How to Survive a Hangover on the Road

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How to Survive a Hangover on the Road

Backpacking is all fun and games until a couple of casual drinks at the hostel bar turns into a full on night out and a hefty hangover the next day. And when it’s the December party season, there’s no way you’re gonna escape it! The biggest party night of the year is just around the corner, making New Year’s Day a write-off and that cold bottle of water your new best friend. But when you’re travelling for New Year’s Eve, you can’t let a beer-fuelled headache ruin an entire day of your trip. Here are a few tips on how to survive a hangover on the road (although to avoid it completely, it’s best to drink in moderation or steer away from alcohol altogether)...

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Drink plenty of Water

An obvious call but definitely an important one. Don’t skip the H2O when hungover headache strikes as this just means you’re body’s in some need of rehydration. If you can, remember to drink a pint of water before you go to sleep to make the morning-after feeling that little bit less painful. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the next day.

Drink water


Lucozade is a great one to stock up with when you know you’re in for a slightly heavier one. After drinking alcohol, your body lacks a lot of its salt and sugars which Lucozade is specifically designed to replace as well as giving you energy and good rehydration.

Carb up at breakfast

Eat all the bread you can, carbs can really help relieve any feeling of nausea and increase your blood sugar levels which cause the headaches and tiredness we usually feel. Make yourself a nice piece of toast at the hostel breakfast buffet - just be careful bumping into anyone from the night before!


Eat anything and everything

You might be tempted by the fast food chain around the corner, but if you really want to make yourself feel better then stick to the healthier places. Eggs, spinach and avocado are a few of the super foods that may help reduce hangover symptoms - think that’s a tasty brunch calling!


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Listen to a chill out playlist

Find a cosy spot in the city and sit back and relax to your favourite chill out playlist. It’s alright to take breaks in the day when you’re not feeling your best, and a little relaxation can really help with the hungover sleepy eyes.

Take it easy, walk around the city

Sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air to make you feel more human again. Rather than go on a jam-packed sightseeing tour of the city, take it easy and walk slowly around some of the sights and make sure you only do how much you can handle. Getting out of bed is an achievement enough when you’re hungover, but you’ll feel better for it if you actually make something of your day rather than waste it - no matter how relaxed it is, even if you find a nice shady spot to chill under a park tree.

Walk around the city

Go on a cafe crawl

Drinking coffee in small amounts can help to get rid of that achy, tired feeling from drinking too much alcohol. Spend the day meandering from cafe to cafe - every city will be packed with great ones. Just don’t overdo it on the caffeine and opt for a detoxifying green tea or healthy juice in some instead. Bananas, honey, ginger, spinach, oranges and blueberries are all known for healing properties that might just help you feel a little better.


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Head to a local market for a power juice

Every city has its local food market, and many will sell a variety of antioxidant-packed smoothies. Find a market, have a walk around and find a delicious smoothie full of fruits and vegetables to give your insides a good freshen-up after a night of not being so kind to it.


Do not underestimate the power of paracetamol

Got a headache? Take a paracetamol. Quite an obvious remedy but truly effective. Don’t let the hangover win and enjoy your day by taking a painkiller or two. Make sure to eat something before you take your paracetamol.

Hair of the dog

Our favourite way to survive a hangover is to keep on drinking! Sometimes it’s the only way to get through the day. You’ll forget about how crap you’re feeling after a couple of Bloody Mary’s or an ice cold beer. It’s party season after all!

Hair of the dog

Sleep it off

Give yourself a lie in. You can’t be an early bird every single morning so catch some extra zzz’s. Let the hangover pass, just don’t waste the whole day away. Sometimes that’s all you need to feel a bit better!

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Article by Darcy King and Shereen Sagoo

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