The Best Clubs in Europe

Off on your travels and want to know where the best clubs in Europe are? Spice up your night with a few of these picks...

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  • 03 July 2023
  • • 4 min read

The best clubs in Europe are not always the biggest, most famous or the easiest to find, so we've put together a list of our favourites in five major cities to help you have a night out you won't forget (unless you want to). From the dreamy discothèques of Paris to the cutting-edge clubs of Berlin and hyper hotspots in Barcelona, Europe's got something for everyone, no matter your taste in music.


Anyone who's had a night out in London will tell you that it's one of the most memorable that Europe has to offer. The city's clubbing scene is an absolute melting pot of musical styles and cultures, and it's impossible not to find something you like. From massive DnB venues to intimate afrobeats and reggaeton clubs, London's got it all when it comes to nightlife.

Top picks

  • Brixton Jamm | A club, courtyard, bar and beach for Hip Hop to EDM.

  • XOYO | Artsy club open late on weekdays with a mix of genres.

  • Ministry Of Sound | A classic London venue perfect for house music lovers.

  • Fabric | World-renowned venue with live music and a “bodysonic dancefloor”.


You can't say you've had a night out in Europe until you've experienced Berlin's clubbing scene. The city is a haven for EDM enthusiasts, offering the coolest, edgiest venues in the world (according to Berlin locals, that is). Clubs here can be exclusive, so make sure you do your research before you head out and wear the right thing!

Top picks


Budapest's nightlife scene is unique and thrilling, with ruined bars and clubs taking centre stage. If you like a weird night out, Buda is the place for you. There's a massive choice of world-class venues, and you can spend hours lost in labyrinth-like bars and clubs.

Top picks


Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, and its clubbing scene is a testament to that. Pretty much every night in the Catalonian capital is busy, especially in the summer months when it's too hot to sleep! From reggaeton to old school pop hits, Barca's music scene is unmatched in Spain.

Top picks

  • Apolo | 1,000 capacity club next to Paral-lel station.

  • Shoko | Unique themed parties on Barceloneta beach.

  • Jamboree | Jazz club by day, discoteca by night.

  • City Hall | A must visit for fans of big DJ sets.


Paris is mostly thought of as a romantic, classy getaway for couples - but don't be fooled - Parisians know how to let loose. Like a lot of mainland Europe, expect clubs to only start getting busy beyond midnight (often 1am), so don't go out too early. A night out in Paris is a diverse and vibrant experience that anyone can get involved with.

Top picks


One of the world's most-visited cities, Amsterdam is home to some of the best clubs in Europe. If you like raves, massive DJ sets and creative, open spaces, this one's for you. The centre of Amsterdam is all within walking distance, so you can even have a night of club-hopping (not advised if you've had too much to drink in Belushi's beforehand).

Top picks

  • Nyx | Inclusive LGBTQIA+ friendly club in the city centre.

  • Vondelbunker | Intimate club located in an old bunker in Vondelpark.

  • Lofi | Lofi beats for chill customers.

  • Parallel | New venue for true rave lovers.

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