17 Most Instagrammable spots in Vienna

The most beautiful places to visit with your camera in the Austrian capital

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  • 07 April 2022
  • • 5 min read

Have you ever imagined being in a city that looks like a museum? Get ready to immerse yourself in a mix of history, art and music while you are walking about the beautiful streets of the Austrian capital, the ideal mix of everything you want from a European city break. Vienna (or Wien in German) is one of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe. Surrounded by stunning castles, parks and churches that will put a smile on your face while walking around. 

If you are visiting for some days, get your camera or phone ready and don’t miss the opportunity to take incredible pictures of these seriously Instagrammable spots in Vienna. Whether you want new content for your blog or you want to share a memory with your loved ones, be sure that Vienna will play along. 

But first, the question you may ask yourself before visiting the city. Is Vienna cheap to visit? I would say it’s affordable, although the city has a great reputation which also comes with pricey living costs. However, it is possible to visit Vienna on a budget and enjoy the city like a local. 

Read on to discover the most beautiful places in Vienna to visit with your camera. From magnificent palaces to quirky amusement parks, these are the spots you don't want to miss.

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1. Belvedere Palace

Located in the southeast of Vienna, 17 minutes by foot from the city centre and 12 minutes by tram, Belvedere Palace was the summer residency of the Austrian princes in the 1600s. This enormous palatial complex is split into two parts: upper and lower Belvedere. The Palace is not only famous for its stunning Baroque architecture but also for its marvellous gardens. 

Do you want to feel like a Royal? Immerse yourself in the gardens, take a walk and appreciate the beautiful views around. It will motivate you to keep walking around the city and inspire you to take the best pictures you ever thought about taking. 

2. Hundertwasser House 

Are you looking to see more of Vienna's most photogenic spots? If your path leads you to the centre, you will find the famous and colourful Hundertwasser House. No, I am not writing in German. The house was designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who didn't want conventional architecture, but something closer to nature followed by bright colours and whimsical shapes. 

Backpacker tip: walk some more metres, and you’ll find Hundertwasser village, a place where you will find more about the story of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the place has also a cosy café where you can relax and get more energy to continue with your journey.

3. Prater 

Some say we are never too old to feel young and you can agree with this saying once you put your feet in Prater, a huge park located in the heart of Vienna. The park is open 24 hours and offers many attractions such as carousels, halls of mirrors, ghost trains, rollercoasters and the huge, famous Big Wheel where your inner child will feel more than alive. 

INNsider tip: Go before the sun goes down, climb aboard the oldie but Goldie wooden Gondola of the 19th century Risenrad, take a deep breath and enjoy the timeless view over the city. As you are ready, take a walk through this colourful park. 

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4. Hofburg Palace

A little further along the ring is The Hofburg, a huge and stunning palace complex and one of the most beautiful photo spots in Vienna. It's been home to many members of the Austrian Royalty, the most famous dynasty being The Hapsburg which ruled the area for centuries. Now, it's the official residence of the president of Austria. If you are a literature fan, you can find great literary works inside the palace. 

INNsider tip: Take your time and step by St. Michael’s Gate at Michelerplatz, the most Instagrammable spot in the castle. 

5. Saint Charles church

Located in Vienna Karlsplatz, St Charles Church is widely considered one of the city's greatest buildings. The Austrian Taj Mahal as it's also known was built during the reign of Charles VI in 1737. If you are looking for a time to rest during your journey without missing the opportunity to take killer photos, sitting in front of this beautiful example of Baroque art is the best idea to charge your recharge your batteries before continuing with your next step.

6. Vienna State Opera

Next is a spot that's well worth visiting while in Vienna, the world-famous State Opera House. The Austrian capital is known as the world's capital of music, and names like Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Johann Strauss may sound familiar to you. Between 1750 and 1825, Vienna was the home of the world's top ten classical composers. Let your heart be serenaded by this most lyrical of cities, walk around the State Opera and take a picture of this breathtaking Neo-Renaissance building. 

INNsider Tip: Are you into Opera? Tickets are known for being expensive, but here comes the trick! You can buy a “standing room only” ticket at a budget price for only 4 euros. Moreover, on a selected date throughout April, May, June and September some opera performances are screened live outside the Opera House. And you can enjoy them for free.

7. St Stephen's Cathedral

8. Palemnhaus Schönbrunn

9. Michaelerplatz

10. Albrechtsbrunnen

11. St Peter’s Church (Peterskirche)

12. Schönbrunn Palace

13. Franziskanerplatz

14. St. Francis of Assisi Church

15. Austrian National Library

16. Austrian Supreme Court - Palace of Justice

17. Karlskirche

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