6 Reasons To Ditch Valentine’s Day and go travelling instead

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Because some of us just don’t buy into the whole Valentine’s hype

Valentine’s Day. The only day of the year where we see an excess of oversized teddies, chocolate, roses, cards, jewellery, perfume, lingerie, balloons and expensive food bills being gifted to that special person in our lives. When does it all stop? For some of us, it’s just cringe. Is it a day that should be deemed sentimental? Or is it just a big fat scam for the commercial world to make millions.

If you fit into the anti-Valentine’s crowd, then you’re in the right place. While we have nothing against those couples who prep a month’s in advance for V day with a romantic dinner and a showering of gifts, we’re aware that for a lot of you, it’s just not your thing.

So if you’re single. Or if that’s not how you and your partner roll, then find out why you should ditch V Day this year and go travelling instead…

1 You can avoid that awkward moment of whether to buy gifts or not because you’ll be abroad

“I got you a present”
“That’s so kind - but I’m so sorry, I didn’t think we were doing presents this year so I didn’t get you anything.”


A girl disappointed on her valentine gift from boyfriend.

2 It’s the best way to steer clear from all of the sickly, cringe couples in your town

Who wants to be bombarded with PDA (Public Display of Affection) when you’re out walking the dogs, shopping, out for drinks or grabbing lunch. Travelling is the perfect escape!

Couple having drinks after work.

“Get me out of here”

But sometimes it’s impossible to escape it, thanks to social media. You don’t get Wi-Fi on the plane, peeps...

You’re sick of seeing all the happy couples posting their romantic activities on social media year after year. You know that standard caption, #boydidgood under a Pandora ring. And those soppy kissing pics. Ergh. Stop. Now. Before. I. Puke.

A woman in the office holding her head in digust looking at her laptop.

3 Book a trip with all your best single friends!

There’s nothing better than going on a road trip with your favourite people and making memories you’ll never forget. You’ll have a far better time abroad than sitting at home contemplating your love life. How about adventuring an unexplored European city or two, or three?

An afro girl with friends standing excitedly on a road trip.

4 If someone asks you “Got any plans for Valentine’s Day”, you’ll have the best answer ever with “No, I’ll be abroad this year.”

“Unfortunately I’m away in sunny Rome which I organised ages and ages ago and I didn’t realise it clashed with Valentine’s Day, thanks for asking.”

Conversation between two people.

5 Why spend a fortune on one expensive day when you and your partner can catch a flight somewhere you haven’t been before for the same price

Save your pennies for an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip with your loved one instead! It’s hard to argue that spending your money on travelling isn’t a better use of your money than on trinket gifts and a £100 bar tab.

Couple moving down escalator surrounded by other couples.

6 Because everyone knows, there is no better experience than travelling!

Whether you’re checking out the best food-spots in Barcelona or the beautiful sites of Berlin you know wherever you are in the world, it will top a standard Valentine’s Day. So travel instead!


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