12 Travel Goals You Should Aim For This Summer

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12 Travel Goals You Should Aim For This Summer

Planning your travels for the summer? Wherever your backpacking adventure takes you, Europe or beyond, why not set yourself some travel goals this summer? Whether it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, visiting a place you wouldn’t usually go or trying to be more sustainable on the road, we’ve created 12 Awesome Goals for Your Summer Travels. Stick to these goals during your trip and your whole travel experience will change for the better. You’ll feel more fulfilled, better as a person and you’ll have way more fun trying to tick everything off...

1 Travel to One New Continent

What continent haven’t you been to yet? Which continent are you dying to see? When planning your summer travels, head to a new continent and see what there is to discover. Every continent in the world has so much to offer, so in a mission to see them all in your lifetime, start this summer! Whether it’s Africa, Asia, America, Europe or Australia book your flight and get yourself there ASAP. If not now, then when?

2 Try and be More Sustainable on the Road

Be good to yourself and the planet. We should all be trying to be more sustainable on the road, no matter how big or small the effort. A few things you can do to help the world whilst travelling can be anything from cycling or walking more instead of using public transport, using a reusable water bottle or trying to be vegetarian for a few days in each city.

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3 Eat a new food you’ve never tried before in each city

If you’re anything like us and you love food, this one shouldn’t be too hard to implement. This is a fun goal to stick to whether you’re a fussy eater or not. Try snails in Paris, beignet in New Orleans, Haggis in Edinburgh or raw herring in Amsterdam. Each country will have its specialities. Or if you really want to step out of your comfort zone, I'm sure you've heard about the dried cockroaches in Thailand.

4 Go to a Less Explored City in Europe

Get off the beaten track and head to some of Europe’s less explored cities that are totally underrated. Eastern Europe is fast becoming the new cool place to visit for backpackers on a budget. To name a few: Tallinn in Estonia, Bled in Slovenia, the Albanian Riveria, Riga in Latvia, Interlaken in Switzerland, Helsinki in Finland. This list goes on and on. The big cities like London, Barcelona and Amsterdam are so awesome and our absolute favourite places to visit but in between touring these cities, make time for other parts of Europe too because there is so much to see!

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5 Try Travelling Solo At least Once

You learn so much about yourself when travelling solo which is why we’d recommend it to everyone and anyone. Sure, it’s a daunting thought but you’re guaranteed to meet people in every place you visit - and it seems way more intimidating than it actually is. You just need to take that leap and do it. Here’s Why Everyone Woman Should Travel Solo At Least Once.

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6 Only Drink Coffee From Local Shops & Ditch the Chains

Support local businesses in the cities you’re in and enjoy the local coffee shops. We all love a quick coffee stop when exploring a new place, and whilst there's Starbucks almost everywhere in the world these days, resist the temptation and get a local coffee instead. Coffee culture is such a cool thing to experience in cities like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London so get your caffeine fix from a small, independent cafe instead.

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7 Go on a Mountain Hike

Want to test your limits physically? During your travels, schedule in a long hike or strenuous walk in one of the more mountainous regions of the world. It’ll be tough but you’ll feel so accomplished once you’ve done it. Plus, it’s so nice to get outdoors, be at one with nature and bond with friends over something a bit different. We’d recommend Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Yosemite National Park in America, Lake District National Park in England, Mont Blanc in France and there’s way more.

8 Go Skydiving!!

Skydiving always makes an appearance on bucket lists and for a good reason. It’s one of the best experiences in the world. Take the leap this summer and book yourself onto a skydiving experience once and for all. You can book a skydive if you stay at the Balmers Hostel in Interlaken, one of the most beautiful places in the world where the views from up top are unbeatable. You’ll be in safe hands, all you need to do is jump ;)

9 Set Yourself a Daily Challenge

This is always a bit of fun - and the challenge can be anything you want. Set yourself the task of speaking to someone new in the hostel bar or going to a museum you wouldn’t usually visit. Or even trying to live on a extra small budget for a day. Or taking one long walk in a city park each morning. Whatever you choose, try your hardest not to break it!

10 Make the most of what’s within reach

If you have enough time in one place, make the most of where you are and try and explore the city’s outskirts or further. You’ll see so much more of a country and what it’s all about that way. Day trips out of the city, or simply exploring more of a country than just one place is so exciting! If you’re heading to London for example, pay a day trip to Windsor or Bath.

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11 Get a Summer Job in a New City

Challenge yourself and see what it’s like to work in a new city. A summer job in Europe will get you some money on the side but will also be an amazing experience professionally and socially. Whether it’s a part-time job for one month or 4 months, we guarantee you’ll come out a better person because of it. Work in a hostel bar, teach beginners how to ski, get an office job - whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you’d enjoy.

12  Learn a New Skill Like Surfing

Choose a skill, and go with it. Whether it’s learning a new language, taking some cookery classes in a new country or getting surf lessons, make it your mission to learn a new skill (and become good at it) during your summer travels this year.

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13 Enjoy life to the fullest

Always live each day to the fullest and remember how lucky you are to be travelling! Sometimes life on the road can be tough but there are way more highs than lows. Be thankful, embrace every city you're in and make this summer the best one yet.

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Article by Shereen Sagoo

Posted on 30 Apr 2019

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