourish along the iron railings.

12 View from the Belfry Tower

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Burn off all that chocolate. For the best view of the city, climb to the top of the Bruges Belfry - a whopping 366 steps. The exercise is worth it for the stunning view, it’ll just cost you €8 to climb to the top.

Fun fact: The Belfry is the famous medieval bell tower of Bruges on Markt Square, a sight you may recognise from the 2008 film In Bruges.

13 View of Market Square from the Duvelorium

Ponder out on the balcony with a medieval pint from the Duvelorium beer cafe to look onto the medieval square below, giving you the perfectly put together Instagram image.

14 The Beer at De Garre

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De Garre can be found tucked away down a tiny alleyway but the effort of finding it is worth it for it’s delicious and Instagrammable selection of beer.

The main attraction is without doubt the infamous ‘Tripel van De Garre’ beer, only dared to be served here. At 11% alcohol volume, even you heavy weights will be stumbling back to the hostel after a couple of these bad boys.

15 Belgian Waffles from Chez Albert, in front of the City Hall

When in Bruges one must grab themselves a Belgian waffle. Chez Albert will ensure that you get the perfect instagram waffle to make all of your friends and followers jealous.

16 Beer Wall at 2Be

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Beer lover? Or just looking for a quirky insta pic? Head to Be2, a bar situated on the side of the canal. The entrance is quite the spectacle with its glass display wall, which holds all 1500 of Belgium’s different beers.

17 Minnewater Lake

The “Lake of Love” can be found hidden away in the southern end of Bruges. Its tranquility makes it the perfect place to escape with someone you love, away from the bustle of the city. The photos ops here are endless!

18 Belgian frites

Find yourself a frite stall within the market square, as they are known to be some of the best! They’ll make for a great picture especially if you capture some of the distinguishing, medieval looking buildings in the background.

19 The Beguinage

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One of the most peaceful and celestial locations in the whole of Bruges. Rows of immaculate white houses, a beautifully constructed church, viberant daffodils and towering trees… What more could you want for an instagram picture? You can find this delightful spot just off the side of Minnewater Lake.

20 Canal by Boat

Take a boat trip along the canal, whether it’s a dark winter day, seeing the beautifully lit up buildings and decorated trees or a warm sunny day, this little boat trip will always be scenic and allow you to capture the most stunning pictures.

Find these Instagrammable spots by using our interactive map.

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Article by Kathryn Winter

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