25 Things To do in Europe This Summer

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The Top 25 Things To do in Europe This Summer

It’s the season of sunshine so we’ve asked our backpacker community on Facebook for the best things to do in Europe in summer. We’ve picked our favourite comments to give you and your friends some epic inspo for your summer travel plans this year. Check them out...

Mai Lissa

The European Summer is meant  for soaking up the sun. My best time in Europe over summer was chillin & getting tan on the beaches of Barcelona...people from all walks of life spend their leisure there. Great vibe.

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Morgan Partridge

Sailing Croatia! Exploring the islands and the enjoying the culture that it has to offer! Plus you get to meet loads of new people great amazing friendships and party every night.

Tess Lilian

My favourite thing to do in Europe in the summer is live in a converted van with my boyfriend🚐we did it last year for 5 weeks in Spain and Portugal - swimming everyday, drinking red wine, meeting interesting locals, eating fresh fruit picked straight off the trees, parking up in a remote, unique location every night! It was so amazing that we are doing it again this year - this time we will spend 5 weeks exploring the coasts of Spain, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia... Bliss


Kate Ward

Meeting new people and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. That's why travelling and staying in hostels is so amaze

Thatiana Oleinik

The best thing? The combination of Ryanair + St Christopher's Inn + watch the sunset in somewhere new

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Anne Clarke

Escape the heat and humidity of the US! No matter where I go, it's cooler outside than in South Florida!

Glenn Farrell

Relaxing out in the smoking area in your hostel in Amsterdam, drinking Corona while listening to the church bells ring. Most relaxing thing to do


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Serena Grimaldi

Go to Venice, find a quiet little square and bar (there are many!) far away from the madding crowd, order a large glass of red and a Cicchetti....bliss...

He Nan Nan

Ride a bike near the beach! Waiting was a biker who I met in Berlin at midnight!:):)

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Pierce Parker

To visit Malaga! Walk along the beach and gaze the Mediterranean horizon at night! Explore the entire city at night because it would be just too hot during the day.

Andrea Slaski

Gelato, espresso, and a cute European boy!!!!

Martin Thorn

"What's the best thing to do in Europe in the Summer? " - put out a team of part timers and still beat the "mighty" Glasgow Rangers!

Aude Cammarata

Enjoying the chance we have to travel, discovering countries and cities, visiting, partying, and meeting new friends on the road

Bernardo Roisman

In Summer? A good old fashioned sangria

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Agostino Mantice

Crazy trip from capital to capital


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Aman Agrawal

Beer in Bruges with the swans in the canals!

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Fernanda Sanchez

Going to music festivals and dance a lot!

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Shereen Sagoo

Visit the biggest park in the city, set up for a picnic or bbq and enjoy the sun! Or head to Disneyland Paris and have the time of your life.

Shereen Sagoo

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Cathal Mone

Definitely go for a cycle from Bled to Vintar Gorge in Slovenia!


Shauna Mogan

Free walking tours and late night cooking in hostel kitchens


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Paul Heyes

Drinking coffee on Dam Square , people watching and daydreaming. #Gezellig

Tamires Pereira

Bike riding in those beautiful European parks... I miss that!



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Darryl Kure

Pride parade on the canals in A'dam.

Anna Pierce

Travel on the Eurorail going from country to country meeting new travel buddies.

Peter Alstam

Sitting by the beach in Nice, as the sun sets, and just take it all in!

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