20 Things to do in London on a Rainy Day

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20 Things to do in London on a Rainy Day

When the weather takes a turn for the worst plans may need to change. But not to worry -  there’s a million and one things to do indoors in fun-packed London. We’ve picked out the best places to head to on a rainy day, mainly nearby to our St Christopher’s London hostels, ranging from indoor mini golf to quirky usual cafes....

Don’t forget your umbrella!

1) Visit Roundhouse to watch a last minute show in Camden

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2) Roam around the Old Spitalfields market

Discover some interesting things and quirky food stalls - there are some amazing cuisines on offer from all over the world. The market is weather proof, shielded by a glass canopy.

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3) Try the city's best vegan food

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4) Ripley's Believe it or Not in Piccadilly Circus will keep you entertained for hours

With strange, magical rooms to walk in. If you happen to be around the bustling Oxford Street and the rain come down, head here for some unusual fun!

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5) Play crazy golf in Swingers (right below the Gherkin)

Eat pizza and drink cocktails while golfing under disco lights and amazing music! Can you think of anything more fun?

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6) See a movie at the Electric Cinema 

There's one in Notting Hill and Shoreditch!

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7) Visit museums all around London such as the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea

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8) Visit Borough Market near London Bridge

Half of the market is indoors so it’s a perfect stop to keep you occupied until the rain stops.

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9) Go to the biggest Ping Pong bar in town Bounce

And sip some fine cocktails!

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10) Get a last minute ticket to see a matinee performance at one of the theaters in London’s West End

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11) Visit the famous shopping centre Westfield

There's a variety of things to do inside such as shopping, dining and watching a film at their massive cinema.

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12) Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden is a must

A major hipster joint in the city where you can go cereal crazy. Here, you'll find a HUGE selection of fun cereals and coloured milks. You'll feel like a kid again.

13) Visit Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium a cute cafe filled with cats

For all you cat lovers. Sip some tea while petting a furry friend.

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14) Get BubbleWrap Waffles in China Town

For a taste of hot, freshly made egg waffles. The perfect pick me up on a foul day. If you're exploring Chinatown and the heavens decide to open, this is the perfect escape.

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15) Have a pint at Ye Old Mitre a traditional English pub

Want a dose of history? This charming 16th century pub survived the Great Fire of London. It has several traditional ales on tap.

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16) Indulge in tuna rolls in one of London’s best affordable sushi joints

This one is Bento Ramen in Camden.

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17) Don’t like sushi? Then test out the best city’s best pancakes!

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18) Visit Madame Tussauds and take a selfie with your favourite celebrity waxwork

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19) Get some chills and thrills at the London Bridge experience

London's scariest attraction. Just a short walk away from St Christopher’s London Bridge - can you handle the terror?

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20) Better yet, Head to the rocking Belushi’s bar below the hostel

Make use of the daily drink deals, order 100 chicken wings for £35, scoff a badass burger, then get drunk and party. A great place to meet other people in the hostel. And to play beer pong.

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Article by Shereen Sagoo and Hannah Winter

Posted on 31 May 2017

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