What to Pack for a Ski Trip

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Here’s everything you need to pack for a ski holiday…

Is it your first time skiing and you have no idea what to pack? Or perhaps you’re a regular skier in need of a packing list so you don’t forget anything. Then look no further. We’ve devised a complete packing list of EVERYTHING you’ll need out in the mountains (and off)!

Before you get on the slopes to test the powder, there are some essentials you don’t want to forget. From warm thermals to weather-resistant goggles, you’ll need the ultimate protection to survive.

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You can actually hire ski/snowboard equipment out if you’re a guest at Balmer’s in Interlaken - but if you have your own, feel free to bring that (if you can hack carrying it).

1 Ski gloves

Ski gloves are thick and warm to stop your hands from freezing. They also ensure better grip on the ski poles.

Ski gloves

2 Ear muffs

Not essential but a great option if you get cold ears.

3 Snow goggles

Make sure they have UV protected lenses. The sun gets bright and your eyes need protection more than anything else. When your speeding down a slope, debris can also get into your eyes if you don't wear goggles.


4 Warm hat

Something wooly and warm that will fit underneath a helmet...

5 Helmet


Our tip? Never ski without a helmet. Safety first. Helmets should be padded out on the inside to ensure comfort and it's best to try one on before you purchase/rent one out to see which has the best fit for your head.

Why not rent one out? Saves a lot of space if you do!

6 Thick ski socks

These will not only keep your legs warm, but prevent your ski boots from rubbing against your skin. Good quality socks are a true saviour when out on the slopes. Ski boots are quite heavy and extremely uncomfortable if you don't wear appropriate socks. If you’re only skiing for around 3 days, you’ll only need one pair. Skiing for a week, then take about 3 pairs.

7 Waterproof Ski jacket

ski jackets

You can get some awesome colours, prints and designs.

8 Waterproof Ski trousers

9 Layers

It can get quite warm up on the slopes, so if you need to remove any clothing make sure you layer up accordingly. Work your way up from lightest to thickest. That way when you take off a top layer, it will be a heavier one you're removing! The best way to keep cool.

What kind of layers do I bring?

  • Fleeces (to wear under the ski jacket)
  • Thermal tops to wear underneath the fleece (these can range from thin to thick)
  • Ski leggings/leg thermals (to wear underneath your trousers)

Bring two of each item incase you sweat a lot.

10 Sunglasses

To look slick when you’re off the slopes.

11 Tickets

12 Money

When you're out on the slopes, store money for food in your jacket zip-up pockets (as well as your phone). It's better than carrying a backpack around.

13 Passport

14 Skiis, snowboard, Ski poles, snow boots, knee pads

Friends skiing

It wouldn’t be a ski trip without these essentials...

We recommend hiring out this kind of gear if you’re catching a flight. If you can hack carrying them around whilst travelling, go ahead - or better yet you’re driving to your destination then store them in the car boot.

Skis/Snowboard - Before buying/hiring skis or a snowboard, it's important to take into consideration your height. You get smaller ones - and bigger ones.

15 Water bottle

16 Sunscreen

With a high SPF. We recommend factor 50. It may be cold, but the sun is always present and doing its damage.

17 Lip balm with SPF

Lips are just as sensitive as your skin. When in you're in ski conditions, lips become chapped and dry quicker than usual so be sure to keep them moisturised. You can buy SPF lip balm from Boots or Superdrug.

18 After sun

19 High energy snacks

Protein bars, granola, breakfast bars...you get the idea

20  Travel adapters

21 Aprés ski accessories

Normal gloves, mittens, beanie hats and scarves for those outdoor fondue evenings

apres ski

22 Pyjamas

23 Padlocks

24 Hand warmers and feet warmers

Just crack them, they'll heat up and slot them in your gloves or boots! Warm feet are happy feet!

25 Make up

26 Phone chargers

27 Hair straighteners

28 Toiletries

Toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, perfume, aftershave, shaving equipment

29 Camera/Go-Pro

Camera on slopes

30 Medication

And plasters, a First Aid kit etc etc

31 Earplugs and and an eye mask

An essential for hostel survival

32 CLOTHES! For when you’re not skiing

It’s best to pack lightly. Ski gear is heavy enough as it is and will take up most of the space in your luggage. Only take things you’ll need (and remember, you can wear things over again).

33 Sensible shoes

Hiking boots or sturdy trainers with grip if you end up exploring the mountains by foot

Girl skiing

For a list of more general things to pack from underwear to contact lenses, check out our article 50 Things to Pack in a Travel Backpack 

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