Should I stay in a dorm room while travelling?

Going travelling for the first time and wondering if you should stay in a dorm room? Check out our tips from an expert backpacker.

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  • 15 June 2023
  • • 3 min read

If you're heading away on your first solo trip, a big question you might be questioning if you should stay in a dorm room.

Your first time travelling can be daunting but staying in a hostel is one of the best ways to keep the cost down and make new friends. If you are a solo backpacker, staying in a dorm room is perfect, and often much more enjoyable!

At St Christopher’s Inns hostels across Europe there are events every night, including a welcome drink at the bar. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and go exploring with them.

Should I stay in a dorm room while travelling?

Dorm rooms are perfect for backpackers and a great alternative to staying in hotels. You'll always meet friendly people who share your passion for travel, and be able to extend your trip much further by saving a lot of money on accommodation.

Are hostels safe?

This is a big question that many people have when planning a trip. In short yes, I personally have never felt unsafe in a hostel. Just make sure you keep all your valuables locked up in the provided lockers (you will need to bring a lock with you or buy one at reception).

What is it like to stay in a dorm room?

If it's your first time staying in a hostel, don’t be anxious. Here's everything you need to know about staying in a hostel as a solo traveller;

• Hostels are a cheap alternative to hotels and are great for everyone, not just the younger generation.

• Different dorm rooms will have different amenities such as breakfast included or a towel so make sure you check the booking details before you leave.

• Nearly all hostels have free wifi that you can use at your leisure inside the room.

• A lot of hostels have bars directly below them, which are a great place to have a drink or a meal and meet fellow travellers.

• Most hostels have common areas or 'chill-out' rooms, which are a great place to relax if your room is busy.

Whenever I travel hostels are my go-to choice of accommodation. They are cheap, clean and very sociable which is great as I usually travel alone.

Who will I stay with?

The best thing about staying in dorm rooms is the people. I have met some amazing people while staying in dorms. You may even end up exploring with them. Be sure to check out the events whilst staying in hostels. Some may have a free walking tour or a bar crawl that you can attend.

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