The Top 5 Amsterdam Blogs

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Going to Amsterdam? These blogs will give you some guidance to the bustling city

Amsterdam boasts a fairytale landscape equipped with museums, marijuana, tulips and cheese. If you’re planning a trip to the seductive city, you’ll want to have a rough idea of what to do while you’re there. And where better to get advice from than the locals. Yep, experts out on the field with knowledge of the best places to go and the best things to do (and what not to do). We’ve picked out the most helpful blogs to help you explore the city in the best way…

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1 Unclogged in Amsterdam

Unclogged in Amsterdam Banner

This helpful little blog is written by an American expat who now lives in Holland. She shares the city’s hidden gems, sexy secrets and seasonal happenings. Scroll through and you’ll find some really helpful guides from ‘35 Tips To Seeing Amsterdam on a Budget’ to ‘Amsterdam’s 10 Worst Tourist Traps’. Just don’t forget to thank us for introducing you...

2 Your Little Black Book

Your Little Black Book Banner

If you want to know all about Amsterdam’s hot-spots, this blog is for you. This ultra-modern city guide was set up in 2012 by local Anne de Buck. It’s updated all the time with places to eat, drink and sleep. Not to mention her brilliant weekend guides which are packed with fun-filled things to do in the city each week (perfect if you want to know what’s going on when you happen to visit). From the best clubs to where to get the best pancakes, she covers everything a young traveller would want to know.

3 Amsterdam Foodie

Amsterdam Foodie Banner

As you can guess, Amsterdam Foodie is a food-based blog, providing excellent (and honest) reviews of eateries in Amsterdam from veggie joints, brunch spots, Asian food and much much more. The Brit behind the blog, Vicky Hampton (who lives in Amsterdam), even features her pick of ‘Restaurant of the Month’. Whether you’re looking for burgers or affordable cocktails, she’ll point you in the right direction!

4 I Wander and Roam

I wander and roam banner

While this blog provides guides to many cities, it focuses hugely on Amsterdam as it’s where the blog owner Claire Bissell resides. Claire is a Brit who moved to Amsterdam after falling in love with a Dutchman. She writes a range of different things from where to get the best beer, where to find the best coffee, and a beginner’s guide to cycling in the city! Her articles are well-written, informative and fun - enjoy!

5 Cravings in Amsterdam

Cravings in Amsterdam Banner

This blog makes our tummy rumble every time we look at it. Peru-born Poula is the food aficionado who created this blog. We wish we had her life as she goes around Amsterdam tasting delicious food at all kinds of restaurants from healthy snack bars to more upmarket joints! Her pictures of food are mouth-wateringly incredible. But the blog’s not all fine dining. You can even find out where to get a massage in the city.

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