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When going travelling it’s really tough to decide which backpack will match your trip because everything from climate, transport and size can affect your journey. It’s always good to invest in luggage - especially if you’re going on a longer trip, as the price will affect the quality, comfort and durability of the bag. Try to consider what you need in a bag. Most are filled from the top and are called top-loading backpacks, however if you want easy access to all of your belongings, a front or panel loading backpack might be more suitable. To try and make this complicated decision more digestible, here are our top ten backpacks for your travels!

  1. Karrimor Bobcat 65 Rucksack
    Top Ten Backpacks

    Perfect for first time travellers, the Karrimor Bobcat is a durable and lightweight 65-litre rucksack, ideal for longer trips. The bag has lots of extra straps and ties, as well as two lid pockets. This backpack is a top-loading bag, fits a lot in and is relatively secure. At £69.99 it’s cheap and would be well suited to gap-year travelling.

  2. Osprey Aether 85 and Ariel 75
    Top Ten Backpacks

    Osprey have an extensive range of backpacks for every kind of trip and each bag is gender specific, for a perfect fit. The Aether and Ariel range are available from around 55 to 85 litres, and are a custom fit. The bags come in various torso sizes and are built for extreme comfort whilst travelling. They have handy features such as compression straps to squeeze in extra stuff and separate sleeping bag, and side compartments. The Osprey ranges are a bit pricey at around £150, however if you’re planning on long term travelling, they are an extremely wise investment.

  3. Crestone 60 EU Pack
    Top Ten Backpacks

    This 60-litre bag is great in terms of access with large side zips to the main compartments as well as the standard top access, and sleeping bag compartment. The panel loading bag has a large amount of space for long trips and has high technical specifications - with the latest suspension technology as well as moulded, foam shoulder straps. Built for comfort and convenience the Crestone 60 has all the key features needed on your trips, however it does come in around the £155 mark.

  4. Eurohike 50+ Backpack
    Top Ten Backpacks

    If you are a light packer or are travelling around hotter climates, a 60-litre pack will probably be unnecessarily big for you. A 50-litre will still be fine for longer trips if you have less need for bulky jumpers and thermals. At £49.99 this Eurohike backpack is still surprisingly roomy and has a removable, and waterproof main compartment, just in case you get caught in monsoon season. However, understandably, with the low price you don’t get all the super high-spec features and custom fit.

  5. Gelert Jetset 60+15 Litre Rucksac
    Top Ten Backpacks

    This handy all-in-one backpack consists of a 60-litre main bag with a removable 15-litre day bag. The front loading bag acts more like a suitcase with backpack straps and an ‘open out’ main compartment, plus easy to carry side, and top grip handles. It also has an expandable section for extra purchases during your trips. Although this bag is durable, secure and £79.99, you pay for the extra features in weight. The bag clocks in at around 3kg.

  6. Berghaus Jalan 60 + 10
    Top Ten Backpacks

    The Berghaus Jalan backpack contains a 60-litre main compartment and a removable 10-litre day bag. This rucksack would be great for basic travel needs and it opens out completely so it is extremely easy to get to the bits at the bottom of your bag - unreachable in a top loader or even some panel bags. The shoulder straps also zip away which is ideal for travelling by plane. This £84.99 bag will suit all the basic requirements of a rucksack without the high level of comfort, although it does have adjustable straps.

  7. Deuter Pace 30
    Top Ten Backpacks

    Designed for skiers and adventurers the Deuter Pace 30 is an ultra-lightweight rucksack - perfect for shorter trips or anyone who travels light. Weighing in at under a kilo, the Deuter Pace is great for travelling, especially on public transport where space is often limited. This bag still has plenty of straps, handy compartments and is extremely well crafted with innovative technology in mind. This one costs around £85.

  8. Karrimor Global Hub 65+15
    Top Ten Backpacks

    The Karrimor Global is a backpack with suitcase attributes - including wheels and a top handle, as well as the usual back support, and straps. It also includes a useful 15-litre day bag for all the essentials. This bag is ideal for travelling by plane and around cities. With lots of straps and lockable zips this is an extremely secure backpack at £159.99

  9. Kelty Coyote 80 (4750)
    Top Ten Backpacks

    The Kelty Coyote is for long term travelling due to its 80-litre size. It features a large top loading pocket as well as front loading access panels and side pockets. The new 2011 version has been streamlined, with better suspension for a more comfortable fit. This pack has lots of pockets, is extremely waterproof and it’s surprisingly light. The Kelty Coyote 80 costs around £110.

  10. North Face Terra 45
    Top Ten Backpacks

    If you are travelling in warmer climates a large backpack may be a pain and a 45-litre bag will have enough space. Smaller bags like the Terra 45 will be far more lightweight and practical for travel. This is especially true if you’ll be travelling on buses and trains as the 45-litre takes up far less space and is much easier to manage. The Terra has easy access and improved sleeping bag compartments, as well as a mesh bag strap to keep cool in hotter countries. It costs £110.

- Sam Dury

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