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Read our Innsider interview with Moroccan content creator, Zineb Koutten.

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  • 22 December 2021
  • • 4 min read

Embarking on your first solo adventure is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. Travelling where you want, however you want, and meeting new people all along the way. Zineb Koutten headed out on her first proper solo trip away from her home country Morocco in October, exploring Paris and taking incredible photos for her lifestyle Instagram account while staying in

Read Zineb’s Innsider interview with us to discover the heartwarming thing she loves most about her home country of Morocco, her favourite memory from our hostel and why travelling alone to Paris was one of the best things she’s ever done.

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What is your dream destination?

It varies from time to time but currently, it would be spectacular for me to visit and discover New York and why not live there some time, since I want to live all over the planet.

Who do you usually travel with? 

I usually travel nationally with friends, and I actually have never travelled 100% alone except for my latest trip to Paris when I stayed at St Christopher’s Inns.

What is your favourite thing about your home country?

I would say that most of the time you don’t feel alone when you’re around Moroccan people. Moroccan people are like family, we start conversations with strangers very easily - it’s like we know each other for years.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had on vacation?

I would say it was a dinner I had on my latest trip to Paris, where my friends and I spent time together and ate Thai food. Specifically, the Thai tea and noodles were super delicious.

What city will you always happily go back to and why?

Paris, I left my heart there. Its people’s lifestyle, the metro which I adore, the creative people, the rain… Just all of it. I actually am planning to live there as soon as possible for a while and have it as a new big adventure in my life. I can’t wait!

What was your favourite memory from your stay in our Paris hostel?

I would say meeting kind people in the hostel, who are extremely open-minded and are there to meet people as well. It was amazing to be approached by roommates, share the different cultures we have lived in. I even went with one of my roommates, Elsa, for breakfast on my first day, it was amazing!

What do you love most about Paris?

The lifestyle!

Do you have any tips for visiting Paris now that you’ve been?

The advice that I would give, which I wish I had known, is to buy the weekly Navigo card if you’re staying less than a week, or the monthly one if you’re staying over 3 weeks. It’s much cheaper and more efficient than buying a ticket each time, however, make sure to buy it on Monday if it’s the weekly one or the 1st of the month if it’s monthly as the Navigo card ends at the end of the week/month even if you just bought it.

A final word from me… If you’re nervous to travel alone, please just do it. My experience in Paris alone for the first time was the best thing I have done to myself my whole life! You will make mistakes but you will learn from them, and that’s what makes life a lot more exciting!

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