9 Up-and-Coming Travel Snapchatters to Follow in 2017

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Follow these wanderlusters on SnapChat for your daily dose of travel inspo

If you’re obsessed with travelling, you probably like to keep your social media feed occupied with epic pics and updates from around the world. We do too, so we’ve rounded up our favourite up-and-coming backpackers to follow on Snapchat right now. They share live ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage of what goes on during their adventures. So whenever you’re feeling a little travel-hungry, you can get a glimpse of their incredible journeys simply by a tap of your phone screen. We’ve also included 3 SnapChat travel stars, too (just incase you don’t follow them already). So, in no particular order...


Name: Will Hatton
From: United Kingdom
About him: Professional adventurer and avid hitch-hiker. Will is an expert on budget backpacking and visiting locations less travelled. Right now, he’s on a three year journey across the world from the UK to Papa New Guinea (without using any flights). Serious travel envy. He hopes to arrive at his destination by 2018.
Blog: The Broke Backpacker
Posts about: Amazing scenery, landscapes, mountains, lakes, videos of his activities
Currently in: Myanmar, Asia


Name: Alice Nettleingham
From: United Kingdom
About her: Quirky Alice is a solo traveller and absolutely fearless. You’ll often find her battling her fears and throwing herself out of her comfort zone while exploring. Her love for travel all started when she went to Korea to teach English at a primary school. She’s been on the road exploring and teaching ever since.
Blog: Teacake Travels
Posts about: Hilarious moments, not afraid to let her hair down on camera, videos of her daily activities, funny vlogs
Currently in: Taiwan


Name: Tom Grond
From: Holland
About him: Dutch traveller Tom lived in the Caribbean for 6 months where he fell in love with the chilled lifestyle. It made him want to ditch the usual route of getting a degree and finding a job (something most people his age were doing). Instead, this handsome chap aims to show you the most beautiful resorts, incredible islands and luxury hotels all around the world. Pretty awesome life, right? He told us he wishes his surname was ‘Travel’.
Blog: Travel TomTom
Posts about: He’ll certainly keep you entertained. Apart from shirtless selfies, he says he posts “crazy photos, some vlogs and updates when I’m drunk.”
Currently in: Sydney but next month he’ll be in Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Austria and Holland


Name: Dave Brett
From: United Kingdom
About him: This London-born nomad started his travels at just 15 years old where he fled the UK to explore Finland. Since then, he’s been to over 89 different countries, all whilst sticking to a backpacker budget. He’s extremely mobile and never has a set location - his lifestyle allows him to go wherever he wants, whenever he chooses. He’s carefree, fun, informative in his snaps and a worthy member of the #BeardGang.
Blog: Travel Dave
Posts about: Amazing views, travel updates, wild adventures and beer, beer and more beer. Currently in: Waiting on confirmation (he’s probably on a plane)


Name: Hannah and Adam
From: United States
About her: This American couple from Wisconsin left home in June 2013 and they’ve spent 1000 consecutive days on the road together every since. They’ve been to 63 countries so fat and from looking at their snaps, they’re having the best time ever. Hannah is a stylish blonde (you’ll rarely see her without enormous sunnies on) - usually the one Snapchatting away whilst on their travels and she documents everything from cultural landmarks to scenery (even to Adam falling asleep on long boat rides)! It’s hilarious and probably one of our favourite accounts!
Blog: Getting Stamped
Posts about: selfies in front of monuments, funny vlogs, culture, landscapes, food
Currently in: Mandalay


Name: Emily Luxton
From: United Kingdom
About her: While this adventure-junkie is still based in the UK, she travels regularly for months or weeks at a time. Her favourite country to date is Columbia and she loves sunsets, sea-swimming, street art and is a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd. She’s on a mission to get to know the world and understand it all, rather than just ‘see it all’. She studied photography at university, but she had no idea it would aid her in becoming an award-winning travel blogger.
Blog: Emily Luxton Travels
Posts about: landscapes, food, local life, art, people, culture
Currently in: Mexico for 2 months. Her next stop will then be either Central or South America.

Snapchat Travel stars


Name: Likes to be known as Expat Edna
From: United States
About her: Perhaps the most frequently-posting Snapchatter is Edna who will grace your feed every day with her charm and sweet nature. She moved abroad at 18 and has lived in Paris, Singapore, China and Italy. She’s also been backpacking in Europe. Her funny facial expressions and smiles will brighten your day as she tells you all about the situations she finds herself in. She travels to 15-20 countries a year, so we like to live our travel dreams through her!
Blog: Expat Edna
Posts about: Anything from waiting to board her plane to delicious food. She says “I like to say things and eat stuff”.
Currently in: New Zealand


Name: Drew Binsky
From: United States
About him: Other than travelling, festival-lover Drew loves going out. His snaps will give you a peek into his wild life where he parties around the globe from Amsterdam to Prague to Seoul. His snaps are funny, creative and updated pretty much daily. He documents some awesome things from the locals to the food - which is great because we get to witness his authentic experience. It’s no wonder his snaps get up to 20k views each.
Blog: Drew Binsky
Posts about: Party hotspots, going out, new cultures, shopping, food, nature, scenery, vlogs and pretty much everything really.
Currently in: Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands


Name: Kate McCulley
From: United States
About her: Kate quit her job at 26 years old to embark on a life of solo travelling. She’s outgoing, chirpy, sociable and completely hilarious (a trait that really comes across in her awesome snaps!) She’s also one of the biggest travel Snapchat stars around. She’s been to so many amazing places and wants to prove that woman can travel alone safely, easily and adventurously.
Blog: Adventurous Kate
Posts about: Food, travel updates, vlogs, city views, anything really
Currently in: She’s just returned from Germany. Now she’s in New York!

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