25 Biggest Backpacker Lessons

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25 Biggest Backpacker Lessons

There are many things to learn when out on the road. Here are a few travelling truths as well as some life lessons from previous backpackers to help you gain as much knowledge for your next big adventure. These are the 25 biggest backpacker lessons, sent in by our Facebook community…

Nora Sophie

Travellers have no age! I'm backpacking in Southeast Asia at the moment and I met the most gorgeous people ever...some of them were more than 10 years older than me but we still became good friends!

Dara-Gasnier Marissa

That you can find/make long lasting friendships through travelling!

Dara-Gassier Marissa

Dara-Gasnier in the spectacular London with some friends

Wal Iid

You will never get enough/tired of it. Make it as long as you can.

Gianni Maurizio La Rocca

The lesson I learned is that in every part of the world, in every possible condition, you can find a home.

Shereen Sagoo

I learned that it’s always best to walk rather than opting for public transport/a cab. Walking around a new city allows you to see things you might not have in a car - it’s a great opportunity to really get to know a city. It’s likely you’ll come across something that makes your trip that much better, whether it's a new cafe, a view, a  cable car entrance or even new friends. This was the case for me in Seville, San Sebastian, Rome and Madrid!

Shereen in Rome

If Shereen hadn't explored Rome by foot, she wouldn't have come across the grand Il Vittoriano Monument

Maya Bhm

Never have everything planned like a maniac cause in the end it's the people you meet that will make your trip real and memorable.

Pierce Parker

Never forget to carry fingernail clippers. They are so handy in so many ways, and you never want to make a wrong impression in a foreign country with long finger nails!

George Quinn

Don't do fire limbo on Koh Phi Phi without sensible shoes...

Moll Doll

Stay in dorm rooms always! So much fun.

Stéphanie Bassani

Don't worry. It's all part of the experience. ;)

Shauna Mogan

Always bring a towel...

Shauna Mogan

Shauna getting some selfies in sunny Madrid!

Bao Ha

Always have an eye mask and earplugs to sleep in dorms, busses, trains, airplanes...

Rachael Corten

PACK LIGHT!! I learnt the hard way..

Rachel Corten

Rachel jumping for joy in Australia! What a dreamy beach...

Carl Dehne

If you want to meet new people you have to make an effort everyday.

Mai Lissa

The first question fellow hostel mates ask is "where are you from?...or what do you do?" Backpacking the World teaches you to Learn Who You Are. Some serious self reflection going on! When you have those long layovers, train rides, or alone time in your commute you have a lot of time to think about who you are.

Ellie Roberts

If you're travelling for a long time, make sure it's with someone you can stand. Choose wisely!

Jackson John Çhinnappan

The ability to be alone, but not lonely and never allow fear to stand in my way. On a personal level discovering my own path and appreciating the lil things in life is something that no classroom could do.

Jackson in Jordan

Jackson in the beautiful Jordan

Martin Thorn

Pack your bag so that it's comfortable on your back.

Racheal Stella

Just Ask.. if your lost, ask for directions.. if your unsure, ask.. if you need help, ask... if you need an extra towel, your bed changed, to join others for dinner, restaurant recommendations ANYTHING.. I learned that you just have to politely ask!! :)

Cathy Howlett

That poorer children are still just children. If you have nothing, or choose not to give something to children on the street at least stop and chat with them, look them in the eye, play a game of hand slaps - anything. You wouldn't walk by a child at home and refuse to look at them; children are children no matter where you go

Wally Ciarez

Traveling takes control of all your senses and your full attention that is why we love it because it makes you feel so alive. You can memorise every feature about a place or a monument from a book but never tell me how you felt diving into that culture or the smell at the streets. Keep on travelling! People are always good, no matter where you are.


Wally in the lush Scottish capital, Edinburgh

Carlos Martens

Everyone can see the sights of tourism. The monuments, the statues, the cathedrals, the architecture, the museums; but it's the people you meet along the way that makes backpacking worth it. It's all about those unique moments in time exclusive to you and those who shared the experience with. I like to meet people from around the world. I can google image Big Ben or the leaning tower or whatever, but I can't google the experience of connecting with people from around the world. In my opinion, this is the true essence of travel.

Iree Martens

Talk to everyone you can and get involved in the culture as much as possible (and respectfully)

Sheldon Lawrence Chambers

Don't go travelling to another country with preconceptions.

Tyson Riley

One thing I always make sure is look up how to get from the airport/train station to the hostel and have a good plan on how to do that…I think it's also a good idea to try and learn the basic language skills in the country you're going to!

Tys in Barcelona

Tys sipping on something cool by the sea in Barcelona!

Posted on 22 May 2017

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